Thankful for Howliday Sparkles!

 This Thursday we are thankful for the pretty decorations Daddy finished putting up last weekend. 
 We had added a few more inflatables to our collection this year...
 Santa Claus, Rudolf and Annie the Angel have joined our collection.
Daddy also added a Garage Door light show!!
Just call us the Griswalds! BOL.
 We are thankful Mama and Daddy are young at heart and
always make our home so festive for the howlidays!

Thank you Angel Brian for hosting the
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!



  1. Hari Om
    Golly gee, that brightens the place up!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. we hope you haven't the same neighbors like da griswolds... we love the lights and your wonderful christmas place....

  3. Oh wow, your yard looks wonderfully festive now. Well done Daddy!

  4. Wowzers, you guys really go all out! Love it! Mom thinks about hiring someone to put lights on our house every year, but it is expensive and we don't really see it, the neighbors do. So, for now, we enjoy the lights and decorations of others.

  5. you two are truly sparkling and ready for the Howl o Day! your house is beautiful and is also ready and is also sparkling!

  6. I love the Christmas lights and inflatables!

  7. Your yard looks so festive and so do you, Rosy!

  8. Niece Rosy OMDs Dad is a most talented decorator of your beautiful abode. So cherry and happy.
    Which is especially nice this time of year!!
    Hugs Aunty C

  9. Wow! Your house looks great inside and out. We love all those decorations and the light show.

  10. How fun! Our Dad made it clear his and Mom's first Christmas together that he did NOT decorate the yard or the house. But he does help Mom put a huge tree in front of the big front window then leaves the decorating of it to her, BOL! Sometimes Chia helps. XOX Xena

  11. Chaplin: "That's quite a display! It's a good thing Dennis didn't see it that time he invaded the North Pole or he might have mistaken it for Santa's Workshop!"

  12. It's a one-word-day for us: AWWWW. Or maybe WOW!


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