Premiers and Prizes!

Look at this cool package we got in the mail today!! It is from Auggie and Riley of the BooDee BooDah Tribe!! We won their GABE Giveaway!

Mama...Does that say GOODIES????!!!

Look...A TOY!!!! Plus one for Bilbo too!!!

There WERE GOODIES!!! My favorite...GREENIES!!!
Plus these NUMMY Bark Bars!
(From Mama: A Special thank you for these as Bilbo LIKES Bark Bars...
 and he is a hard to please treat guy)

A beautiful bracelet and....

earrings for Mama. Isn't the Mama of the BooDee BooDah tribe TALENTED!!!!
Mmmmmm...Bark Bars

Here is a video of the prize unveiling

As some of you may know today is the Premier of Jack's Westward HoTV Show
This is me waiting on the red carpet at the Premiere.
This show it going to be a guaranteed hit at Norwood's Pawdance Film Festival!

Finally, before we start the weekend...I wanted to thank The Pittie Pack, Abby and Jack for saying that they would play Paw It Forward with me! If you haven't heard from Mama yet...check your email and peemail and if you don't see anything, email Mama and Me at the email address on our profile so we can get your mailman address!

Happy Weekend!


Thankful Thursday - Pay It Forward Day

Happy International Pay It Forward Day!!

You can click on the logo above to read more about it!! To make it simple, today would be a great day to do a good deed (or for your humans to do something nice) for someone else! I know that most of us do that already, but today would be a good day to MAKE SURE we do it!!

Me and Mama thought that Pay it Forward Day would be a perfect time to show you the Paw it Forward I got from Miss Sierra Rose couple of weeks ago...and then give YOU a chance to play Paw(y) It Forward on Pay It Forward Day!!

Sierra Rose is a Beautiful Goldie that looks an awful lot like 
Uncle Cowboy! If you haven't visited Miss Sierra click on her picture go right now and say hello (I will wait...:-))

All done??? Did you say hello for me?? OK...now on to the good stuff!!

Look at this beautiful card. It explains how to play Paw it Forward!
I really like all the Roses!!

Look at all these pressies!!!

A new WUBBA!!!!

What is this???

It is a TUG TOY!!! I can play tug with Uncle Cowboy with this!!

A LAMBY!!!!!
(from Mama - This is Dory's new "Baby" and she carries it or
the Duck below around all over the house) 

WOW...This ducky QUACKS!!!!

This is a SQUEAKY BALL!!

...and I am laying on the new blankie that Sierra got me...Mama says THANK YOU
to Sierra cause she can put this on the couch or futon to keep my muddy footprints off!

Thanks so much Sierra Rose, I am really enjoying each and every toy!!

Here is a movie
Mama made of the PIF stuff!!

Now....Who wants to play Paw it Forward with Me??? I will have Mama contact the first three comments that say "I will play Paw it Forward with you Dory!! " and she can get where you live so we can send out a box of goodies to you!!


Spring Cleaning

Last minute Mama decided that we should enter The wonderful Duchess's Spring Cleaning contest. Today is the last time you can enter...so get over there RIGHT NOW to see the rules. You can click on the button above to go see Duchess.

Here I am..pathetic after one of my baths last year. Ugh..I wish I could say that was the last bath I had, but it was only the last bath I had where Daddy was around to take pictures. Bilbo and I just had baths and haircuts last week...here are some after bath shots:

Mama..this is not my most flattering look...

Mama is sooooo not on Bilbo's happy list...

Here is hoping that Mama doesn't give us any other baths until next spring!!


Thank You Thursday

Hi all, Bilbo here...what a CRAZY week this has been. First Mama falls down and bruises her tailbone (seriously humans...a tail bone with NO tail??) 

...plus Dory is feeling punky leaving me in charge of making sure everything gets done!!

Let me tell you, I have been very busy...but still it seems like nothing is getting done! 
Mama wants to let you know that this week she is very thankful to have ME! What Mama?? 
Oh....she says that although she IS thankful for me...that she really wants you to know that she is very thankful to have so many wonderful bloggie friends who have wished her well. She says that she is feeling a little better everyday and is hoping to be able to help Dory and I catch up on reading and commenting on our friends REAL soon!!

We are also so very thankful for all the new friends that we met, and old friends that we saw during Twinkie's GABE 2010. Mama has the bags all done, and will be mailing them out tomorrow thanks, once again TO ME! I was right there keeping her in line "Come on Mama, put them in the box. The winning puppies are waiting!!" I made sure she took lots of motrin so she could "Move it, Move it!"

We also want to give a shout out to Toby's Raiser,

she left this award for us to remember our good friend Toby. Toby is finishing his Service Dog Training.

OH....Dory wants me to say congrats to Candy and Captain, seems their human brother arrived on Monday!!
Congrats to Martine (and Seth) too!!

Don't worry, I am being compensated very well for my work!

From Mama: Although sometimes pushy, Bilbo has been pretty patient this week.

I am able to sit comfortably for longer periods of time and motrin is helping now (the first couple of days nothing much helped). I hope to be back to getting around to everyone in the next few days.

I think Dory must have eaten something that didn't agree with her (like maybe bird food) and was pretty lethargic for a few days. She was eating and seems to be better now. Hubby and I are keeping an eye on her, but it looks like she beat whatever it was.


GABE 2010 Winners!!!

We are so very sorry it has taken us so long to post this!! We did email the winners this morning after we picked them...but it was quite a day after that...

Mama fell on her tail bone and is finding it very hard to sit in one place very long today Did you even know that hoomans had bones for tails...but NO TAILS??

The pooter kept giving her problems, probably cause she decided to try a new way to make our movies.
Poor Mama, she stressed for a bit, but is all better now (except for the sore place where her tail should be).

So anyway....here is the actual footage from this mornings name picking made into a feature film (Thanks Daddy for picking the names!!).

Congratulations to

Your gift bags should be in the mail by Wednesday at the latest 
(Mama is still putting the finishing touches together). Mama will also be making the cards for the donations to Lifelong Friends tomorrow and will make a double to put in the gift bags!

Twinkie for taking the time and effort to put this all together. We made tons of new friends and had soooo much fun!!

We can't wait until GABE 2011!!!!


Silent Saturday - Almost








If you haven't entered for my our GABE giveaway, enter HERE until 11:59pm CST tonight
Daddy is going to pick the winners tomorrow morning!!!


Time out for Special Thursday Thoughts and Thanks....

Today I am taking time out from me to send out a very special thank you...and a very special thought

picture from Toby's blog

First a special thank you to our friends Toby and his Raiser.  Toby's Raiser has spent the past year showing Toby how nice and kind humans can be PLUS helping to train Toby in various ways. Go and read about him...and say, as Khyra says, "Bye for Now" as he heads out to meet his next heart human.

Now Me and Mama don't usually put stuff that someone peemails (on the pooter) us on our posts, but this must have been a DOG thing, cause a PR lady emailed Mama last night about a TV Show that is going to be on PBS that will talk ALL about 4 families who are going to be getting service dogs like Toby to help them.

This is the description that Jenna sent us....
"I thought you and your Mama (& Bilbo!) might be interested in a new documentary coming out on April 21, 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. It is going to be a PBS primetime documentary called “Through a Dog’s Eyes.” This documentary will focus on four families as they meet their new best friend – a  service dog through the non-profit Canine Assistants.

Puppy-lover Neil Patrick Harris is doing the voiceover, and Milk-Bone is sponsoring the film. Below I have provided a link to the video clip reel, if you wanted to share with your blog buddies!...."

Here is a link to the clip that Miss Jenna forwarded:
You Tube - "Through a Dogs Eyes"

Mama has watched the clip and says she recommends it very highly!

Once again it will be on April 21, 2010 at 8pm ET  for dogs like Khyra, Mango and Norwood on the East Coast and for pups like Me, Riley, Star and the Houston Pittie Pack at 7pm CT. All you pups in Mountain Areas like Fiona and the Pacific area like Teddy and Benny and Lily...check your local listings.

How cool is that?? DOOGIE HOWSER is going to be doing the narration!! (Sorry puppies...Mama is stuck in a different time zone ALL TOGETHER)


And now for a Special Thought....

Fiona and Abby's little big sister Tai Chi went to the Rainbow Bridge last week. Mama has never met Tai Chi in person, but grew up with an apricot/brown poodle Charlie who Tai Chi reminded her of very much. Charlie lived to be like a million (Mama says 17 years) and was very set in his ways kind of like TaiChi. Mama and I are never very good at talking about how sorry we are for a loss. But we wanted Fiona and Abby (and their Mama and Daddy)  to know we were thinking of them. If you haven't met Fiona and Abby, or would like to read more about TaiChi. You just HAVE to go visit them

Run free Miss TaiChi!


Last but not least...Mama is working hard using her extra tuits on the GABE gift bags (Mama says bags are easier to give to the postman than baskets....Look for a special post tomorrow. Also be sure to go see ALL the cool links that Miss Twinkie...ummmm she has a REALLY long name...but I think you can just call her Twinkie..Anyway, click on the Logo above or click here and visit the links!


Tuesdays with Bilbo

Hi Everybody, Bilbo here....and I just wanted to show everybody that I DID IT!!! 
I climbed up my ramp!!! Here is a movie to prove it. Dory jumps up...but I know the "correct way" to get up to the bed!

Yeah ME!!!!

PeeEss from Dory to Sierra....see that I have a new most favorite toy/baby lammie?? 


A Visit from Uncle Cowboy, Grandma and Grandpa

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa came down for dinner and they brought Uncle Cowboy!!

I am still trying to decide how much I like Cowboy. He is getting a little more relaxed every time I see him and that is good, but he is still a puppy in SO many ways..You know, like sniffing my butt ALL the time!!! I finally had to just sit down!!

Mama let him play with MY ball....

and MY pink toy!

Mama made a movie of his visit if you want to watch:

Cowboy tried and tried to get in my doggie door until he finally did. But then...he would only do it when no one was watching! He is so very good at avoiding the pupparazzi!!

Bilbo stayed upstairs eating his dinner (which takes him what Franky would say is 87 bazillion hours; Mama says more like 2 or 3 hours) that is why you don't see him anywhere in the movie. But a good time was had by all. We love when Uncle Cowboy comes to visit, but he has a whole lot of pupergy so it is nice when he goes home too.