Tricksy Mama and November Birthdays!

Mama gave out Tricks AND Treats yesterday...
Guess who got the trick?!?! Not fair, Mama!!!

 On to better news, check out all the wonderful November Birthdays..including my very special Lady Pug, Mabel!
November 6th - Marcus and Taylor
November 7th - Hazel
November 9th - Oreo
November 14th - My Gal Mabel
November 29th - Princess Leah


It Came from Under the Table

Today we are taking part in YAM-aunty's SKEERY THON and telling a scary tail that may or may not be based on a true story! Thanks so much for Aunty for coming up with such a fun Halloween event!

 Arty here on this skeery Halloween to tell you a story about the Evil Ankle Bitey Monster!

 It started on a Dark and Skeery evening....

 I was minding my own business and doing my evening rounds. As I was walking by,  I heard something rustling under my coffee table!

 OMD...there is something scary under the table!!!! 
Everyone was out of the room for the evening and I was all alone! What was a pup to do??

I decided to be brave, and stooped down to take a look and what I saw TERRIFIED me!!

 It was the scariest ankle bitey monster I have ever seen...and she was eating a SQUEAKY  PIG!!!

 It was up to me to save the house from this skeery monster!! I barked at it, played bitey face with it and then....

 It ran away.....

to take a nap!
Whew, the house is safe again! 

 For now.....

Make sure to stop by and watch the Blogville Halloween Parade!
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Halloween Memories Monday

Thanks to everyone for all of their posts and comments for the No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters weekend!  We are leaving the comments open until Tuesday(Halloween) night at 11:59pm PST so make sure to stop by and leave a comment if you haven't already! We'll have a final tally later this week on Thankful Thursday!
Rosy here, I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween! I wasn't quite sure what to expect for my first Halloween. Arty and Jakey warned me Mama can get pretty crazy around this time of year, and I had gotten off pretty darn easy.  I thought I had been pretty tortured until I looked back through the  
Magic Bloggy Wayback Machine.....

 Then I saw what happened the very first year Mama started blogging. She dressed my most beautiful Angel Sissy Dory as A SQUIRREL!!! If you haven't read about this, you can read about it HERE.

 The next year, Jakey got HIS turn as a squirrel!! Thank goodness Mama left the squirrel costume in Texas!!

 Arty's first Halloween, he was a Piggy!!

My most beautiful Angel Sissy Dory made such a pretty witch, don't you think?!

Arty made a great Little Devil!

Even my handsome Angel brother Bilbo could get into the Halloween spirit!

 Jakey told me all about the fun times he and Bilbo had at Blogville Halloween Parties!

I guess I am pretty lucky not to be a tree rat...but silly Mama still needs to find a new hobby!

What do you think about dressing up for Halloween??


Getting Everything Together

 Welcome to the wrap up of No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters weekend! Make sure to leave a comment and/or join our Blog Hop to help raise money to help our fur-iends looking for furr-ever homes! You can read all the event details

 Today, we are getting things together to put in the car to take to the shelter! I am in charge of getting everything together.
Hey Jakey, do you have your stuff ready!

 I sure do Arty. I was in charge of towels and blankies. Since Mama bought new towels this year, she gave me all the old towels! We also had a few extra blankies AND a set of sheets to donate! What about you Rosy?!

 I'm ready Boyz! I was in charge of extra toys and supplies we don't use! We have an extra carrier and lots of pee-pee pads we don't need(yep, I am totally potty trained now) we also had a couple of toys and bags of treats we can donate!

Is all this stuff gonna fit in the car, Arty??

 Looks like Mama and Daddy got it all in there, Rosy!
Let me take a closer look....

Yep, we are all ready to head to the shelter and drop things off tomorrow!! 

Thanks so much for joining us again for our Third 
No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters! Remember, there are lots of different ways YOU can help your local shelter all year round!

Make sure to hop aboard the No Tricks, Just Treats Blog Hop and tell your furiends to come over and leave a comment to raise money for Legacy Boxer Rescue and Marg's Animals!


No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters

 Today, not only is it the first day of our No Tricks, Just Treats, for Shelters, it's also Shopping Around the World hosted by Bacon and Da Phenny! To celebrate both, we are going to make some cookies for our local shelter using Pumpkin!!

We chose a recipe we found HERE and, being the rebels that we are, we made a few adjustments to it! Here are the base ingredients that we used.
( 2 1/2 cups)Whole Wheat Flour - $4.00 USD ($3.43 Euros) for 5 pounds
(2)Eggs - $2.00 USD ($1.72 Euros) for 1 dozen
(1/2 cup) All natural pumpkin - $2.00($1.72 Euros) 16oz can 
(2 tablespoons) All Natural Peanut Butter(that we got from Hailey and Phod's Lady and Man). It would cost $5.00 USD($4.30 Euros)
Also the recipe calls for Cinnamon and Salt. We didn't use the salt and we had cinnamon in the pantry!

 Here are the directions:
 First, have your Mama preheat the oven to 350 degrees!

 1. Combine the eggs, pumpkin and peanut butter. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to give your puppy snoopervisors a taste of the peanut butter
2. Mix the wet ingredients until well blended
3. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and the flour.
4. The batter should be very thick, so don't worry if there is flour on the sides of the bowl!

Here is where we made some modifications to the original recipe. 
5. Instead of rolling out the dough we had Mama roll the dough into 2 inch balls. 
6. Then you flatten the balls with the bottom of glass(you can dip it in flour so it doesn't stick to the cookie dough)
7. Pop them in the oven 
8. Set the timer for 40 minutes

 ...then wait
 ...like EIGHT SEVEN DAYS...or forty minutes. Then wait another thirty minutes for the cookies to cool, which seems like EIGHT SEVEN MORE DAYS!

 While we were waiting, we came up with another idea!
Why not put our most favorite training treat on top..and stick it there with PEANUT BUTTER!
Our furiends at the shelter will love these for sure!!
 9. Take a cooled cookie
10.-11. Your favorite training treat(we used PB Zuke's) dipped in peanut butter.
12. LAUGH REALLY LOUD at the finished product. They may look silly....

BUT... they are delicious!!
We volunteered to be taste testers. Someone had to make sure they were nommy enough to bring to the shelter, right?

It was a tough job, but some puppy had to do it! 

These cookies aren't too crunchy, have minimal ingredients and are good for pups of all ages. This made them perfect to bring to our shelter. 

Please note: Call your local shelter ahead of time to make sure they will accept home made cookies.

Make sure to climb aboard our No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters Blog Hop!




Tell your Furiends!!!

Don't forget to tell your friends all about No Tricks, Just Treats Blog Hop and  Comment-a-thon coming up tomorrow, Friday, October 27th thru Sunday, October 29th!
The Blog Hop is all ready for you early birds and can be found on our Hoppity Page, HERE
You can add your hop post anytime between now and Sunday! 
Here are all the deetz:

As most of you know, October is "Adopt a Shelter Pet" month!!  As you might remember, Jakey and I, Arty, are shelter pets. We both want to make sure Rosy, along with efurryone, is aware of the many shelter doggies who not only need homes, but could use our help in many other ways!

This is why we decided Halloween would always mean:

No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters!

This year we will be holding our Third Annual Blog Hop/Fundraiser from October 27th thru October 29th(Friday through Sunday). We will be donating $1 for everyone who links up to the hop with your Halloween post letting us know how you have helped (or plan on helping) a shelter near you! That's right, just show us how you are enjoying Halloween and how you helped (or are going to help) a shelter near you and link up to the hop.

Here are some ideas for helping:
  First of all,  if you are looking for a new pet, consider adopting a Shelter or Rescue Organization Pet. Both Jakey and I are Shelter pets and we are SOOOO happy found our furr-ever home with Mama and Daddy! 
 Here are some other ways we have helped in the past:

1. It is starting to get cold outside, gather up and donate any gently used blankies, towels and sheets to your local shelter.

2. Next time your Mama is buying you foodables, ask her to pick up(or order) an extra bag (or a few extra cans) to donate to your local shelter.

3. Do you have a toy maybe you didn't like, but some other doggy might,  put it in a pile to donate to a shelter.

4. Many shelters have "wish lists" on their websites. Check and see if your shelter has one and see if there is anything you or your peeps might have around the house you can donate.

5. Do you know about Amazon Smile? Every time you make an eligible purchase from Amazon Smile a portion of the proceeds goes to the charity of your choice. Click HERE to learn more!

 6. One of the ways we are helping is by donating $1 for every link to the Treats for Shelters Blog Hop to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (whereMama and Daddy adopted Me and Jakey).   We will also be donating 50 cents for every comment here at Da DB Boyz from October 27th through October 29th. We will split the money raised from commenting between two of Blogville's favorite rescues; Legacy Boxer Rescue(where Casey and Jessie were before they went to their furr-ever home) and Marg's Animals, Marg helps keep kitties(and two very cute donkeys) safe!

Remember...All you have to do is write Halloween post   October 27th through October 29th  letting us know how you are helping or planning to help YOUR local Shelter then link up to our Blog Hop OR just make sure to stop by and leave us a comment!

Spread the word, the more people who stop by and leave a comment, the more money we can raise for Shelter Pets!!



This week Mama said I had tons of puppergy. I suggested a few games of fetch to wear me down a bit! Fetch was easy to learn and Mama says I am a natural!

We started out with a little outside fetch to warm up a bit.
Here are a few pictures Mama took of us playing!

This is my favorite part, running back to Mama!!
Not to worry though, I have been doing some research aboout Siberian Husky Fetch, and am learning I don't ALWAYS have to bring it back to Mama! For now,  I do love jumping on her lap with my toy!

After outside fetch, we moved inside so we could play some more.
I had Mama make a movie this time, so you could get the full fetch experience!

You can view it on YouTube HERE

Do you like playing regular fetch or Siberian fetch??