Happy Little Jellies (and Rays)

 Sally and I are back today with a look at the Jellyfishies and Stingrays at the ABQ Aquarium.  These are two of Mama's favorite things to see when she scuba dives, and they sure do make her happy!

This beautiful piece of jellyfish art is near the entrance of the aquarium.
 The jelly fish seem to dance around their aquarium...

 Mama could watch them for hours!

 This Pacific Nettle Jelly Fish is gorgeous but, from what Mama has read, it can be very painful if you get tangled up with one!


Along with the jelly fishies, there were stingrays swimming around too!
They look like birdies flapping their wings through the water, right?
Look at his cute little mouth! Better to eat everything from scallops and mussels, to worms and even squid!
Mama found this little yellow stingray hiding in the sand.
Here's a little video Mama put together:
You can watch it HERE, on YouTube

Thanks for joining us for a look at these cool creatures. We hope they made you half as happy as they make Mama! 

We are joining Sandee at  Comedy Plus for the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop this week!


  1. Gail encountered a few jellyfish when swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at the Caya Santa Maria resort in Cuba. They were small translucent globes and did not sting. I, Nobby, once licked a jellyfish on the beach at St Cyrus, beside the North Sea, and shortly afterward felt very sick for a short while.

  2. the mama once packed such a jelly fish in her suitcase, to bring it home for her teacher... don't ask... twas a disaster...

  3. Mom hasn't gone scuba diving in a very long time, but when she did, she didn't see these things. We think you guys miss living near the water.

  4. Hari OM
    Yeah, those jellyfish can be deceptive fellas... in OZ there were Blue Box jellies and Portuguese Man-o-war. Both of these have very very long tentacles and cause very very nasty skin damage and risk to life! Never tangle with a jelly. Loved the little movie and mum's photos. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Kingfisher Sunny, you look so sweet. At our Baltimore Aquarium (which is super fantastic) there is an exhibit where you can actually "touch" jellyfish in a special tank, they are quite odd to feel but these seem to be used to, and enjoy being "petted" ~ tho only on one side!

  6. the video is beautiful and love the art at the beginning, they are beautiful creatures, but I prefer not to be in the water with them. during certains seasons our local beaches here, have schools of sting rays and jellie fishes, and they are in the edge where people walk. dangerous to walk there. I prefer seeing them in places like this one, see the beauty but not feel it.

  7. Niece Sunny OMDs I agree with mom. Watching any critter in water is relaxing and peaceful.
    I do enjoy them from above water looking thru glass though. BOL BOL
    Hugs to you and all in your home
    Aunty C

  8. What a lovely post. So beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  9. Those jellyfish are so beautiful and fun to watch. We love how the stingray just glides through the water with its flapping wings.

  10. What a beautiful and relaxing video to watch. Mom has never been stung by a jellyfish but she knows peeps that have been and they say that it is not a fun experience.

  11. Mom used to get to see lots of the little translucent Jellyfishes when she lived by the ocean, she says that she could watch them for hours! She has never seen a stingray in the wild. We lived your post today, keep being awesome! Purrs Marvelous Marv

  12. Such wonderful photos! I sure love seeing them all. Hope your week is going by and you are enjoying each day.

  13. Our Mom has seen the jellies in a big aquarium downtown, and thought they were beautiful too. As long as she isn't trying to share the same water with them, that is. XOX Chia

  14. Those jellyfish are pretty cool but they aren't overly friendly. I like seeing the stingrays too and you look adorable sweet Sunny!

  15. Lulu: "Hmm, what flavor jellyfish are we talking about? Grape? Raspberry? Strawberry? I think they sound tastier than stingrays, anyway ..."

  16. Those things freak me out more than a rabid cat both packing and in heat


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