Grateful Thursday...


Today I am grateful for....





Lazy squirrel chases....where we can both just keep an eye on each other without
actually moving....


Comfy Chairs to sleep in!!!

Every Thursday one of the Dogkateers are going to find something that we can be thankful for!


A New Friend and the Award!!

"Guess What Daddy, Guess What!!!!??"
"What is it Dory??"

"That is ever so awesome little girl, why don't you tell everybody about it!"


My new friend Bowie passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to us. Thanks Bowie!! So we of course, have silly rules....and we will try to follow most of them. OK...I am suppose to tell you 7 things about my Mama and Daddy....I am going to tell you 2 things about Mama, 2 things about Daddy...and 1 thing about me....1 thing about Jakey and 1 thing about Bilbo....

About the Mama....
1. She is now a full time college student. She is not quite sure what she wants to do when she grows up, but right now it looks like maybe a college History teacher.
2. Mama, like Stella, is on a diet....she has lost over 20 pounds so far..and is hoping to lose another 20 before she turns the big 5-0.

About the Daddy...
1. Daddy like to teach humans how to SCUBA dive (like swim with fishies UNDERWATER). HE does this in his spare time when he is not at the place that pays him to buy dog food, treats, greenies and toys!
2. Daddy also was on a diet...He lost over 50 pounds and now has lots more energy to play with ME!!

About US!
I, Dory, still spend most of my day in front of the backyard door or in the backyard protecting the family from sneaky squirrels!!

Mr. Jakey,  LOVES TOYS...any kind of toy, he is ALWAYS stealing any toy I have!!

Mr. Bilbo went to the vet last Friday and got mostly a clean bill of health, but now he is taking happy pills once a day to help him NOT be so stressed!!

So there it is....if you have not received this award yet....please feel free to grab it!!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!


Visitors in My Backyard

So, pretty much everyone knows that this is my backyard right?? Every one pretty much ALSO knows how hot it is outside right??  Maybe it's the heat that has turned every thing topsy turvy!

This isn't too crazy....we do have flowers. Those Creepy Mirtles flower even when it is like a million degrees outside!!

Then, of course, there are those sleepy squirrels....but guess what?????


They are getting NERVIER AND NERVIER!!!
"We told you NOT to come down Mr. Squirrelly!"

...and now look at this silly looking squirrel!! Mama says it is a baby P-O-S-S-U-M.

"We haven't seen her Baby, but if we do we will tell her which way you went!"

...and no summer day is complete in my backyard until...
We see Jakey's floppy ears!!!

Hope every puppy has a Happy Monday and stays cool!!


Thursday at the Movies with Bilbo

I cannot believe that Daddy Came home WITHOUT the Mama!! Click here to go see my movie on You Tube.

Note from Dory:
Just so you don't worry about her...the Mama was JUSSST at school...Bilbo just DOESN'T know what to do when Daddy comes home first!!

But Miss Dory...us boys miss the Mama when she is not home!!
I'll stick with you Bilbo!!

Happy Thursday Efurrybody!!


You know it's hot when.....

I just can't believe this.....
Jakey...you are not going to believe this...


JAKEY...come here!!

What is it Missy Dory?? I've caught a pawesome sunbeam here!


Forget the sunbeam...look up in the tree!!


OMD!!! Am I seeing things???


What should we do Dory???


Welllllll it is awfully hot outside, maybe we should just let him rest....

Thanks Dory...it's terribly hot outside....and it's nice and cool in your tree

plus I can stretch out on the cool wood!!

Dont-come-down squirrel

Just don't come down from that tree or the truce is off!!


The Silly Things Boys Do

Mr. Jakey Jake usually buries his ball in the blankey and then tries to find it like in these pictures. 

In the movie, Mama hid the ball in the blankie hoping that Jakey would find it for the camera....instead, he took the blankie and hid it behind the chair.

Boys are VERY silly.....

PeeEss...you can also click on movie above to go the movie URL.


Shopping with Mama

So, when we left you yesterday, our cubbard was nearly bare. ..Well guess what?? Mama said I could go with her the treat store!!!!! Just ME AND MAMA!!!
No Jakey.....

and NO Bilbo...(OK, so Bilbo wouldn't go anyway)

Just me and the Mama!! We took a ride in DADDY's car, cause Daddy had our White Dog-terra.

After like a million hours (or maybe 5 minutes) we finally got there...

Mama, hurrry..I think they have kittehs in there!!

...I knew it...they had lots of kittehs...Mama let me say hi to these two.

Aren't they adorable??!!

Anyway...Mama said we had to leave the kitties, and get our goodies and head back home to my silly brothers.

We even went through the Mama goodie drive thru too, so Mama could have goodies!

Look at all our loot!!

Jacob got a new ball to chew and play with!!
"Throw it Mama, throw it!!"

I gots a new bone to chew on (and covet)!! 

Bilbo got one too!!

Thanks Mama...
Now can you tell those brothers to STAY AWAY from my bone!!!!