Life is Good

 From Beth and Ed:
As Jakey's health continues to decline, we have made the decision
to let him cross gently to the Rainbow Bridge this coming Monday morning.
We will spend the weekend doing all his favorite things
(which mostly include all snuggling in one place and giving him
lots of treats :-) but mostly,  appreciating his presence.

Today, Jakey tells how good life can be.

Hi all, Jakey here today. Lately, I've been having wonderful dreams of Dory standing by a beautiful rainbow. She is asking if I want to come run and play in a place where I will feel young and pain free.  Arty and Bilbo are there too, playing with so many of our old friends. Dory says I have been the bestest boy and, after almost 17 years keeping watch over Mama and Daddy, it's almost time for me to join her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
 Before I left, I wanted to thank all of you across Blogville and the Catosphere for following my adventures through the years. Did you know I have been blogging since I came to live with Mama and Daddy?  Mama and I snuggled up this week and went through 10+ years of blog posts, and I have to say, my life has certainly been good!
Here I am shortly after Mama and Daddy adopted me! They were really close to adopting this other dog but I knew just how to win Daddy over! I rolled over in front of him so he could give me belly rubs! Needless to say, he and Mama have been giving me belly rubs ever since BOL!

 This is me walking through Dory's backyard in Texas. 

 What a great time we had watching and chasing squirrels in this yard. 

Dory was my heart friend and, although I have loved all my sisters and brothers, I always loved her the most.

When I was a young whipper snapper, I learned the art of toy deading!
Here are a couple of movies Mama found of my toy handywork:
 After a few years in Texas, I got to drive all the way to California with Bilbo, Dory and my new brother Arty. Don't let this smile fool you. I kept Mama on her toes as I am not a good traveler and learned quickly how to escape my harness!
I had no problem becoming a California guy.  I am happy just about anywhere as long as Mama and Daddy are close by! I kept busy by immersing myself in the Blogville Art Scene and even did a few tutorials post you can still find around here somewhere!

Dory, Arty and I had tons of smiley good times in California.

As time passed, I eased into semi retirement and our pack evolved again.
After Dory and  Bilbo left for the Rainbow Bridge, Rosy joined Arty and I in California. Rosy has always been fun for a good game of bitey face and backyard zoomies!
I'm so glad she picked us to be her furr-ever family!

 While we were in California we also started taking wheelie house trips. Arty and I got to see the Olympic Peninsula AND I saw Bryce Canyon with the girls! I am not big on the actual traveling from place to place part, but I sure loved being with Mama and Daddy 24/7! 
I've been on more hikes than I can count, and have seen so many new places! 

After a few years, our pack changed again. Baby sister Sunny joined us and, a little bit later, Arty left for the Rainbow Bridge.
 We also moved here to New Mexico, land of bunnies, big backyards and my retirement.

I sure am one lucky dog to have lived such a wonderful life filled with so much love and so many smiles.

Both Mama and Daddy always tell me they are the lucky ones, to have found patience, love and so much happiness, all in one dog....


  1. Hari OM
    OH...Jakey darling... thank you for taking us back through these wonderfurs years you have shared with your furmily - and us. I know that Dory is waiting now as she senses your imminent arrival over that beautiful rainbow. Much love, hugs and wags to you sweet boy. YAM-aunty xxx

    Beth and Ed - 😥 - I had been thinking that the time might be coming when this news would arrive. Bless you both for your care and love of Jakey and I know that these last few days will be so valuable to your memories of him. Much love, YAM xx

  2. Although the news that a seventeen year old dog has, after a wonderful life with his loving Mama, Daddy, and canine siblings, has come to the end of the road, does not count as a tragedy, still we feel sad to lose a much loved member of Blogville, and we know many others around the world will feel the same. Jakey, you will be missed.
    Sending love and hugs to you all,
    Gail and Nobby.

  3. You have certainly had a full life, Jakey, and we are going to miss you a lot. We send many many hugs for your mama and daddy and for Rosy and Sunny as well♥

  4. Dear Sweet Jakey, we love you lots and you will be missed a lot. Be sure to tell all your siblings hi from the MadSnapper, I knew all of you but Bilbo.. Hugs and kisses and thank you Mama and Daddy for letting Jakey go. its hard to type through tears, so forgive any errrors you find. my favorite pic today is Daddy at the end with his head back laughing with you.

  5. Tears for me ... hugs for you ....

  6. Oh, Jakey! We are so sad to hear you will be travelling to see your siblings over the Rainbow Bridge. You sure have lived a long and full life and you will be missed by all of us. We have our paws crossed for you and your family as you go through this transition. We will miss your dapper looks. Farewell friend.

  7. Jakey darling sweet Patriarch of the family and long loyal guardian of you parents. You 187% made the most of every single nanosecond of your life that was full of loving, learning and kindness to all. You and your original pack sure did have lots of fun times pawticipating in the Blogville games. Your videos of your spunky 'tude and fun and OMDs if you had a passport it would have been so very full of stamps. Run free over the bridge...I know all your siblings and friends will be waiting for you.
    Joyous pup
    Always loved to the moon and back
    Kind soul
    Every so many memories from all your 17 years
    You will be missed but never ever NO never forgotten
    Hugs Aunty Cecilia

  8. Lulu: "Jakey! What a long and full and rich life you have had! Your Mama and Dada have for sure given you the best of everything, including the best family!"
    Java Bean: "We will be wagging our tails for you on Monday!"
    Chaplin: "And we cats will be purring for you!"
    Charlee: "When you get to the Rainbow Bridge, be sure to look up Dennis at Tucker's Everlasting Rainbow Bridge Buffet and get a special treat!"

  9. Oh Jakey, we love you. How odd that Mom just asked earlier this morning on yesterday's post how you were. You must have been channeling your love to us. We have enjoyed being your friend and want to believe that you and all the other Angels will be our forever friends. Your post makes us very teary, but we understand. It is very hard but oh so loving for your parents to make this decision for you - all for love. <<<<>>>🥲💕

  10. Oh Jakey, we will be sad for you to depart but we understand the need is great. You are such a special dude and we're so glad to know you and call you friend. I know you'll enjoy the spoiling that will be happening the next few days, you've earned it all.

  11. I am glad you got your folks to help you post about your wonderful 17 years. We love you, and know you will be with your heart friend Dory, and yet we are sad and Mom's crying. Have a safe trip over the bridge, dear friend. Lots of love, Lucy, Xena, Chia, Riley and Mom Amhy

  12. So sorry to find out you're going to be leaving. But you had a wonderful and interesting life. (Chester was the same way with squeaky toys. I bet he got lessons from you!) We'll be praying for you and your family. Enjoy your last few days.

  13. You have lived an extraordinary life my friend, I am very sorry to learn it will be coming to a close. Sending you and your family love and prayers

  14. You have lived such a wonderful, full and happy life, Jakey. I hate hearing that you have to answer a call to head for the Bridge and you will be missed. But I would like to only think about you young and pain-free again. Please say HI to Amber and Max. I know you will always be watching over your parents from the Bridge. Love and PawHugs... ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Oh Beth...this post turned on the eye faucet. So very sorry but know it was made out of love. May time eventually bring comfort and replace present sorrow. I'm sure Dory and Arty are happily waiting for you. Tender thoughts of comfort are being sent your way. 💔

  16. Oh Jakey, my heart hurts. I still miss Arty. May you have a peaceful walk over the bridge with your Mom and Dad holding you. I will never forget you. Love Susan and my little Alex

  17. Oh Jakey we will miss you soo much! We hope you have da most pawesomest reunion wif Dory, Arty and Bilbo. We will be pawraying fur your pawrents, Rosy and Sunny as they get used to dis new normal to come wifout you. Big hugs and kisses my furiend!!!

    Mama & Matilda

  18. Dearest Jakey - thank you for all the wonderful memories, in person and on the internet. Thank you for showing us the grace with which one can grow old. May we all be as lucky to have a life with so much love. We will miss you, but will remember your with love and joy. Dear Jakey's pack - we send you all the love. We know this right decision is heartbreaking. Hugs, hugs, hugs dear friends. Lee and Phod and Lady and Man


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