Summer Fun as a #ChewyInfluencer

When we finally got home from our travels all around the USA we had
TWO boxes from Chewy.com waiting for us!!

 This is the first one, it was full of fun summer stuff!! We called the sunglasses and the bag, and let Mama keep the rest of the stuff (it's always a good idea to keep the "hired help" happy ;-))!
Thanks so much to Sydney and the Chewy.com for the totally pawsome swag!

The next box was our July #chewyinfluencer review product, a West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Dog Treat Toy! 

 Not only is the Zogoflex designed to keep smart pups like us challenged, they wobble too!! We just love a good wobble toy, especially when it is filled with TREATS!! The Zogoflex is made in the USA with materials that are
Recyclable, BPA-and-phthalate-free, & FDA compliant!
We asked Mama if we could take our new toy and do the review outside since it was such a nice day! Of course, she thought it was a great idea!

...and did we mention Mama filled it with Proper Toppers, also known as 
"doggy crunchy crack" 
here at Casa Dory??

Of course Mama made us "Leave it" so she could get her camera ready...

Needless to say, we had a blast with it!!
Mama couldn't catch the tons of fun we were having with her camera, so she made a little video:

Please visit HERE to see it on YouTube!

If you are serious about your playtime, we think you will love the West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Dog Treat Toy!!

 We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!

We were not compensated for this review. We received a West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Dog Treat Toy in exchange for our (and Mama's) honest opinions.


Sepia Bilbo Update

We have had some recent inquiries about Bilbo and wanted to let you know that he is still enjoying his pumpkin cookies! 
Recently he has been walking in tight circles when he is awake though, and he has lost a bit more weight. He will be visiting the VET in a week or so to  make sure he is doing ok. He did great when we took him to the groomers yesterday,  and that was very encouraging.

In the meantime, if you could keep him on your POTP list, we would sure appreciate it...


Hodgepodge Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday!!
For this last week in July, we thought we would give you a hodgepodge of different flowers we saw this month!!

Pretty Purple Petunias!

Pretty pink flowers
(Mama says maybe primroses...?)

Mama also says that she and Daddy will be leaving Sunday for Daddy's family reunion...without us!!! We will beat home, working hard training for the Pawlympics, while she is out in the wilderness relaxing..

What's up with that??!!

Oh well, where was I....
Beautimous fuschias...

Pretty yellow flowers...

I don't understand why Mama and Daddy can't just drive to Wisconsin and bring us pups!! What's that Mama?? Eight thousand miles is more than enough driving for one summer...BUT

OH that's right...Flower Friday..
Pretty Blue and purple hydrangea varieties...

 Light and dark pink snappy dragon type flowers

What's that Mama?? Nanny Ally will have tons of treats?? 

maybe staying home won't be sooooo

but I digress...again
 Purple Campanula or Canterbury Bells

We thought these might be some type of cone flower...but the petals are a little short.

These dainty flowers look just like little fairy hats!!

Flower Friday will be pre-empted next week due to the Opening Ceremonies of
We will be back for "See Beautiful" on Flower Friday August 12th!!

 Thanks so much for joining us for Flower Friday this week, feel free to hop aboard and show us what flowers are blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


Thursday Travel Tails - Nevada

 This week's Travel Tails takes us to the State of Nevada! 
 Nevada is the home of Lost Wages, where our Mama and Daddy go sometimes. Arty and I did NOT get to go through Lost Wages, we were up at the northern part of Nevada. 

Northern Nevada has some very interesting scenery!

 We saw a beautimous sunrise with vibrant colors!!

We traveled alongside railroad tracks next to what looked like big piles of dirt.
Mama said they were mountains.
Umm Mama, mountains ARE big piles of dirt!!

We love the way the brown mountains look against the green valley!

The mountains seemed to go on forever and ever!

We enjoyed the rain storm we saw on one of our walkies when we got to our hotel too!!

 In Nevada, we stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Reno. Although it wasn't Mama's favorite hotel, we liked it! 
(from Mama: this is the only LQ Inn 'not Inns and Suites' that we stayed in during our trip. It was clean (albeit a bit "wet dog smelling") but an older, more run down motel.  The recent LQ's I have stayed in have been totally renovated. I was disappointed at the outdated bathrooms and fixtures found in this LQ) 

 But Mama...the walkies were fantastic!!!

 The LQ in Reno is easily accessable from the freeway and is adjacent to a school and neighborhood suitable for daytime (and sunset) walkies! 

The grounds of the LQ are grassy in most areas yet, their dog area was dirt....what the what?? Mama always carries poop bags though, so even if we did go potty on the grass, no one would ever even know!

 The bed was just right for a nice game of tuggy before bedtime!!

 ...and we all had a good night's sleep,
and that's what matters, right Mama?

 What can we say about the rest stops in Nevada?? One word comes to mind....
Now, you may not have guessed this, but I am a girly girl when it comes to going potty...I need a nice patch of grass in order to take care of business. 
Like California, the only grass we saw had "No Pets" signs. 
We may...or may not have broken the rules. If we did break them, once again...you would never be able to tell!!
(From Mama: Although Dory's facilities weren't to her liking, I felt very safe and the human facilities were clean and usable)

Arty, Mama and I always had a blast doing photo shoots and people watching during our breaks from the road. 

 All in all, Nevada was a very nice state, 
we would love to visit it again!!

Join us next week when we visit  the magical state of Utah!!


Almost Wordless Smiley Sugar Wednesday!

Did you know that Blogville's own Sugar is celebrating her 15th Birthday, in just 15 days, on August 10th ??

Visit Sugar HERE to read how you can be part of her special day!!

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!


Special Election Announcement!!

 Here to make this very special announcement is 
Mayoral Candy Date Arty!!!

 Thank you every one! As you know, the human Presidential candy dates have been choosing their running mates for the 2016 Election. We here in Blogville decided it might be a good idea to do the same. The Vice Mayor will be available to step in if the Mayor is unable to perform their duties.

I am here today to share with you my choice for Vice Mayor and my running mate for the 2016 Arty Party ticket....
Miss Maybe She's Mabelene!!!!
You can transport over to Mabel's HERE to hear her acceptance speech!!

Make sure
Visit Christmas HERE to find out his running mate
Visit Lexi HERE to find out who she is choosing for her running mate!!

 Feel free to take a button to show your support on your way out !


Pawlympic Wrap Up Pawty!!

Can you believe the Pawlympics are less than 2 weeks away??
Mr. Bailey and I decided we wanted to do something to help all the pawtheletes unwind after months of training!

 Here is what we came up with!
Bailey and I will be hosting a 
Pawlympic Wrap Up Pawty on August 21st!!
Join us and relax, unwind and let down your furs after the past months of intense training and competition!! 

The pawty will be held on the Pawlympic Stadium Grounds and will be casual, come as you are attire!

 All are invited - Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Snails, Reptiles and Hermit Crabs!!

 So grab your dates and get your pictures to Dory by emailing them to:
by August 15th!