Practicing My Moves

I'm practicing my touchdown dancing for the Superbowl this weekend!
I call it the "Arty Roachy"


ToT-The Blue Neck Donut

Last Friday I had my big girl surgery. I like being a big girl...but this donut, not so much.

 I don't remember much after Mama dropped me off at the dogtur, but now have a hair free tummy with an itchy spot that I want to lick and lick  but I CAN'T because of this silly blue donut!

 Mama gives me nommy treats that make me sleepy and makes my tummy not so itchy...and then the blue donut magically disappears.

But when I wake up it is always back around my neck!
I say PPPttthhhhhhhwap to neck donuts!!


Monday 'Minders

Arty here today,  are you ready for a FUN 
Blogville Valentine's Day in Paris??

 Miss Madi is organizing a most wonderful Creative Critter Couture,  MC'd by the one and only Fifi the French Poodle! Transport HERE to find out how you can be part of the furboulous event!

 Don't forget to get your postcards ready to display during the "Post Cards From Paris" Blog Hop! Click HERE to read more about it!

  Jakey will be teaching "Making Post Cards 101"  next Monday if you need help making your post card!

Mama can also help you make your card, just email her (beth(at)ebchristians(dot)com) and let here know!

Now, for a very special invitation....
Mabel, will you be my Paris Post Card Valentine in Paris??

I can't wait to see everyone there!!!


Postcards from Paris on Valentine's Day

Arty here today to tell you all about how we listened to your suggestions last week and put together something we hope you'll love for this Valentine's Day!

As you heard from Rosy earlier this week, Blogville is heading to Paris for Valentines Day and we thought you might want to send post cards home to your peeps to tell them what a great time you are having without them.

So Jakey and I,  along with Madi and Rosy,  
are hosting a....

Postcards from Paris Blog Hop!! 

That's right,  "take a picture" of yourself in Paris and do a post about the fun you are having and then hop aboard the Postcards from Paris Blog Hop!!

Right about now we bet your asking, 
"What the heck is Arty talking about?"!

Welllllll...Let's see if Jakey explain it a bit better!
Bonjour Arty,  I will be holding a special Valentine Post Card Art Class on  Monday, February Fifth to help you design your post card. On February 14th,  our Administrative Assistant(aka Mama) will set up a Blog Hop so you can post your card!

It can be romantic  like this one of Mabel and Arty
OR it can be a snapshot of you and your family or bestie having fun seeing the Paris sights!

Mama has also agreed to help out by designing some cards and emailing them back to you. 
Email her by February 8th(our email address is on our side bar) and let her know who you would like in your photo(you may need to email her a picture if you haven't participated in a recent Blogville event) and she will take care of the rest!

I bet it is going to seem like 87 years before 
Valentines Day gets here!!!
I can't WAIT!!!


Thankful for our Boyz Walk

Come on Mama!!

 Two or three times a week, Mama takes Jakey and I on a special Boyz walkie. We get Mama to ourselves while Rosy takes her afternoon siesta.

 Today we walked around the neighborhood.

 We caught up on some pee-mail.

 We even met up with our shadows!

 We played with Mama's shadow too!

Thanks for taking an afternoon siesta, Rosy!
Sometimes it's nice to have Mama to ourselves!

 Today, we are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Almost Wordless Wednesday-Oo-La-La!

Don't forget to tune in Friday to learn more about 
the Valentine's Day in Paris Blog Hop!


Tongue Out Bath Tuesday

 I don't care how good it smells, Mama...

 I STILL don't like baffs!!

Sometimes, Mamas can be so very cruel!!!


Oo-La-La Valentine's Day in Paris

That's right Blogville, save the date and start thinking of how you will be celebrating Valentine's Day in 

Arty and Jakey will be back on Friday to give you more information!!


Fun Friday

Mayor Arty, along with my beautimous Vice-Mayor Mabel, here today with a question for Blogville residents. We are a little stumped on what to do for Valentine's Day this year...Another dance, maybe a blog hop to show us how you celebrate the day of love?
I know Mabel and I like visiting different places through the magic of our imaginations(and our Mamas imaginations too!).
Give us your idea and let's make this a special Blogville Valentine's Day!!


Thankful Thursday - Chewin'

 Rosy here today taking part in Brian's Thankful Thursday to tell you how very thankful I am for my chewies!

 I like all kinds of chewies, I have elk antlers and rubber chewies and even a leather chewy! Right now, my most favorite is my Himalayan chewy! I like making little teeth marks all the way around it!

 Then I chewy each end to a point!

 Sometimes I am a nice sister and let Jakey chew on my chewy too!

 He knows the value of a good chewy.  He also likes when I chew on it first to make it soft for him.

 Then he chews off the little pieces of cheesy goodness!

What kind of chewies are you thankful for??

 Today, we are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Tasty Tuesday with Rosy the New #chewyinfluencer

Rosy here today, honored to be hostessing my very first Chewy.com review!! As a #chewyinfluencer, each month my new friend Natalie sends me Mama and the Boyz an email giving us a list of fun and/or nommy items to try and give my honest and true blue opinion about.  I can't wait to get started!!  

 MAMAMAMA...Open the box!!!
OMD...Halo WHOLE Liv-a-Little Chicken Breast Protein Treats for dogs AND kitties! I just LOVE chicken!

MAMAMAMA!! Look, they are made in the USA AND are made from WHOLE meat! Plus they are a high protein, low calorie treat making them excellent for training!!

I give them four pa.....

What's that Arty???

Hey little trainee, don't forget the most important part of the review...

Thanks Arty, I can't believe I almost forgot!!
Hey Mama...can I get a little help opening this container!!

MMMM.....Chickeny Deliciousness!!

You are so right Little Bit
...these are nommy bits of chicken!!!

Sorry Rosy, the only chicken I like is the stuffy kind!!

Great job Rosy!!! 

Rosy and I give these treats a big 8 paws up!! Jakey isn't a fan of chicken(even the kind off of the dinner table) but he does love a good chicken stuffy!!

(we received these Halo Liv-a-Littles in exchange for ours and Mama's honest and true blue opinions)

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! 
Thanks to Koru Bear for hosting!