TTS-Christmas Pressies (Part One)!!

 Christmas morning we FINALLY were allowed to open the box from Precious, Jasper and Penny, our partners in Jazzi's Christmas Exchange this year!! First and foremost, we appreciate the work Jazzi and his Mamaput into this AND the Christmas card exchange!!!

Back to the important stuff....the PRESSIES!! First Mama wanted to show everyone the beautiful card they sent us!! Also, look at the beautiful ornament they gave us!!

Just look at all the pressies!!!!

We opened our presents from oldest to youngest this year so Bilbo went first!!

Just look at the beautiful blankie!! He already loves to snuggle in it!!

Next it was MY turn!!

Just look at the beautiful sleeping 
partner I gots!! 
I named her Pinky!

Next it was Jakey's turn....and he was WAY excited when he opened it!!

He started playing with it RIGHT away and couldn't even wait for Mama to take a good picture!!! Silly Jakey!!

Finally it was Arty's turn....he also was very, very excited!!

He started playing with it right away too!!
Silly Boys and their toys!!

Mama...we should REALLY try these Gingerbread cookies.  Can you help me get them open...

Bilbo LOVED them!
(which is CRAZY...cause he doesn't normally LIKE cookies!!)

Sheesh Mama, you didn't 
make Bilbo work for it...

Jakey can't wait either......

Mmmmmmm...I can smell how nommy those are going to be Mama, GIVE IT TO ME!!

Thanks so much to Precious, Jasper and Penny along with their pawrents for such wonderful pressies!!!


  1. That box was full of great stuff. Can't wait to see what you open up next.

  2. You guys had a great Christmas exchange partner. They did a nice job shopping for everyone.

  3. Oh my dogs!
    You hit the jackpot and got ginger snappiest too!
    Bravo for good shoppers

  4. Wow pawsome pressies for all of you!! I got some cookies kind of like that too and I love them. Have fun playing with your new stuff.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Wowzers, those are some awesome presents. We can tell from the smile on Jakey's face that you all loved your gifts.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  6. OMD!!! What a super fun balls box of pressies!!! You guys look soooooo cute opening them!!!

  7. What great stuff you got! I especially like Pinky. We know about puppies and their toys around here, too.


  8. OMD!! Those are some FABulous pressies guys!!! WOWSA!! You sure did hit the mother load!!! BOL
    And that ornie is just beautifuls!!
    Wows, you are some lucky pups indeed!
    I hopes you guys had the bestest most FABulous Christmas EVERS!!
    Ruby ♥

  9. What a great box of gifts! I have never tried gingerbread cookies but I can tell you guys love them.


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