Summer Vacation

We are going to take some time to relax and unplug (maybe semi unplug). Mama says we is going to pop every now and then to check on efurrybody PLUS she is going to do a bloggie "revamp" when she is on break from school.

We will be back in September with Vampire Puppy (and Kitty) Friday!!


Happy Flower Friday

Just a quick Flower Friday before I head over to Luna's for the big Slumber Pawty tonight!
Hope we see you there!!

Anyway...here are some pretty flowers that Mama took pictures of this week!!

Pretty Red Bugle like flower.....

This is a humongous Aloe plant in our neighborhood!

Pretty Orange and Yellow Day Lilies....Mama thinks..

Mama's favorite Lantana color combo...

Pretty Purple...Hydrangea maybe???
Pretty pink flower with a scary red ant on it!!

Mama really loves these...does any puppy or puppy/kitty Mama know what they are???
They grow kinda bushy.

Mama planted a couple of new flower pots with 
"Sunpatiens" they are impatiens that can thrive in the Texas summer sun.
They are pretty and.....
they are very photogenic colorful!!
Bet we see lots of pictures of these for the rest of the summer!!

With summer here...and Mama stuck in that four letter math class (ok...maybe 7 letters, it's the nickname that has four letters) we are going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks but are going to try reallly hard to get Mama to keep us up to date with what is going on with everybody and get at least couple of posts up a week!!


Saturday Trip to the Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning Mama got up early,  Daddy was teaching scuber diving at the lake and she said we could have special Mama/Dory time!! Then said my two most favorite words...


Mama put on my harness...buckled me up for safety and we were off!
 First, for some Go Go Juice for Mama..


We saw this cutey in front of us ordering a nommy drink!!

 Mama said it was a bit too early for a  frap tho...Mean ole Mama!!

  It was a very very VERY hazy day here in Austin and HOT and HUMID too!!

This is where we went!!!

We met lots of new friends...Lots of doggies bring their people to the Farmer's Market!

This is my newest best friend....she runs the Happy Tails Cafe where they make cookies and other nommies!! Mama got a couple of bags of the nommies for ummm...OH...never mind. Mama says I can't tell.

Do any of you visit Farmer's Markets where you live???


Almost ...All About my People Day

Today my good friend Oskar is hosting an All About your People Day!!
So, we for SURE wanted to tell you all about Mama and Daddy!

Mr. Peabody says that every dog should have a boy...Well we think he got it mostly right...every dog must have a human for sure and we are so very lucky to have not one but TWO humans...the Mama AND the Daddy!

Mama and Daddy were born in the dark ages but didn't meet until olden times...in 1999, before we were even glimmers in our doggy mama's eyes! They were married in 2001 and are looking forward to celebrating 10 years (older than even Bilbo) next March.

Daddy is an  IT manager for a financial institution here in Austin. He works very, very hard and we always make sure to meet him at the door when he gets home every day. When he is not working at work, he likes to teach Scuber Divin classes. A bunch of weekends in the summer he can be found at my lake teaching people how to breathe under water...We don't understand the whole WANTING to get wet thing...but he says something about no computers or cell phones under water. He grew up and went to college in the midwest.

Mama was born in SoCal....and ended up in New Jersey where she lived FOREVER until
she came to Texas for a job in 1998. She loves the water and Austin is the farthest she has ever lived from an ocean. Mama is a full time Puppy Mama right now and is going to school part time. She is looking for a new job, but we are doing a good job of diverting the offers from coming in! Mama also loves scuber diving, but would rather do it where the water is blue and warm. She does get in the lake every now and then though..again, something about peace and quiet and no puppies (what's with that?)

Mama also LOVES her camera...sometimes we think she loves it more than us! Then we realize that is just impossible...we are warm and cuddly and the camera is NOT. Not to mention that without us...what would she take pictures of....

ok, BESIDES flowers!!

Mama and Daddy also like to travel to Lost Wages a BUNCH...Mama likes the food and the pools.
Daddy likes that he can get away and let his hair down....
We do NOT like Lost Wages...mainly cause we can't go!!

OK...Enough about Mama...here is the REAL big news of the day....

That's right...The Tree Dogketeers!!!

Congrats hero!!! If you could email us your snail mail address to beth at ebchristians dot com
We can get your goodybag in the mail.

Also is Booker Man and Dennis can also get us their snail mail addresses we have goodies for you too!!


Thursday is for Friends!!

First....It took Daddy a LONG, LONG, TIME to whittle down all the names that our friends suggested. There were SO VERY MANY great ideas!! Without further delay, here are our three finalists:

Tomorrow after we do our "Daddy's Home" happy dance we will put folded papers with these names on them in a bag and Daddy will pick one! We will make a movie of it and play it for you on Friday!

Along with our winner video...tomorrow our friend Oskar is hosting "Blog About your People Day" click on the button below:

I will definitely be posting about my Mama!!

Miss Luna is hosting a Slumber Pawty next week....on July 23rd. Read more about it by clicking on the button below.

Miss Luna recently celebrated 100 posts...stop by and give her a high five when you get a chance!

Happy Thursday!!


Ode to a Sunbeam

Ode to a Sunbeam
by Bilbo

Oh Sunbeam how I love you

ummmmm...I love you so very much



Dory here...Don't forget to get your suggestions for our new pack names in to us by 11:59pm tonight (Tuesday). Daddy will be picking our three finalists, we thought we could announce them on Wednesday but Daddy says he has to WORK all day Wednesday so he will be picking them Wednesday night...SO we will announce the three finalists on Thursday. Thursday night we will put the three finalists on slips of paper and have Daddy pick one.

The Short version: Get your pack name in today (by 11:59pm)....
The Winner will be Announced Friday!!


LAST Week in My Backyard....

Mama has been busy doing "stuff" and going "places" without me this weekend. Seems that she has a new thing called "home work" that she has to do. I told her that I think that WE are her home work, but she says that we will have to share her with "A-L-G-E-B-R-A"..what is UP with that??

Anyway, she totally FORGOT to post our this week's "TWIMBY" so it is now "LWIMBY". We are so sorry that we are behind on our bloggy reading, we will try to catch up on everybody over the next couple of days!

We hope efurryone had a wonderful weekend!!

and don't forget...Leave your idea for a pack name in our comments. You have until Tuesday night at 11:59pm Texas Time!! See the sidebar for the names we have so far!


Happy Flower Friday!!

Mama says that we have had lots more rain than usual down here in Central Texas...and because of that all the flowers are blooming and Blooming!!

This is actually a bush that is still blooming!

Here are some Brown Eyed Susans

and some little Daisies

Some pretty crepe myrtle blooms

and our pretty yellow flowers on the back porch!

Happy Flower Friday!!

Don't forget and think up a name for our pack and leave it in the comments. You have until next Tuesday at 11:59pm.

If you don't see the guesses so far up on our sidebar yet...they should be there very soon!!