Goodbye is the Hardest Word

Jacob "Jakey" Christians
March 2006 - January 2023
Our Bestest Boy 
Until We Meet Again
Goodbye is so hard to say
But I'm with Dory, and we're off to play.
No more pain, and back to being smart,
Do I want to snuggle? You bet, Arty!
So don't cry Mama and don't worry Daddy,
I'll miss you both, but I'll be happy.
Because on this side of the Bridge with Dory,
I'm ready to write a whole new story.
We'll be back Friday
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Nature FFF - Changes


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 From the Pawrents:
With the help of a behaviorist, we are reintroducing Sunny and Rosy after a fairly long time apart(more on this in the coming weeks). So far things are going well and, as our pack evolves, Rosy is contemplating the changes to come.

Hiya Rosy, how are things going today?
I don't know Sunny, it's hard to say.
Things around here they're headed for change,
and the first month or so things will be strange.
Life without Jakey will be hard on us all,
We must do our best, on our strength we must call.
Let the folks give us extra pets and more love,
While they reminisce of Jakey above.
Now it's our turn to take up the reins,
because here in the pack things won't be the same.
We have to help the pawrents, strive to be our best
If we can do this, time will do the rest.

Thank You!
Thanks for all your support for Jakey in yesterday's comments. Your words always mean the world to us during these times of saying goodbye to a pack member.

We will be taking a short blog break and, other than a short post on Monday, will be back for Nature Friday next week.

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Life is Good

 From Beth and Ed:
As Jakey's health continues to decline, we have made the decision
to let him cross gently to the Rainbow Bridge this coming Monday morning.
We will spend the weekend doing all his favorite things
(which mostly include all snuggling in one place and giving him
lots of treats :-) but mostly,  appreciating his presence.

Today, Jakey tells how good life can be.

Hi all, Jakey here today. Lately, I've been having wonderful dreams of Dory standing by a beautiful rainbow. She is asking if I want to come run and play in a place where I will feel young and pain free.  Arty and Bilbo are there too, playing with so many of our old friends. Dory says I have been the bestest boy and, after almost 17 years keeping watch over Mama and Daddy, it's almost time for me to join her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
 Before I left, I wanted to thank all of you across Blogville and the Catosphere for following my adventures through the years. Did you know I have been blogging since I came to live with Mama and Daddy?  Mama and I snuggled up this week and went through 10+ years of blog posts, and I have to say, my life has certainly been good!
Here I am shortly after Mama and Daddy adopted me! They were really close to adopting this other dog but I knew just how to win Daddy over! I rolled over in front of him so he could give me belly rubs! Needless to say, he and Mama have been giving me belly rubs ever since BOL!

 This is me walking through Dory's backyard in Texas. 

 What a great time we had watching and chasing squirrels in this yard. 

Dory was my heart friend and, although I have loved all my sisters and brothers, I always loved her the most.

When I was a young whipper snapper, I learned the art of toy deading!
Here are a couple of movies Mama found of my toy handywork:
 After a few years in Texas, I got to drive all the way to California with Bilbo, Dory and my new brother Arty. Don't let this smile fool you. I kept Mama on her toes as I am not a good traveler and learned quickly how to escape my harness!
I had no problem becoming a California guy.  I am happy just about anywhere as long as Mama and Daddy are close by! I kept busy by immersing myself in the Blogville Art Scene and even did a few tutorials post you can still find around here somewhere!

Dory, Arty and I had tons of smiley good times in California.

As time passed, I eased into semi retirement and our pack evolved again.
After Dory and  Bilbo left for the Rainbow Bridge, Rosy joined Arty and I in California. Rosy has always been fun for a good game of bitey face and backyard zoomies!
I'm so glad she picked us to be her furr-ever family!

 While we were in California we also started taking wheelie house trips. Arty and I got to see the Olympic Peninsula AND I saw Bryce Canyon with the girls! I am not big on the actual traveling from place to place part, but I sure loved being with Mama and Daddy 24/7! 
I've been on more hikes than I can count, and have seen so many new places! 

After a few years, our pack changed again. Baby sister Sunny joined us and, a little bit later, Arty left for the Rainbow Bridge.
 We also moved here to New Mexico, land of bunnies, big backyards and my retirement.

I sure am one lucky dog to have lived such a wonderful life filled with so much love and so many smiles.

Both Mama and Daddy always tell me they are the lucky ones, to have found patience, love and so much happiness, all in one dog....


Happy Little Jellies (and Rays)

 Sally and I are back today with a look at the Jellyfishies and Stingrays at the ABQ Aquarium.  These are two of Mama's favorite things to see when she scuba dives, and they sure do make her happy!

This beautiful piece of jellyfish art is near the entrance of the aquarium.
 The jelly fish seem to dance around their aquarium...

 Mama could watch them for hours!

 This Pacific Nettle Jelly Fish is gorgeous but, from what Mama has read, it can be very painful if you get tangled up with one!


Along with the jelly fishies, there were stingrays swimming around too!
They look like birdies flapping their wings through the water, right?
Look at his cute little mouth! Better to eat everything from scallops and mussels, to worms and even squid!
Mama found this little yellow stingray hiding in the sand.
Here's a little video Mama put together:
You can watch it HERE, on YouTube

Thanks for joining us for a look at these cool creatures. We hope they made you half as happy as they make Mama! 

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Sunny Heart Tree

 I decorated my very own Heart Tree for Valentine's Day this year. It has heart decorations and even heart lights on it!
 It looks beautiful with the lights twinkling in the background....
Not as beautiful as me of course, but close!! 

Have you ever decorated a tree for Valentine's Day? 

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ABQ Aquarium Fishies

Howdy and Happy Nature Friday!
As I mentioned yesterday, Mama stopped by the Albuquerque Aquarium last week. It looks like a small aquarium but it has everything from the river otters we showed you yesterday to jellyfishies we'll show you in a later post!

 Check out the "Koi like"  handles on the entrance door, cool right??
The first part of the aquarium has local fish and turtles


 Like this shovel nose sturgeon.

 ...and this Diamondback Turtle

Then, if you follow these dolphins....
You travel to the ocean!

 This Spanish Hogfish greeted Mama and showed her around....
 First he showed us his cousin, the regular Hogfish. 
Wow, they don't look at all alike, do they?
 Then he pointed Mama across the hall to where Nemo was hiding!
(Yes, Mama found Nemo BOL)

 Then he told Mama to make sure to look at the Dragons on the way out....
 Sea dragons that is!

 I hope you enjoyed a look around at the fishies in the 
ABQ Aquarium. I have a feeling we'll be showing a few more of the pictures Mama took there in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, we hope you get out and enjoy some nature this weekend!

Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.