Dog Mom Monday - Separation Anxiety #chewyinfluencer

Mama Beth here today, to talk about a problem near and "not so" dear to my heart...
Separation Anxiety.
 Sweet and snuggly Jacob has always had challenges with being away from us.  Before now, it had mostly been expressed by major barking, crying and whining when my husband and/or I returned home after being away for a significant amount of time(say, over two hours). Since moving to our new house though, things have really ramped up. Pacing, panting and urinating on anything left on the ground could be expected if he is left alone for any amount of time. It was getting to where I felt guilty leaving him alone in the house for any amount of time. But lets face it, we have to leave the house and we can't always bring the pups.

Before you ask, Jakey cannot be crated. We've tried. Torn nails, frantic non stop scratching and a terrified dog are just not worth it.  We don't know what horrible things happened to our beautiful boy in the first three years of his life...but crating is definitely out of the question.

Back in June, Chewy.com reached out and asked if we would like to try an Only Natural Pet product. When I saw the Just Relax Herbal Calming Support I thought it might be a good idea to see if this would be a solution for Jakey. 

We received a bag of Only Natural Pet, Just Relax Herbal Calming Support Chews in exchange for our honest opinion.

This remedy appealed to me because of the all natural ingredients along with the fact it was formulated by a veterinarian.

They appealed to Jakey because they smelled nommy

....and tasted like bacon!

Jakey has been taking Just Relax Calming Support for a little over 30 days and, unfortunately, we found that taking these alone, didn't seemed to alleviate his anxiety.  We have found that using Just Relax, along with adding a CBD product during the past 2 weeks,  has helped Jacob to the extent in which he has stopped stress urinating and his panting/pacing has been reduced.

(Oh yes, we have video cameras attached to our security system which support our Helicopter Pet Parenting problem ;-)

 We think Just Relax may also help with the mild anxiety that may come with visiting the vet, thunderstorms or traveling. We will be trying it with Miss Rosy in the future, when needed.

Do you know a pup(or cat for that matter) who suffers from separation anxiety? We are always on the lookout for suggestions on how else we may be able to help Jakey.


  1. thanks for a super review... we will look for this treats... it maybe can help to feel more relaxed when uncommon things happen... and I think we should share that treats with the mama, she is the unrelaxed member of our pack...

  2. Oh poor Jakey, I do hope you can find a solution to his anxieties. Maybe with time, as the new home starts to feel more familiar, things will improve? I'm afraid I can't offer any advice born of experience, as neither Bertie and his predecessor have ever shown signs of separation anxiety, although I know its a common problem with dogs.
    All the best Gail .

  3. Crikey Jakey .... I’ve got this problem too. They can’t crate me either. I’m getting better now but only for 3 hours. If it’s longer than that I let the world know that I’m not happy. Mums just got some natural chews for me to try and she’s hoping they help. Lucky for me I don’t get left alone very often. I’m sure once you get more used to your new home it will be a bit better for you.

  4. Anxiety issues are awful. One day, I hope that our moms find the perfect supplement for us that alleviates all of our issues, Jakey. Paws are crossed!

  5. Jakey, I’m so sorry you have anxiety when Ma & Pa leave. Our Sammy hates high winds and thunderstorms. ⛈ We got him a thundershirt. It calms him down so it’s bearable. You might try it.

  6. Thankfully, none of us have that problem. We are more the opposite and welcome times when Mom leaves so we know we can just relax and rest. She always keeps us so busy when she is around. Hopefully he will learn to relax, but often these things increase as a dog ages. Have you thought about the animal communicator? She not only reads and talks to pets, but she prescribes essential oils to help with such issues.

  7. hari OM
    This is a distressing thing for all in the furmily. Combining natural with orthodox treatments can work very well - be aware that the natural stuff can potentiate the action of the orthodox, so watch for over-reaction. I would suggest giving a lower dose of the orthodox when in company of the natural.

    As a homoeopath, you will not be surprised if I suggest this as an option. You could start here. Of these, based on what you have said, either Argentum Nitricum or Ignatia might be options... This having been said, perhaps an excellent starting place (given you hint at a history unknown) would be the Rescue Remedy. That can be given up to four times daily during times of extreme stress (for either the pawrents or the pups!). As a maintenance dose, once daily would be sufficient (after a three-day' booster' of 4txd).

    Sending Love and POTP for improvements! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Jake is pacing/panting from old age, his pain pills are helping a lot, but we added GNC Ultra Mega Calme Formulas, premium formula soft chews, bee flavor. all natural ingredients. chamomile, hops, ginger, tourine, tryptophan. the work like a charm, about 3o min to an hour after he eats one, the panting packing stops. I got them at Pet Smart but chewy might have them. we think he has sundown syndrome, at 5 pm he paces/pants, I hand him one and by 6 he is calm. so sorry poor Jakey is having anxiety

  9. Jakey darlin' little friend I'm so sorry you have been having such trouble with anxiety and your new home. Most of all I'm sorry about whatever happened the first 3 years of your life. Lets hope what goes around comes around in their case and they have paid for what they did. thank goodness gracious you have such loving and supportive peeps and siblings

    I don't have any suggestions but I do send you a ton of hugs and we are so glad the new calming items are helping.
    Madi your bfff

  10. We're sorry to hear Jakey isn't very happy in his new home. We don't like being left alone (even though we have each other) but so far we aren't suffering as bad as Jakey. We hope you can find a combination of things that help him.

  11. That's hard. If you can't crate him, can you at least confine him to a small space, like one room? Some of our foster dogs do better in one interior room where they can't see a bunch of external stuff going on.


  12. It's great to find another natural product. In the past, I have used T-39 drops on tongues of storm-crazy dogs and also my grooms (with parental permission):
    Flower Essences Emotional Homeopathic Formula containing a composite of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. All purpose remedy for terror, shock, emotional upset, 'stage fright,' etc.
    Price: $20.00

    I also plan on getting some CBD oil, as it has wonderful properties to keep dogs healthy, as well as other great uses.

  13. Poor Jakey! We hope you find something that helps him!
    Cam and Mags

  14. We understand what you are dealing with. When Angel Ciara was in her worst period of seizures, her anxiety levels were sky high. Mom was never able to find anything to help her:( It surely made Mom very sad. Now Lightning doesn't have separation anxiety, but he has a lot of fears. One of the hardest ones for Mom to deal with is his riding in the car. He gets so upset and has to be tethered tightly in the wayback. Mom has tried many products and prescription medication. The one thing she has found that helps is a product we got from Chewy.com. It is called Cosequin Calm. She gives Lightning his dose about 45 minutes before the car ride and it really does seem to take the edge off. We are not sure how it would for a longer period of time as you may need with Jakey, but we thought we would mention it.

    Good luck.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Separation anxiety is a tough nut to crack. While we don't have separation issues, general anxiety is something we are most familiar with and have found a combination of essential oils as well as doses of CBD oil seem to make the best progress. Good luck with your sweet little boy.

  16. Thank you for this blog. River Song has separation anxiety too. She doesn't pee in the house but she paces all over the furniture and she is very excited when we get home. We had talked to someone who uses CBD and swears by it but we were reluctant

  17. Oh Jakey, we are sorry you are having problems. In the past mom has tried different calming treats - more for nail trims and such, but had not found anything that seemed to work. CBD is supposed to be good for all sorts of stuff
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. It is heartbreaking when our babies are scared or have acute anxiety. I also use an all-natural relaxing powder and CBDs. The combination works wonders. (You know I have a discount code for CBDs if you need it ☺)

  19. Oh, Jakey we are saddened to hear you don't like to be left alone.
    Misty, has this condition too. She walks back and forth to the family room to the front door, over and over again. 4th of July was so stressful she barked for hours, even though she was in our bed. Thankfully she is getting use to us and Astro. We considered medication but Misty is only actually alone one day a week for 6 hours. She seams to be getting more comfortable here.

  20. Oh Jakey, I understand. I have taken the CBD, and honestly, it does help! Ma is even considering tying the peep version for her migraines. I will lets you know if it helps her, butts it does help me. I've been told by a couple of vets that the only reason they are reluctant to give the okay, is that there are so many companies with so many strengths and doses and quality, it's hard to know which to use. Ma has been checking out the peep versions of the CBD, and will let you know what she found if you wants!
    Good luck Jakey!
    Ruby ♥

  21. Oh, we're so sorry Jakey has to deal with this, and know how tough it is on Mom too! Luke doesn't have separation anxiety, but he has plenty of other anxieties. CBD has been helping him too, but there are still times we need more. We're going to check these treats out.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  22. hello jakey its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes i shoor do no a pup wot ekspeeryenses separayshun ankzietee it is me!!! i wuz the saym way as yoo busting owt of krates and herting myself and ummm i may hav destroyd a thing or too arownd the howse in my day!!! i am glad to heer that the treets hav ben helping yoo owt!!! as for me i ended up on ankzietee medikayshun and plus it helpd wen dadas offiss klosed and he started wurking from home i meen he is not mama but at leest he is a persun rite??? mostly ennyway!!! ha ha ok bye


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