Fun Fact Finding Nemo Friday.....

Did you know....
That Dory is, in fact, named after the Ellen DeGeneres character Dory from finding Nemo??

Like the fishy Dory, Dory gets along with everyone she meets, and she never gives up when she wants something (she keeps on swimmin' per se). 

If only the fishy Dory didn't live in the water I am sure they would be BFF's (Best Fishy Friends).


Fun on a Rainy Day

Today, since it is raining I get to play with my Treat Puzzle!!! Mama has hidden all the treats....

...and I....

get to.....

find them...


Got 'em all Mama, wanna play again???


Tasty Tuesday - Dinner with Bilbo

Today, as part of Sugar and Kol's Tasty Tuesday, I am going to show you the correct way to eat your kibbles.

First, you spread your kibble liberally across your dining area. In my case, that includes both the kitchen AND the dining room.

 I do this by using my paw in a scooping motion like you see above....it is also important to make LOTS of noise while you do this....it really makes the food taste better (you may want to have your humans turn the TV up if they are enjoying their evening shows).

 Next, eat the kibble at your leisure off of the floor...BUT,  just to make things more interesting,  make sure that you eat out of the bowl when your humans walk into the eating area. It is always good to keep them guessing, right??

 Finally, finish up with a nice drink of fresh cold water!

Make sure you leave a few pieces of kibble around for your humans....you know, so you can giggle when they step on them with their bare feetsies  in the middle of the night.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for hosting Tasty Tuesday!


Monday Morning Review

The nice people at Chewy.com emailed Mama and asked if we would like to review some treats for them. We only had one thing to say:

DUH MAMA!!!! We would LOVE to eat review
lots treats or foodables of ANY kind!! 

Mama is in the process of training Arty, so she decided we would try Nutro's Crunchy treats for a few reasons:
  • They are made in the USA
  • They are 100% natural (very important for Arty Allergies)
  •  Mama wanted a small treat that would serve as a "high level" Arty reward.

Well.....let us tell you...

These treats have Arty sitting pretty....

Here I am "leaving it"
Come on Mama, let me HAVE it!!

Even Jakey was sitting for these!

They smell and taste nommy!!!

Here are the results of our taste test....
Nutri Crunchy Pomegranate Treats were delicious!
They smelled nommy, even to Mama!
They are low in calories (only 6 calories each) so we can have more than 1 a day!!!

The only con was that they are just a bit big for Arty, and Mama has too make sure he chews them before swallowing, but she is going to crunch them into smaller pieces for him.

Hey Mama...how come Arty gets an extra treat??? 

Thanks to Chewy.com for giving us the opportunity to review 
these treats!

Chewy.com sent us a bag of the Nutro Crunchy treats for us to review. We were not compensated for the review and we have given our honest opinion of the product.



Sepia Saturday - Wanted

Dory...do you feel like we should be
on an old west wanted poster????

We are participating in Ruskie's Sepia Saturday!


They're Back......

BUT they forgot to bring back the Grandma Lady and Grandpa!

Dory, have you seen that Grandma Lady??
She gives the bestest snuggles!!

Last time I saw her and Grandpa was when they went bye-bye with Mama and Daddy Arty.

 Jakey....did Mama leave them outside???

I don't see them Arty.....Too bad, that Grandpa was good at sneaking us treats!!

Arty, I just talked to Mama and she said that the Grandma Lady and Grandpa had to back home to Texas.....

Ah MAN Bilbo..... 
MAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAA...when can we go to Texas to visit the Grandma Lady????


Lessons from Bilbo

Bilbo:  MAMA...how do expect me to stay relaxed when you flash me with that BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!

That is much better....aren't you glad I am around to help you with your picture skills?? Our next lesson will be how to use magic to get rid of unwanted photo bombers.....


Sepia Saturday - Gentleman Jakey

May I please come up and snuggle Mama????

We are joining Ruckus the beautiful Eskie this week in Sepia Saturday!

Stop clicking and pay attention to ME!!!!!!!

That's better!!!


Why Can't We Go??

Arty: Jakey, why won't Mama let us go bye bye with her and Grandma and Grandpa?? 
Jakey: I don't know Arty, you should ask her!! It is soooooooo not fair!!!!!

Mama.....can we go with you tomorrow when you take Grandma and Grand....
Arty and Jakey.....Oh....that's right.....

We are sorry that we aren't visiting all your bloggies, but Mama won't give us the password to the 'pooter and she is busy showing Grandma and Grandpa Arty's ocean and the big red trees! 


Over the River and....

coming from Texas...our Grandpa and Grandma are coming to visit!!!

I will make sure efurryone behaves while Mama and Daddy go to the airplane place to pick up Grandma and Grandpa.

 Yeah...okay Bilbo, I am just going to lay on the blanky...

Nobody is in charge of me!!!

What ever Bilbo, I am going to nap on the couch because I am going to need lots of rest so I can be the perfect hostess!!