Tuesday About Town - Eureka

Smiley Dory
Mama and I took a fun walkie at the Eureka Marina yesterday and saw lots of cool stuff!
This is me standing in front of the Carson Mansion....it is a VERY old house in Eureka and was built about a million years ago (OK...Mama says it was built between 1854 and 1855).

Carson Mansion
Here is a not as pretty picture (because I am not in it) of the Carson Mansion. It is now a country club called the Ingomar Club. 

Dory on Dock
 I am looking out over the Eureka Marina. Mama was amazed that I stood so close to the water,  I was 
feeling very adventurous!

Eureka Marina 
 Here are some of the pretty boats that were docked!

Dory taking a break
Mama and I took a break and sat on this bench for a few minutes.

"Come on Mama, it's called walkies, not sitties!!"

Dory sees a birdie
Oooooooooo.....I saved the best for last, here is a picture of the prettiest boat 
that we saw today!

Eureka Marina
Isn't it pretty??? Maybe Daddy will buy it for us Mama!!


Weekend ByeByes

This weekend Mama and Daddy took Dory and me bye-byes together!!

Now don't get me wrong, I love my sissy Dory...but sometimes she can be pretty silly to travel with.....

MAMAMA...Dory is TOUCHING me!!!


Are we there Daddy...is this my ocea......WAIT.....I don't see any water.

Where are we Daddy??? 

YAY!!! Shopping!!!!Friends!!!

Dory: Come on Daddy, let's GO!!! I wanna see friends!!
Arty: Daddy...we are at the wrong place, where is the sand???

What do you mean I is pulling too hard, I am just trying to get back to the car so we can get to the ocean.
You didn't have to put me in JAIL Daddy...and what, NO OCEAN today, NO FAIR!!!!!


Silly shopping, all I wanted to do was go to my ocean....

It's not easy being the baby of the family!!


Flower Fri-eekend

Happy Flower Friday/Weekend or...Fri-eekend!!

Really Mama...Flowers???!!!

Ok.....so they might be a littttle bit pretty

I think flowers are a GOOD idea Mama!!!

They smell pretty Mama....BUT

BITEYFACE!!!!!! Much more fun than flowers!!

Mama says this is a Tistle...

ARTY!!!! No more biteyface....Look at the FLOWERS!!!

I like flowers MUCH better than biteyface...how about you???


Thankful Thursday!!

This week we are thankful for Mama taking Arty to the beach! Arty likes it cause.......

I just LOVE going bye bye!!

The beach has LOTS of fun warm sand to lay in!!

Mama puts me on my long string so I can pretend I am
a lone puppy prince exploring my kingdom

and listen....can you hear it???


My kingdom has big, loud, exciting waves!!

Here is the reason that Me and Jakey and Bilbo are thankful when Mama takes Arty....

After all that ruling he is WAY too tired for bitey facing us!!!

Nitey Nite Arty!!


Dory's (and Bilbo, Jakey and Arty's) Backyard

Welcome to my our backyard....ok, so this is just the back porch where Mama and I all of us sit and watch over my our kingdom.

This is most of our backyard, we just love it!! It has lots of flowery plants!!

Mama says this is call a Jazzy plant...I don't think it looks like Jazzy, but it smells nummy!!

This is a Pretty Pink Flower plant that Mama calls a Foosha! Funny name, but it sure is pretty.

Holly Drive Rasberry Bush
 The rest of the backyard is Mama's...This is her bush......

These are "Leave It" berries....at least that's what she calls them when ever we get near them!!

Arty....not now!! Stay away!!!!

Mama, this is PRIVATE!!!

Sheesh Arty, thanks for showing Mama our secret fort!!! Kids....they just can't keep a secret!!! 

 Happy Tuesday Efurrybody!!


Dory...I don't think we are in Texas anymore....

Some of you all may have noticed that we haven't been posting in like FURREVER!!  This time Mama had kinda an excuse, along with being lazy....We had to sell my old Backyard and buy a NEW backyard...I know CRAZY, right?? But Daddy found new workies in Northern California and since we all love Daddy we decided to join him there!! 

Our new town!!!

All of us kept Mama company for awhile while we let the Backyard sales lady sell our Backyard and Mama and Daddy's house then we went on a BIG adventure with Mama across the country!! We even got to stay in HOTELS!!!

Cookie Time at The Hotel
Cookie Time one night at a hotel

When we arrived in California Daddy had a new Backyard waiting for us!!!

Holly Drive Beauty Landscape_
Thanks Daddy!!!

Let me tell you, we are definitely not in Texas anymore.....

The trees are HUMUNGOUS!!!! I have never seen so many trees that are so big!!!! You can just imagine the amount of pee mail we have to read!


Mama takes us for walkies in the MIDDLE of the day, and it IS NOT hot!!! When we left Texas it was getting to be over the VERY hot, no walkie tempature (Mama says that is like 100 degrees). Here in Northern California (or NorCal as some cool pups around here call it) it hardly ever gets above the COOL, can go for walkies everyday line (which Mama says is 65-70 degrees)....Which leads us to the next difference.....

WOWOWOW!! Cool waters!!

I know Arty, it's all over the place isn't it?? Mama says it is because of the BIG water called the P-A-C-I-F-I-C....believe it or not, it is bigger than the Lake in Texas!! Just look at all the water AND big rocks!! It is what helps keep it so cool and we are only a long walkie away from the water!! Arty likes being so close...but the rest of us are kinda scareds of the water!!

Scary waters!!

Tomorrow, I'll show you more of my NEW backyard