Thankful for Grooming Thursday?

Rosy here today to tell you how thankful I am a good spa day! Nothing is as fun as going to play with all my friends while Lynne pampers me and cuts my furs so very pawfectly! She sure does make grooming fun and, if I can't go to Xena's Mama, she is the next best thing!

I do believe it may be time for my brothers to go see their groomer too!
Speak for yourself Rosy....we like our furs JUST THE WAY THEY ARE!!

WAIT, who is this Lynne pawson...James is our Groomer?!

Everyone knows girls goes to a stylist, Arty. You boyz go to barbers! In fact, I heard Mama say you were going to the barber this morning!

No way! Mama said we were going on a road trip today.....

 ...Later that day
Ummmmm, Arty, Mama has a strange definition of Road Trip
...AND I think that barber stole ALL our furs!!!

...How was that "Road Trip" Boyz???

Very funny Rosy!!

We do look pretty handsome tho, don't you think Jakey???
Not only that, but Mama pawmised us a REAL old fashion family Road Trip at the end of the month!!

What do you wanna bet there will be lighthouses involved.....

Are you thankful for Spa Days?

 We are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. a barber?that sounds like barber-ary ;O))) the mama played with the though to enter the spa temple, butt because of the fact that this place is next to the vet and could couse the next trouble she rather discarded that idea...

  2. Rosy, you do love teasing your poor brothers.
    Here in Aberdeen I endure 'home spa' days, as a certain person is too mean to pay for me to have professional attention. Although surely I'm worth it?
    Toodle pip!
    PS Looking forward to your report of the 'real' road trip.

  3. The three of you look so spiffy with your groomed furs. We can't wait to hear more about your road trip!

  4. We do not like going to the spa, or the entire getting clean and our furs stripped, but when we are back home it does feel good. You all look great.

  5. You do both look super handsome. We don't have to go to the groomer, it sounds terrible.

  6. hari OM
    OMD donchya all look drop-dead gawjus??!!! Well worth making the trip, I'd say... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Your momma knows how big Boy feels about spa day... I must say, you two guys look might handsome after the trip to the barber, sorry you were tricked. also let me say you both look adorable with your long fur....

  8. Rosy, you look beautious girl and boys, you're looking darn handsome! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. I can't say if I'm thankful for Spa days, because I've never had one! Boxers aren't really big on going to the groomer. Momma keeps saying she wants to take me in to get a nice bath and my nails trimmed, but we just deal with that on an as-needed basis at home.

  10. Ooh, I love being brushed by my two-legger. She just stops too soon, because I could go on for hours...

    Miss Oswin from NI

  11. Adorably cute and handsome...the whole lot!

  12. Oh Rosy I hope you left Lynne a great big tip she did a wonderful job!
    LOL Arty and Jakey just when you boyz start smelling like real boyz
    you have to visit James.
    Hugs Aunty HiC

  13. You do look handsome.....and beautiful. We get home groomed and we hate it! (Also, we look funny for a few days.)

  14. Hi there Rosy. Mommy says Miss Lynne does a pawsome job on your furs, I see you changed accessories between pictures, too! You are like a model. XX Xena
    Hi Arty and Jakey, now your furs are even shorter than mine! I hope you have a fun road trip soon. XX Lucy

  15. Stylist or barber - we think you all look wonderful!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. We get groomed yesterday. There is nothing like getting a good groom on

  17. Arty I think you look very handsome after your spa day

  18. You all look so spiffy after your grooming trips. Around here you would need to keep your furs to stay warm in the winter.

  19. You all look fabulous after you beauty and handsome appointments :)

    Matt & Matilda


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