Searching for a Trail on Nature Friday

Arty here this week for Nature Friday! Today I have a tail of 2 pawrents and the best trail finder in the land!

NO Rosy that would be ME not you!

It all started a couple of Sundays ago. Mama and Daddy heard of a new trail to hike. Luckily, they brought me along too because when they got to the park, they didn't see any trails!

No worries pawrents I got this.
 I'll find the trail!

So on we went!
I led them past this old, spooky building.

This is definitely the way Daddy!!

Mama and Daddy thought maybe I had gotten them lost when we passed an old spooky mountain graveyard.

Nope, I knew just where I was going!

Just past this gurgling brook....

Almost there..Let's RUN Daddy!!

Here we are Daddy!!
I know it might taken a bit longer than you and Mama expected...

...but it's all about the journey, not the destination, right??

We hope everyone has a weekend full of adventurous journeys!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


  1. Oh Arty, we just LOVE new adventures. Nothing better than sniffing out a new trail.
    Have a great Friday.
    Toodle pip!

  2. right...the journey is very impawtant...and to have fun... what was inside of that spooky building?

  3. We award you an official "nature trail guide" badge ... you are
    excellent at that job!

  4. You are so right, Arty. The journey is always the most important part!

  5. Hari OM
    OMD... I thought for a minute there it WAS the cemetery you were going to explore! I like doing that... but I am glad you found the right way for the pawrents - nothing beats finding the way!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arty what a trailblazer you are to find this gorgeous trail and all the most interesting sights on the journey. Good thing to kept your nose to the ground so mama could snap these gorgeous photos
    I would follow you down any trail.
    Hugs HiC

  7. It's always a lot of fun to find new places to go exploring!

  8. and a wonderful journey this was.. that cemetery is calling my name, I do love to visit really old cemeteries. you did a fantastic trail finding job and I must say your furs really look so handsome in green grass and dappled sunshine

  9. Arty, you are one heck of trailblazer (and finder). What a lovely adventure!

  10. They are SO lucky they had you around!

  11. You are right, Arty, and that looked like a wonderful journey. Good job sniffing out a perfect walk!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. It looks like you all had a fun walk. We can't believe how green everything is around you. Around here we are predicted to get almost 2 feet of snow this weekend.

  13. My people would have gotten too nervous if I lead the way on walkies. But it looks like you did a good job!

    As Millie and Walter said, here in WNY we're awaiting a big storm. Hope it holds off until ghostwriter gets home from work tonight.

  14. I totally knew you knew where you were going and what interesting sights!

  15. Are you sure you're not a little bit bloodhound?

  16. You have a great adventure!

    Abby Lab

  17. Arty, I would have loved to be along on this journey!! It looked so pretty and green, not cold and snowy

  18. You are a trail finder AND a trail blazer, Arty. I'm glad you are all enjoying the outdoors.

  19. What a wonderful journey. Thank you for chronicling it for us.

  20. What would your peeps do without you Arty??!!! geesh!
    Wells, looks like you had a most FABulous adventure, and that's what matters! I wish we had fun stuffs like that here (where doggies were allowed that is)
    Wells, keep dry and don't forgets to leave lots of peemail!
    Ruby ♥

  21. A Halloween trail! How brilliant.

    Mara from NI

  22. Way to go, Arty! You have quite an awesome snooter, sniffing out that trail so far away. I hope that you all had fun!

  23. Definitely all about the journey! That looks like a GREAT place to explore, Arty!

  24. Arty-
    Good thing you were along to show the way!! We love spooky graveyards, that would be a super fun hike for us!!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  25. We agree about the journey being more fun than the destination sometimes. No green grass for us right now - it's all covered with white fluffy snow.


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