Around the 'hood - Christmas-time is here!!!

After much huffing and puffing and even a few HBO words...the Daddy and the Mama gots our Christmas decorations up. Daddy does most of the outside and I must say he did a heck of a job, so this week on "Around the 'hood" I wanted to show you his handy work!!

Decorations 2012-6
Here is his work during the day.....not bad even in the day. Those candy canes were EXTRA tricky!! Way to go Dad!!

Decorations 2012-11
But look at the nighttime!! Mr. Snowman comes out to play and the lights twinkle...oooooooo

Decorations 2012-16
Good job Dad!!!


Sleepy Fat Friday

Did anyone else eat too much turkey yesterday????






Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mama says that today is Thanks-giving and although we may THINK it is about all the NOMMIES we smell cooking in the house....and all the FUN kids we get to play with, it is REALLY a day to reflect and give thanks. SOOOOOO today we are each going to give something we are thankful for....

Me???? I am thankful that I can get up here and watch TV on the couch with the remote control all to myself!!!

As the middle pup I, Jakey, love to be outside....

Chewing on my bone!!!

I, Arty, As the youngest and newest member of the pack I really enjoy having a big brother

...to BITEY ON!!!!

 As the oldest, most senior and ORIGINAL only dog, I Bilbo, enjoy having a door to be able to SHUT when I want alone time!!! Heeheehee

We Hope Efurry and their humans have a Blessed and


Weekend Walkies

How was efurrybodies weekends?? We had a GREAT weekend here in Texas!

DBY 20121116
First, on Friday, we gots a PACKAGE addressed to US!!!

DBY 20121116
The ever so nice Creekhiker picked US as one of her winners during her Shelter Doggie week!! We gots coupons for FROSTY PAWS!!!  Plus we gots a cool stuffy (Mama says it is a MAMA stuffy and Jakey can NOT play with it!) Thank you so much for the great prize!!

DBY 20121116
Then it was such pretty weather out on Saturday that Mama took me and Arty for a weekend WALKY!!! 
 We went to this pretty park called BRUSHY CREEK! It has a pretty lake!!

DBY 20121116
And pretty BIRDIES!

DBY 20121116
This one posed for Mama!!

DBY 20121116
Of course we posed for Mama too! 

DBY 20121116
Arty...you need to look straight a head and make pretty smileys faces like this!!

DBY 20121116

DBY 20121116
Silly Arty....we know that is your best side!

DBY 20121116
We did lots of walking! Mama says I am teaching Arty to be a good walker!! 

DBY 20121116
 ...and pee-mail reader...teehee!!

DBY 20121116
Mama almost got us lost, so I got up on this big mountain so we could find our way back! 

DBY 20121116
This way back to the car Mama....

We had a wonderful time on our walkie! We hope efurrybody else had a fun weekend too!!!


Jakey's Fun Friday

Hi Efurrybody!! It is me Jakey to tell you about my perfect FUN Friday!!!

Fun Jakey Friday
It all starts with Mama bringing home a FUN bag like this one!! Especially when I can see a fun T-O-Y through it!!

Then I wait for Mama to be "otherwise occupied"
Fun Jakey Friday
"Look Mama...Arty is bitey facing Bilbo...better go stop him"

Fun Jakey Friday
Then you sneaky up all quiet like and.....

Fun Jakey Friday
ever so very sneaky and quiet ....

Fun Jakey Friday
and every so gently....

Fun Jakey Friday



Almost Wordless Wednesday - Puppy Cuteness

DBY 20121109_

DBY 20121109_-2


DBY 20121109_-3

MAAAAAAMMMAAAAA....I is trying to sleep!!!!!


New Jersey Aminals Needs Our Help

DBY 20121109_-4
Some of you guys know that Mama used to live in New Jersey....
She lived all up and down the Central Jersey Coast including Keyport, Toms River and Sea Bright.

All of these places were hit very hard by Sandy, especially Sea Bright. Mama says they are going to need to totally rebuild it!!

Addie, the kitty Bilbo and I used to play with when we were little, was found in Sea Bright when she was only a few weeks old,  and lived with Mama for almost 20 years!!

Needless to say Sea Bright holds a special place in her heart!!

Now some of the Jersey Shore kitties and puppies that don't have homes are living in places that don't have 'lectricity and need food and supplies and stuff. Here are some places that need help. You can go to their web page to see if you can help!

You can visit Rumpy Dog.  This cute husky has some great ways  to help!

The ASPCA is forwarding all donations received at this time to disaster relief!

The Jersey Shore Animal Shelter still didn't have power as of today and could use our help.

Mama has a friend who helps kitties who don't have homes, AND kitties who live on the streets (Mama says they are F-E-R-A-L) that need LOTS of help.  Humans have stepped up and donated a solar generator so they has heat but still need lots of other stuff!

They don't have pay pal, but if you want to send a donation it should go to:

Point Paws
733 Albert E Clifton Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

DBY 20121109_-5
More than anything the animals AND peoples in New Jersey need the Power of the Paw to stay "Jersey Strong" as they rebuild!!


We interrupt this Friday for some....


20121102 FF-DBY-7
I gots a leaf Arty and YOU can't have it!

20121102 FF-DBY-9  
Wanna bet Annie....I's gonna GET IT!!! 

20121102 FF-DBY-10
NO you are NOT...IT IS MINE!!!! 

20121102 FF-DBY-8

20121102 FF-DBY-11

20121102 FF-DBY-4
You guys are gonna get in trouble..... 

20121102 FF-DBY
Come on Dory it's Friday...let's.....PLAY!!!! 

20121102 FF-DBY-2
You are right Annie...Fridays should be fun!
We hope you all have a very FUN Friday and a FUN Weekend too!!