Mama has been neglecting our garden of late.....How am I suppose to host Flower Friday from such a mess Mama....

...and the flowers we do have back here are all overgrown!!!

They do go well with my white furs though....

But I think maybe you should trim them back a bit, don't you Mama??

....and don't even get me started on this side of the yard!!!

Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for Flower Friday!!
(Which will not feature our backyard flowers ;-)


WW - Sunny Spring Day

Just hanging out with Paulie, enjoying the sunshine!

We are taking place in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop this week!


Welcome to Travel Tuesday!

Welcome to Travel Tuesday!!
Mama is starting a "new trend" to document all the cool stuff we do! We know these might be a bit ummmmmm....well, let's just say Mama takes LOTS of pictures and has a hard time knowing when to stop. We are going to try and keep them to a minimum...but that Mama has a mind of her own!!

Feel free to post your own Travel Tuesday if you want and use our badge...if enough peeps and pets want to join us, Mama will start a Blog Hop!

 The next 10 weeks or so will be all about our (Dory and Mama's) 14 States in Ten Days Road Trip! 
Mama and I drove to pick up some things in Wisconsin and then drove back!! We had a great time and saw bunches of our beautiful country!!

Here is a map of our first day of driving we started at our home (A) and drove ALL the way to Reno (B)!!
Because it was just us girls, we stayed to the major highways where there would always be cell phone service....well except for the first couple hours where we had to drive through the mountains!

We left EARLY in the morning....so I was still a little tired!

This is one of the mountains we passed by during the first part of the trip.

"Mama, I have to go potty"
(Don't worry...this is as far as I can go forward since I am buckled in for safety! Also, Mama took this while we were stopped for road construction :-))

Thank goodness there was a rest stop close by....we stopped so Mama and I could
stretch our legs and "use the facilities". Mama brought a brand new box of potty bags for me...the girlie kind that smell like perfume!!  
Here I am looking at the beautiful view from the rest area!

Beautiful mountains!!!

Mama says I asked this a lot!!!

After the mountains we spent time driving down Interstate 5 heading south towards Sacramento! They have lots of cool rest areas on I-5!
 This one looked like a ranch!!

I could have stayed there for hours just reading the pee-mail!!!
But Mama said we had to go in order to make it to Reno by dark!
So, we hopped back in the car and hit the road!

Once we got into Sacramento, we hung a left onto Interstate 80.
Before long, we came upon pretty mountains and lakes!!!

There was even some leftover snow!!!

Before I knew it...(there may have been a nap involved)...we were at the hotel!!!!

Mama and I ate dinner and then snuggled in for the evening...
Mama even brought my Mini-Brothers so I wouldn't get lonely!!!

Nighty night!!!

Thanks so much for joining us for Travel Tuesday and we hope to see you next week for
Day 2 of 14 States in 10 Days!!


Monday Birdy Mischief

On Friday, Mama took me (Arty) for a walkie at my most favorite
spot...the Arcata Marsh!!

It's such a pretty place....but the birdies there can be pretty silly!

Hey Arty, How do you identify a Bald Eagle??
I don't know Mr. Birdy, how??
All his feathers are combed over to one side

OMD, Mr. Birdy...that was pretty bad....almost as bad as 
Mama making me pose in front of this sign!!

Hey Arty, why do herons lift one leg....?
*groan*...I don't know Mr. Blue Heron, why?
'Cause if we lifted both of them we would fall over!!! Bwahahaha

*Blink*.....ummmmm...Ha...ha...ha, Mr. Heron
(see what I mean...Silly Birdies!!)

Hey Arty....what do they call a clever duck???
(UhOh)....I don't know Mr. Egret, what??
A wise quacker!!!

BOL...now that was a funny one!!

We hope you get in a bit of Monday Mischief today!


Black and White Sunday - Jakeylicious

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday

Soccer Saturday

I just wanted to show my support for my Arty and Jacob, along with the rest of the team, as they report in uniform for the Blogville Barkers, Blogville's very own soccer team!!!

Jakey looks ready for anything!!!

Arty has his game face on!!

and me, I am ready to cheer the Barkers on!!!

Where's Bilbo, you ask??? 
We think he is firing up the BBQ to help Sasha out with some home game treats!!

You can learn more about the Blogville Barkers by visiting Mayorz Murphy and Stanley
(click HERE to be beamed over).


FFHT - My First Puppachino

The last Friday of every month Murphy and Stanley, our Blogville Mayorz, host
FFHT. The goal is to write a story including a sentence or phrase that has been selected ahead of time! This month the story we write needs to include the phrase, "It smelled like...".

Go read more about F.F.H.T.
by clicking HERE!

....and now, on to my (Dory) TRUE story!!!

As most of you have heard, I got to go on a road trip recently with Mama all around the Western U.S.A.. While we are gone, I did a bunch of new and exciting things...but here is the story about the BESTEST new thing I tried!!!

It all began as we drove into ANOTHER drive through....
"Mama....not again!! This junkie food is not good for you!!!"

"WHAT??? I can have my very own PUPPACHINO??? Ummm, Mama,  what exactly IS a puppachino??? I see Princess Leah accross the pond drink them, but it didn't look like she was at a drive thru...."

"I gave it a good sniff and at first I wasn't sure.....

.....but then I decided it smelled like a cloud on a clear day....that and sugary goodness in a clear plastic cup!!!"

.....and I slurped it and slurped it until Mama said that I was done."
(Something about everything is good in moderation and needing to walk off what we had eaten!!)

The End!
....until I can talk Mama into another puppachino!!


With a Little Help from Our Friends....

Tomorrow will be our 1000th post!!!!

When Mama told us, we started thinking about all the friends we have met over the past (almost) six years and how much we love them......At first we were going dedicate this to Susie and Sidebite so they would stay here and not leave.  But yesterday they announced they are staying in the most wonderful town on the interwebs, Blogville!

Click on this picture to go to my very first post!

Our first post was on June 24, 2009 (back when we lived in Austin, Texas)....guess who we met that very first day and have been friends with ever since (in fact, she and Bilbo are ummmm more than friends now). 

That's right...Miss Sasha!

Since we started blogging, we have met tons of new friends...some  don't blog anymore, some have gone to the Rainbow Bridge...and some have new family members who carry on their blogs for them! We have been through good times, where we got Mama to blog effury day....and not so good times, where we had to take LONG times off...but you all have always been here for us. 

Our Blog first started out back when it was all about ME that is, until Mama MADE me introduce....

Click here to visit Bilbo's post

On May 16, 2010 we adopted.....

Click here to visit Jakey's Post

It was quiet for a bit well, until Mama started fostering pups and then it was crazy!!! So many doggies, so little time!! then Mama invited one of our fosters to be our brother sooooooo on October 12th I introduced....
Click here to visit Arty's Introduction

Then we packed up all of our stuff and moved up here to Northern California....but in Blogville, you never live more than a post, comment or email away from your neighbor....and that helped us AND Mama get used to living in a new place!

When we first started blogging, Blogville wasn't "founded" yet.....but it was here, in the pages of all of us who could talk their assistants into writing about us on our bloggies!! Answering questions, writing about our ups and downs,  our friends were always around to listen and lend a sympathetic ear (or comment).   

We may not say it often enough...but out lives have been touched by every comment we have received and every blog post we have read. 

The bottom line is that we are proud and happy to call every one of you friend and we appreciate every moment we spend with you!!