The Vampire Puppy Club!!

Earlier this week Jack suggested a Vampire puppy club!! Mommy and I thought this would be ever so PAW-SOME!!! We could be good Vampires like "Angel"...and even Spike after he lost his ability to bite humans on Buffy, and then moved over to fight evil with "Angel" (in case you didn't notice Mommy & I watch WAAAYYYY to much stuff about vampires).

Mommy thinks Angel is H-O-T!! Tee Hee

We will fight evil by guarding against puppies that have been threatened. OK...so Mommy says we can't REALLY fly like bats, but we can "virtualy?" (Mommy word) protect them. Plus we can make our own doggy neighbors more aware of the importance of snoopervising their humans to make sure they keep an eye on ALL their furry kids.

Plus...above all it would BE FUN!!! I LOVE FUN!!! I am so ALL ABOUT FUN!!! So from next Friday until Halloween, every Friday will be Vampire Club Friday!! If you want to be a member of the Vampire Club, sign up in my comments and grab the button below (thanks to Zoey's Mom) and put it on your sidebar. Mommy will make a list and link all of the members on her sidebar (Mommy says be PAYSH-ANT 'cause she doesn't know how long this will take her).

I am also going to use this as an opportunity to Paw it Forward. Every Friday from now until Halloween, Mommy is going to "go without" Starbucks and eating lunch out. She will use the 20 green papers that she usually spends on this to send to the local animal shelter of one of our furiends that has been picked on by an unsnoopervised fur kid. If no one has been picked on, Mommy will donate the money of an animal shelter someone who has been picked on in the past or to the first commentor that can answer a Vampire question correctly...;-).

This week Mommy is sending 20 green papers to the animal shelter of Zoey's choice. Zoey has not been picked on, but her Mommy has helped my Mommy LOTS AND LOTS with the pictures and FOTO SHOPPY stuff. So Zoey...have your Mommy email My Mommy with the name of the shelter of your choice. Mommy and I will then write a card in your name, with your picture (this idea credit goes to Bijou and Banjo's Mom) and put the green papers inside.

Bilbo "Lestat" Vampire (c/o Zoolantry)

Dory "Pandora" Vampire (c/o Zoolantry)


New TV, New TV!!!

Here I am fluffing Bilbo's Blanket ( I was there FIRST!!)

Doing some more fluffing....

I'm comfy now, lets watch the new TV....

Wow, that puppy has a big pink squeaky toy....

This is one BIG DOGGY...

Whaddya mean it's bedtime Mommy? This is a good show!!!!

Thanks for the new TV Daddy!!!

Sincerest Apologies from Dory's Mom

I am so sorry we jumped to conclusions about our Sugar post....Be assured that Sugar is alive and getting the attention she needs....

This is definitely a case of what assuming does...ASS U ME.....especially ME

Mommy still sends her love and prayers for Martine and Seth during this time.

In the meantime...the post has been deleted, to avoid any further confusion...

Again, so sorry....
Dory's Mom Beth


Nearly...close to, ok maybe NOT Wordless Wednesday

Look what Zoey over at Zoolantry gave me.... A TOOFIE RING!!! If you haven't been over to visit Zoey and Maggy, you really need to go visit..They are some very kewl kitties!

Zoey has a very talented (and fashion oriented Mom) who can make all kinds of stuff! I feel so very kewl all dolled up with my new TOOFIE RING!!!!!

Also...I think you should head over to see Jack and see how we are going to start a Vampire Puppy club. Like "Angel", we will commit vampiring acts only for GOOD...like defending Tank from the evil dog that attacked him...then we can head over and get that nasty puppy that attacked Woodrow!!

We could be the ultimate Super Puppy Dogs!!



So awhile ago I was tagged by Mollie Jo and Bobo. Of course my Mommy FORGOT all about it until she was tagged again, then she forgot AGAIN...until tonight when our new friend Scraps also tagged us..So here we go....rules...I am so breaking them...Mommy says I am being Sassy like Sasha tonight.

Open a folder that has a picture of me (DORY) and then tell the story behind it......

Here is the picture:

OK...this is a picture of me....AND BILBO???
(Sassy MAMA sneeked that OTHER picture in)
This is our first weekend in our house where I got my very OWN backyard. Before this house we lived in a house that didn't have a fence so Mommy had to take us on the LEASH everytime we had to go out, and didn't get any fun time to chase squirrels in the comfort a yard I could call mine.

Bilbo and I came to an agreement when we moved into this house...the inside was his to command but the backyard is MINE!!! We have a doggy door that is open all the time Mommy and/or Daddy is home. Some days when it is VERY HOT Mommy has to remind me to come in and get out of the sun. Yesterday is was so hot that Mommy made me come in and take a NAP! I am a grown DOGGY for goodness sakes....but Mommy said it was TOO HOT for small dogs to lay in the sun all day.... sheeesh, I would lay under a tree MOM.

Thank you so much Mollie and Bobo and Scraps for tagging me....I am now tagging anypup that wants to play!!


Mommy thinks I am STUPID!!!

So ok....Mommy says she got me a squirrel as a pressie...

Does not SMELL like a squirrel....and it LOOKS like a stuffie Momma

Momma...are you KIDDIN' me...this is SOOOO a stuffie

Let's play with Bubba Mommy...MUCH more real than "stuffie squirrel".

Humans do NOT give us the credit we deserve!


An Award from Checkers

My metrosexual, well dressed man friend Checkers gave all of his followers an awesome award. He is such a great and friendly guy...and if I didn't have a crush on Tank (whoops, that slipped) I might have one on Checkers!!

Thanks Bunches Checkers!!!

Really Big Thank you Smileys!!


We Interrupt Wordless Wednesday for a few ummm Words

Moo and Baa are going to visit Ginger Jasper !!

Mommy says Ginger Jasper is a Kitty Cat and you can visit her by pushing that button up there.

This is GREAT mostly 'cause I really love kitty cats!! I keep hoping my Daddy will get me one...maybe for Christmas if I ask Sandy Claws.

Mommy says Ginger Jasper lives across the Big Pond in the UK, the same place that my friend Pepper moved to...WOW, maybe they know each other??? Ooops, Pepper is ascared of cats, so probly not a good idea.

OK...everybody say Bonny Voyagey to MB they will be on there way as soon as Mommy can get to the Mail Box Place!

Moo and Baa Travels

"Dory, it's time for Moo and Baa to travel to another friend's house."
This is what my Mommy said this morning.

I told Mommy,"Are you sure they have to go Mommy, they really, really like it here!"
Mommy said that they were travelling stuffies, and it was their job to travel the world!

Then I whispered to MB that I could hide them someplace that Mommy could not find them. This way they could stay with me and Bilbo forever and ever. But MB said that other dogs were looking forward to visiting with them. Mommy says not to worry 'cause we will still see them in Bloggieland.

Where do you think you'll end up MB???

We just don't know Dory, but we'll find out soon.

Moo and Baa are ready to travel! Be the first one to comment and they will be headed your way!!


Baa and Moo go to Amy's Ice Cream

Note from Beth (Dory's Mom) - Thanks so much for all the uplifting posts I received today regarding my sad morning!

One of the best places to eat ice cream in Austin is at Amy's!! I let Mommy and Daddy take MB there yesterday for belated National Ice Cream Day! The Amy's they took them to was in the Arboretum (whatever that is) all I know is that they were OUTSIDE and Mommy said it was TOO HOT for me to go...Hrumpf!!

Before going into the store MB played on some of Moo's friends in the park!

Aren't they cute??!!

Do you think this cow looks like Moo??

Close up shot!!

Mommy (and the sign) said no when MB wanted to play in the fountain

Time for ICE CREAM (Mommy says I can't eat ice cream cause it makes me S-I-C-K-I-E!!!!

Amy's Logo are Moos!!!

Waiting in line....

Only ten minutes or LESS....

We can't believe we ate the WHOLE thing!!

My Mommy and Daddy and MB doing there best to:

MB speaking to Spock about their travels!

Mommy is Sad....

Mommy is sad today, I am not sure why she won't tell me....She says if you want to know why tell your Mommy's and Daddy's to go to her blog...she doesn't want to upset the animals by posting it here...

Mommy's Blog

(she says not to worry too much Bilbo, Moo and Baa are fine...)




Today has been long and long. Mommy took us to my Favorite place....PETS***T!!!
Guess who we brought with us????

yep....MOO AND BAA!!!

Mommy buckled them up for safety in the front seat...

We sat in the back...PETS***T is so NOT Bilbo's favorite place. He is mad at Mommy so he closes his eyes!

MB dropped us off and then did some shopping with Mommy...while they were shopping they saw relatives of MB. Aunt Mabel and Uncle Bubba!!

Sneaky Squirrel knocked over Uncle Bubba!!

Mommy then took Moo and Baa to help get tags for Mollie Jo and Bobo's Mommy's collection..

Look Moo...a LONGHORN!!!

Baa and the Longhorn Tag from Bilbo!

Moo with the pretty feety tag from Dory!

Here is a picture with Uncle Bubba in it!! MB watched Finding Nemo with us, so Dory got them Nemo to help keep them company when they travel.

I look so pretty!! I love my friends at the groomer!

Bilbo want to know

Daddy gives Bilbo love and tells him to be secure in his femininity!!

We had a long long day and I am ever so very tired!!
Night Night every-puppy