Flower Friday from Sequoia Fardens Pt 2 - Columbines!

Welcome to Part Two of my visit to Sequoia Gardens!

There are so many different flowers in so many colors, it was hard to pick what I wanted to focus on this week. Mama suggested we look at one of her favorite flowers...

The Columbine flower! 

I came up with a bunch of fun facts to read while you look at this weeks flowers, so let's get to it!
Did you know that the name Columbine comes from the latin word, columba. Columba means Dove-like! 
Well, Columbines are certainly soft and delicate like a dove!

The Columbine flower is the state flower of Colorado! 
We totally believe it because 
we have seen beautimous wild Colorado Columbines over at our pals Shyla and R's blog, Romping and Rolling in the Rockies!

Columbine flowers also represent anxious excitement and seduction...
Hmmmmmm, maybe I should send Mabel some Columbine flowers ;-)!

The Columbine flower is also edible and is said to have a sweet taste.
I think I'll stick to greenies and peanutty butter cookies tho...

The Native Americans have used Columbine as medicine to help relieve heart problems and

The Columbine is a wonderful flower for Hummingbirds! Their long tongues can reach in to the long tube to reach the Columbine's nectar. The Hummingbirds then help the flower by pollinating!

Mostly, Mama loves Columbine flowers because they are so very colorful!!!

I hope you enjoyed the Columbines today, and the fun facts we found!

Rosy will return next week with her first peek at this years Dahlias!!

Have a awesome and colorful weekend!!

Flower Friday
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  1. We love columbine too. We have lots of yellow ones in our garden. My son thought they looked like butterflies in a breeze.

  2. The Columbines are just gorgeous! Thank you for telling us all of those fun facts, Arty!

  3. Hari Om
    I too adore them, and of your facts today, the thing I learned is that they are edible! I do like salad flowers but had not known of the columbine. You just know I'm going to be hunting them now!!! So looking forward to those dahlias appearing again... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Mommy loves Columbines, she said maybe next Spring she will get some to plant here.

  5. Those are some gorgeous flowers we have never seen before. Very nice. Happy flower Friday!

  6. You sure look terrific today and so do those pretty flowers!

  7. thanks for the beauty and the education. I knew not one of these Columbine facts. I do love these flowers and also love Romping in the Rockies.. can't wait to see the Dalias.. love them too... flowers make me happy which makes you Arty a flower because you in those glasses and that green make me HAPPY

  8. You sure found some beautiful Columbine to show us Arty. We have to say that you are looking very stylish in your outfit with those cool sunglasses.

  9. OMCs mom and I are in love with Columbine...we had no idea just how many gorgeous colors they had. Arty I'm loving you in limish green!!
    Hugs madi your Bfff

  10. You're right, the Columbine is a beeYOUtimous flower!

  11. Love love love Columbines! Thanks for sharing them!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  12. It is easy to see why the Columbine is your Mama's favorite flower, Arty.

  13. I loved the Columbine flowers and and thank you for teaching us about them

  14. Thanks for all the information about the columbine. You not only found some beautiful examples but your photographer did an amazing job!!!

    Mom loved seeing that wishing well in the first photo - brought back memories of the one she had in her yard when we had Angel Dakota. Angel Dakota managed to climb inside ours one day. Mom has a cute photo of that too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Thanks for all the interesting information about the columbines Arty. They are very pretty and delicate looking.
    You look especially handsome today

  16. OMD, those are just BEAUTIFULS! Yes, I admire the ones that Shyla and R's Mom takes pics of ~ they are truly amazin'! Your MOms pics are just FABulous Arty! I loves your Summer threads....I thinks Mabel thinks so too..hehheeee
    Ruby ♥

  17. That was a wonderful report! We loved seeing the beautiful flowers and learning about them too.

  18. OMD those Columbine are gorgeous and those glasses...I mean they are pinappletastic on you!!

    Matt & Matilda

  19. Wow, those Columbines are truly spectacular. As are your spectacles Arty!

  20. Being from Colorado we're big fans of our state flower. You're are quite beautiful in all the different colors!

  21. Oh, goodness! They are ALL so very beautiful!

  22. I had never heard of Columbines, but they are very very pretty. I wouldn't mind having some of them in my future garden (no garden right now). And thank you for the fun facts.

    Mara from NI

  23. Oh my! These Columbines are AMAZING!! Absolutely stunning! Wish we had some of those...

  24. What a beautiful and interesting flower! I think we'd have a tough time talking ourselves into eating one though. :)
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets


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