Merry Christmas to All - Christmas Morning Part I

Wait a minute Mama....
Daddy says Christmas was LAST week....???  Sheesh...you are REALLY late posting this!!


Anyways...we HAD a great, fantastic and WONDERMOUS Christmas. In fact is was SO wondermous that it is going to take a couple of posts to tell efurryone about it!!!


After we barked and barked Mama and Daddy finally got up let us open our PRESSIES!! Look at the big bag Santa Paws delivered from
 Crystal, Koira, and Pallo from
My Life With Flyball Dogs

What's in there???
Dory go see....

Wow what cool stuff!!!

What's IN THERE Dory??? Let us SEE!!

Yeah....quit playing in the bag Dory!!! 

WOWOWOW...look at the pawesome 
new bed they gots us!!!!!!


Thanks Koira , Pallo and Crystal!! I just LOVE my new bed!!

There is MORE Dory???

AWESOME!!! A Pirate Ball-ey!!! 


...Ooooooohhhh and NOMMY sweet a tater treats!!!! 

Thanks Koira , Pallo and Crystal for all the cool pressies!!!!

Tomorrow, we will tell you all about the pressies Santa delivered from Sam all the way from CANADA!!!


We can NOT open them yet????

The mail man brought us a box today.... DBYWE20121215-6
ALL THE WAY FROM CANADA!!!! Whoo HOOO!!! Sammy Sam and his siblings sent us PRESSIES for Christmas!!!

Mama says we CAN NOT open them yet....cause we have to wait until CHRISTMAS....CHRISTMAS????? That's not for like a MILLION years!! 

Arty....go give Mama the "look" and see if that helps...

Please, please, PLEASE Mama...can we open the box??? 


  DBYWE20121215-11 copy
OK...here is the deal...Arty, you and I will distract the Mama and Jakey will sneak a peak in the box!!! 

We ended up doing a "compromise"! We gots to smell the open box and then it was "PUT AWAY" until Christmas...

SHEESH...Where is the trust Mama????


'Round the 'hood - Our Anuual Party!

Pisces Christmas 2012 
So last Saturday was our Mama and Daddy's annual Christmas PARTY!!! Which means we gots to stay up late, meet new friends and steal LOTS of food nibbles that falled on the floor!!

Pisces Christmas 2012-11
Jakey made new human puppy friends...seems like all puppies EVEN HUMAN ONES...love to play with Jakey!!

Pisces Christmas 2012-7
Here is one of our friends...He was a little shy...but very polite!

Pisces Christmas 2012-49
There was so many peoples there that Arty and Bilbo had to stay upstairs.
Arty 'cause he is just a baby and Bilbo...well..we all know Bilbo can get a bit GRUMPY and it is better for ef-furry puppy if he just stays upstairs.

Jakey and I did our best job of hosting...
Pisces Christmas 2012-44a
Jakey...??? JAKEY WAKE UP!! We are HOSTING A PARTY!!

Pisces Christmas 2012-45
Huh...oh yeah...I is awake Dory, I just was resting my eyes a little!

Pisces Christmas 2012-89
I made sure Jakey woke up to play with one of my BDFF Pepper! Pepper and I have been friends since we were pups. She is a very sweet girl with  very good manners!!

Pisces Christmas 2012-94
Here is Jakey telling his friend that maybe he shouldn't had that last funny smelling drink!

Pisces Christmas 2012-22
Before we knew it it was time for the annual gift exchange!!! Here we are asking Mama when it was OUR turn to open presents...You know what she said???
What's up with that????

Pisces Christmas 2012-61
Even tho there were NO DOGGIE PRESENTS....it was still a fun party...and we sleeped ALL DAY Sunday 'cause we stayed up so very late!! 

We hope that you all had a very awesome weekend like we did!!!


Christmas Card Frenzy!!

WE 20121207-52
It has been happening since Thanksgiving.....ALL this mail and guess what?? It is NOT FOR THE MAMA OR DADDY...it is all for ME!!! 

WE 20121207-50
Oh...sorry Mama, I mean US!!! I guess the other pack puppies names are on here too. Yep...there they are..DORY....Bilbo, Jakey and even bitey face ARTY!!

WE 20121207-47
They all smell SOOOOOOO GOOOOD!! Oh Mama, I smell Frankie Furter in here....OH, and there is Remington and even Big Carl!!!!
Where are we going to put ALL of these pretty cards????

ADDTL  20121207-8
I wanted to be able to see ALL of them, so I made Mama get out her YARNIES and make a BIGBIGBIG string to hang them on under her yarnie garland!!! This isn't even ALL of them.
I am going to have Mama do another string to hang the rest of them up!!

ADDTL  20121207-11
Aren't they just beautiful!!!

WE 20121207-5 
We peeked at Mama's eemailies yesterday and saw that we are getting a package sent ALL THE WAY from CANADA!! Sam let us know that strange rustlings were going on at his place. Mama says Sam lives close to Santa Paws so anything could be happening!!

WE 20121207-44
We ALL think that Blogland is such a wonderful place, full of wonderful, loving and FRIENDLY dogs AND humans!! Thanks to every furry and human for the beautiful cards!!!


Around the 'hood - More Christmas and......

WE 20121207-10 

WE 20121207-59
Meet our new foster bro Tater Tot!! The good news is he is doing a great job keeping Mr. Bitey Face Arty busy

WE 20121207-73
They spend lots of time doing this.....so Arty has less time to bitey face US!! HURRAH! To read more about Mr. Tater you can click on his picture or on the button on our side bar and go visit him on Mama's Fun With Fosters Bloggie!

Back to Around the 'hood....This Monday we wanted to show you our neighbor's pretty Christmas yard! 

ADDTL  20121207
Here is the daytime picture...Santa looks like he is having a great time with Frosty pushing him in  his swing!!! 

  ADDTL  20121207-2
...This is the twinkly light picture...Ooooooooo Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Hope efurrypuppy had a great weekend!!