Daddy Human is Away


My Daddy human left yesterday and isn't back yet. My Mommy Human says that he is away "on business". I don't like "on business" away. I did my best to keep busy...

I watched over my backyard

I kept all the squirrels off my backyard

I hope my Daddy Human comes home soon.


  1. Hi Dory! Welcome to the world of dog blogging.
    Good job keeping the squirrels out of your yard!

  2. Awe, you look so sad and missing your daddy! I sure hope he comes home soon. I would love to be your friend and will add you to my friends list. My human gets so busy sometimes and we faulter in visiting others blogs, but we mean well.

  3. Hi
    Your first doggie bloggie! Welcome and thanks for visiting. Your yard looks really nice.


  4. Hi Dory, thank you for visiting me. I don't like when my Mom or Dad go away either. I get very sad and sometimes I cry. I like your yard and you are doing a good job protecting it.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


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