Weekly Wrap Up

The Week in Review....OR...things Mama missed this week....

I had my very first snow event. It confirmed my theory that I do NOT like snow and don't know how doggies like Cloud, Tank, Bijou and Banjo do it. I do understand how big doggies like Khyra, the OP pack, and AO4 do love it.

Flat Stanley arrived just in time for the snow...I am thinking that maybe Brutus and his Mama sent some snowey vibes from that Ohio state. Mama will be taking him around Austin with me this weekend and take lots of pictures. Look for more of Flat Stanley next week.

Coco passed on he Sunshine Award to me. Thanks so much Coco you are such a wonderful and caring friend! Please, if you do not have this award yet, please pick it up on your way out.

We had a pawesome scout meeting yesterday. Brutus led us in song, Miss Bailey taught us how to be nice to kitties...and, just in time for Spring, we got this Squirrel award! Thanks to Candy and Captain (and their Mama Martine) for hosting!

...and finally, Mama has had a rough week. She left her old job after 7 years for a new job and then that job didn't work out so now she has no job.
She sat us down and let us know that we will have to "cut back" on some things until she finds another job. She says not to worry, we are blessed that our Daddy has a good job and we still have plenty more than lots of other doggies have. However, she will have to start giving us our haircuts again...I told her not to worry that I would just let my hair grow out and Bilbo agreed that this was a good idea. Mama does NOT think this is a good idea, but at least we have some time to talk her into letting us before we need our next haircut.
 On the positive side, Mama now has time to keep up with all our friends!
Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!


Puppy Translation

We have 2 new doggies that are visiting the neighbor doggie behind us. They are beagle doggies.
 If you are a beagle doggie or know a beagle doggie, you probably know they like to talk.

Whenever these beagle doggies talk, Mama wants to know what they are saying. I told her I would try and translate.

Ok...ah ha...I see....I'll ask

Mama, they are asking nicely if maybe they could have a steak from our grill???


Squirrel Maneuvers

Just a reminder that squirrels will be heading back to the ground when your snow melts and you may want to start practicing your Squirrel Catching Skills. I am here to make sure that you who have been in freezy weather remember what to do if a squirrel invades your backyard.

First you sneak up on him...don't let him know that you know he is there.

La Dee Daa....No squirrel here.

The...BAM...you nab him!!!

Then you RUN with him.....

GRRRRRR.....you shake him!!

You bang him on the ground (ear flappage is optional)
Then you tell him that he better be a good squirrel and go live in someone else's yard!!

Then stand over him as he surrenders!!

Your yard is safe for another day and you have completed your daily squirrel maneuvers!!

(Squirrel stuffies were threatened but not severely injured during this exercise)


Tuesdays with Bilbo - I can chew the kong thingy TOO!

I found this red thing on the floor that Dory was chewing on. Since her bones always taste good after she chews on them I thought I would try this out too!

Look Mama there is a COOKIE in this red thing!!

Sorry all, nom, nom, nom, I have to go, nom, nom, nom so I can get nom, nom, this cookie out of here.


Rainy Day Walkie


It was rainy on Saturday and I was looking out and surveying my backyard when Mama said we could go for a WALKIE!!! I told her to bring the flippy thing so people could see what a good walker I am!!

Hope everybody had a happy weekend!



Mama told me today that she is going back to work FULL TIME. This means she will be gone FIVE days a week instead of three. She wanted me to tell you that this may effect her being able to visit you all as much, but she is going to do her best! This new job she is going to is suppose to be VERY busy...so no bloggies at work..."sniff, sniff". I am thinking it over and wondering if this full time work thing is ok.....


Meet My Aunt Callie

I told you all about how Uncle Cowboy was doing, but I forgot to introduce to my Aunt Callie. I have known all about her for a few years, but this was the first time that she let me in her room!

Isn't she a beautiful kitty?? She wouldn't let me get close...so Mama couldn't take a picture of both of us...

Maybe if I am a good girl Mama will get ME a kitty???


Bilbo's in Charge

Today I am going to show you how I keep Mama and Daddy in line.

Here is a "How to" video;

Any Questions???


A Visit to Uncle Puppy's House


On Saturday we took a ride to see Uncle Puppy in the land of Kings. It was a very long ride, almost SIXTY minutes!

Uncle Cowboy Puppy is doing well, and sends his love to all!!

He has gotten VERY big now..Grandma says he is over 65 pounds and he is only 8 months old!!

He has been practicing his "I want that" eyes, and can get almost everything he wants from Grandma and Grandpa

You can give them all the "I want" looks you want Uncle Cowboy, they are not going to give you any of their dinner!!

Ummmm...I would really like to play Uncle Cowboy...but I am afraid you will step on me...plus we really have to be going...right Mama???

Until Next Time Uncle Cowboy...Take good care of Grandma and Grandpa!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!



of course he said YES!! Poor Mama is on her own....

Happy Valentine's Day to All My Friends!!!

(you were right Bonnie...I am soooooo a Daddy's Girl!!)


I Got a BAD Haircut...AGAIN!!!

This time Mama didn't do it either......

Look...it is too short in some places...and sticking up in others....

Sheesh...and with Valentine's Day right around the corner....

Not to mention it is COLD outside, and now I have to wear my pink shirt so I can't even roll around in the grass to try and fix it.

I think I will take a nap...and when I wake up all my naturally curly hair will be back!!


Christmas Stuffy Destruction Complete.....



WHAT??? It is Daddy's fault....you know how he likes to play tug?? Well he got carried away...he doesn't know his own strength!!

Note from the Mama: In Dory's defense...she doesn't unstuff a stuffy until it has 2 or 3 holes in it, and then, she has to notice a bit of fluff  sticking out before she goes to town. She and her Daddy played tug with it a bit earlier in the evening with this toy, putting a hole or three in it (in addition to at least one that I saw even earlier) and we didn't notice the fluffstruction until it was too late.


Bilbo and Mama

OK...so Dory MADE me and Mama take this picture....

I know...it looks like both Mama and I are about to go Cracker Dog on Daddy for taking it, but really Mama and I love each other very much...I just don't like being held and Mama has to hold on to me from every angle so I won't wriggle out of her arms.

Not to worry, I did get a cookie for undergoing this torture!


Mama and Me!!

Mama and I  are showing our love for Max (and each other), by posting a picture of us. Please stop by and visit Max.  He and his Mama are a wonderful inspiration!!

Daddy took this picture of us last night...Mama is being silly, with a bag hat on her head.


We will get Daddy to take one of Mama and Bilbo for Bilbo's post tomorrow.
In the meantime....a bunch of you wondered you I was pining for on Saturday??? I will reveal the mystery man when I post a valentine for him next Sunday so stay tuned!!!

(from Dory Mama to other Mamas - The heart flare on Dory's love post was care of Flickr's Picnik editing software)


I am soooooo sleepy...

Congrats to all the sporty and good sport dog winners at Mango Minster yesterday. I partied a little too much celebrating with all the winners and am pretty tired today......


Twink...were you wearing a lampshade and dancing with Mango or did I imagine that....???? Please tell me that I didn't try to get Tank alone....HOW EMBARRASSING!!!


YYYAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN...back to sleep so I can get up and see who wins the bad sport category (we are hoping for TaiChi, Fiona's older/little sister!).
Don't forget to go and vote!!