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Today, my adventure story has excerpts from a book Mama got herself for Christmas called
"Hiking Humboldt"
Page 87
Line 8-Along the beach
Line 12-likely to be lost
Line 16-back along

When I left you last week
I was thinking of someplace else we might see some nature on a rainy day! I told Mama to head south along the beach road towards the marsh...

We passed these two fellas as we drove through the entrance to the park. I asked Mama to pull over so I could ask them for a good place to park and maybe look at some nature!

This guy told me there was a pull out just down the road a ways where we might be able to see a birdy or two. He said it just ahead so we weren't likely to be lost.

His directions were spot on and a few minutes later Mama  pulled in and parked the car.

It was still raining and I wasn't sure we would see anything.
Boy was I wrong!

I sat in the front seat, on Mama's lap so we could look out the window. There, in the middle of the pond, was an American Coot!!  You won't believe what happened next! 

Mama made a short video to show you....

You can watch it HERE on YouTube too!

I couldn't believe the Coot disappeared just like THAT!!
I didn't know WHAT could have happened to him!!

Well, until he popped up a few minutes later! 
"No need to make all that ruckus Mr. Arty, I was looking for a good place bring my sweetie for lunch!"

...and with that, he and his sweetie swam back along the same route to find his underwater cafe!  Coots are fun to watch, but isn't it a little weird to bring your gal to a restaurant under water???

 I told Mama we had enough adventure and coots for one day and it was time to head home!

Where I wrapped up in the towel Mabel gave me and daydreamed about taking her to an above ground sidewalk cafe for bone broth and bacon scones!

The End

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walkie! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


  1. wow that are really water artists... and the two fellas you met could fit to nother book about that seagull named jonathan ;O)

  2. Rain is no fun, but I think those water type birds really don't care about rain at all. Nice bird photos.

  3. OH WOW sweet Arty, you have combined nature and FFF perfectly and oh so entertaining. who knew Coots eat under water. I have never even SEEN a coot or heard one and did not know about the diving coots either. Thanks for the story and the info plus you in the blue blanket.

  4. Bravo bravo BOL BOL Arty that Coot was a Hoot and OMDs did you give him a piece of your mind. What a darling story well done to you and mama
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Rain isn't fun and it's pouring here too, but we sure enjoyed your photos!

  6. Whoa - that coot is a magician! Rain is falling here too.

  7. Wow, that coot sure could hold his breath for a long time! I loved hearing your bark, Arty! Were you calling him to come up for air? Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hari OM
    OMD Arty that is the bestest combo of FFF and NF!!! You are so good at this. I love those coots, so glad you were able to have a chat with them! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who hangs her head in shame cuz, she furgot to put NF on her photo bloggy this week...)

  9. What a fun story and a great way to show off your writing skills and a bit of nature at the same time. How funny the way that coot disappeared under the water.

  10. That was a great and fun adventure, but we are with you, Arty - we prefer to have our meals above water too. Going underwater sounds way too much like the dreaded B.A.T.H.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. From a distance, those coots remind me of the Loch Ness creature!

  12. Did you hear me barking along with You??
    Yes above ground is preferred BOL!

  13. Bone broth and bacon scones?
    Now, that's my kind of café.
    Toodle pip!

  14. Crazy birds! Our Common Loons do the same thing - one minute they are there, and the next they're gone! We've had times where they disappeared and then popped right back up next to our boat! That's pretty exciting!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Bone broth and bacon scones sound so yummy. Mr. Arty. And you look very handsome in the last picture of you riding in the car. Xena

  16. What a great story! Mom has a little story to tell here you may appreciate. Mom used to be a Captain for a small airline that flew all over the West Coast. They went to Arcata a LOT. Fog was a problem. There's a regulation that if you have two pilot reports that state that the actual conditions are much better than forecast the airline dispatchers can let you take off, even if the forecast is crummy. Such pilot reports, called Pireps, list the type of airplane reporting. Mom was waiting and dispatch said, "We got two Pireps from Eureka that the fog is lifting so you can launch". Eureka airport had a little cafe at the terminal where people hung out while waiting to depart. In looking at the PIREP, under "type of aircraft" it listed "two guys in the restaurant". Mom had to let dispatch know we would NOT be departing.

  17. The deleted comment was mine -major typo.


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