Thankful Thursday and March Birthdays

Lately here in Northy North California it has been pretty chilly.
This week,  we're thankful for warm snuggle buddies to snuggle with!

Speaking of buddies,  lets see which of our buddies have birthdays this month!
 March 1st - Rusty - Jan's Funny Farm
March 3rd - Molly - Mitch and Molly
March 11 - Madi - Madi and Mom Down Home in NC
March 14th - Scylla - ATCAD  
March 15th - Ranger - The Adventures of Ranger
March 15th - DuiDownunder Daisy
March 20th - Crockett - Lone Star Cats
March 31st - Jakey - LLB in Our Backyard


Tasty Tuesday - Boo-Berries!

 Today I want to share my favorite morning snack AND toy with you...
Mama gives me one when she has them on her cereal or yogurt in the morning!


You see...not only can you EAT booberries, you can PLAY with them too!!

Mama made a short video showing how I play with my booberries before I eat them
You can view it on YouTube HERE 

Do you like eating or playing with Booberries???


Monday Minders - Dr. Seuss Day Blog Hop!

Are you all ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss this Friday?!?

I know it is one of our favorite Holidays, even if Mama usually dresses us up like that Cat in a Hat guy!

...and this year there will be a 
Blog Hop so we can hop around to see what our friends in the Catosphere and Blogville  are doing for Dr. Seuss Day!

The Blog Hop is set up for those who would like to schedule their post and will remain open until March 5th to give everyone a chance to read all entries! 

Click on the Badge above or HERE to transport over to our Hoppity Page!


Thankful We Saw SNICE Thursday!

We were so very thankful and surprised by the weather here last Saturday and Sunday...

 We got SNICE!

 The snow and the ice mixed and made this cool 
SNICE stuff!!

 It's crunchy like ice...but covered the ground like snow!

 The whole backyard was covered with the beautiful stuff!!

 We had Rosy stay on the edge of the SNICE until we older brothers made sure it was safe!

 All safe Rosy...come on out!!

 We sniffed the SNICE and tasted it too!

 After awhile...Rosy and Arty gave each other a look and then....

Have you ever seen SNICE??

 Today, we are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Tasty Tuesday as a #ChewyInfluencer

 We here at LLB in Our Backyard are so very happy to be part of the #chewyinfluencer program! Every month we get to do a fun review and tell you about the product we are reviewing!

 This month, in addition to Rosy's Rexy, we are reviewing Earthborn Holistic Skin and Coat EarthBites! Mama thought I would be the pawfect pup to host today because during these dry winter months, I can always use a bit of extra moisture to keep away the itchies!

 Mmmmm...I smell fishies!

 What other good stuff do they have in them Mama??
Well Arty, looks like they are loaded with nummy Key Benefits like
  • Made with real molasses, honey and maple syrup..Mmmm, maybe I should try one!
  • Includes real whitefish, salmon and lots of fruits and veggies to make them taste good!
  • They are made without gluten or grains, which is pawsome for you Arty!
Ok Mama that's enough, our furiends can go HERE and read more benefits...let's move on to the taste testing!!!

 Mmmmmmm, softy and chewy!!

 These are the pawfect size for my mouth Arty, and Mama can break them apart pretty easily for smaller mouths like
Miss Sassy Pants!!

 No way Jakey, I can eat a whole one too!!
Mmmmmmm, these are totally NOMMY!!!

Well, as you can see these treats were a hit here at LLB, we give them 12 paws up and hope Mama will keep these in our treat rotation!!

 We received a bag of these nommy Earthborn Holistic Skin and Coat EarthBites free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for our(and sometimes Mama's) true blue opinion!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! 
Thanks to Koru Bear for hosting!


President's Day Tunneling

 Happy President's Day efurrybody! 
Today, in honor of President Washington and President Lincoln, I will be showing you my latest tunneling project!

 First, let me show you the most favorite of all my playgrounds. I call it the Lincoln Log Playground(in honor of President Lincoln or.....maybe the logs AND President Lincoln). Anyways, the LLP is a GREAT place to chase mousies, kill spiders AND hide from the Mama...You see, it is on the side of the house where Mama cannot see and when I was a wee little puppy,  I could run real fast and hide in the Mousie House!  Mama would search and search and totally freak out until I popped out from behind the  log pile!

Fun,  right??? 

Well Mama didn't think so and erected the George Washington Bridge....well it's more of a fence. Whatever it is, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't jump over!

 Mama forgot I am also an expert in excavating! 
In no time, I constructed the Lincoln Log Tunnel.  I could go in and play whenever I wanted, as long as I didn't make Mama wait when she called!
Well, one day it took me a bit longer than usual to come back inside...and Mama found my handy work and thought she could close my tunnel!!

This just called for some super secret pawfessional tunneling! I made some calculations, and in no time....

I had an alternate tunnel route!! 
You can't stop an expert Mama!!

 Ummmmmm....ok, maybe you can temporarily put a halt to my Lincoln Log Tunnel excatavion work

I still have my tunnel to China!!!


Chewy Fun on Friday as a #ChewyInfluencer

 Rosy here today to tell you all about the special chewy Natalie over at Chewy.com asked me to review this month!
Let's open the box and take a look!

This month, for National Pet Dental Health Month, I am reviewing the Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dinosaur Chew Toy.

Let me tell you, they picked the right gal for the job! I am an EXPERT chewer!! Isn't he a cutie? I will call him Rexy and I am sure Rexy and I will have lots and lots of good chewy sessions together!

There are so many good for me things about Rexy too!
  • It's made for powerful(and sassy) chewers like me!
  • It has a nommy chicken flavor that lasts for as long as Rexy lasts!
  • The action cleaning nubs help keep teeth clean, reduce tarter, control plaque and massage my cute pink gums too!

We have moved inside for the bitey test as some Mama thinks I should not bitey Rexy outside until I can sneak him outside while she is not looking. She thinks Rexy and I should stay inside where she can "snoopervise us". 

Let's step over to my office and we'll give Rexy a bitey test!

 I have chewy-eed and chewy-eed and chewy-eed and haven't made a dent in Rexy yet!

...but don't worry, I'll keep trying!

 Rexy gets four paws up AND a curly tail! 
I think we are going to be BCF(bestest chewy friends) for a long long time!!

I received Rexy free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for my(and sometimes Mama's) true blue opinion!