July Birthdays

July is a very exciting month,  I get to experience my first Independence Day AND I become a ONE YEAR OLD!
Mama says I am not the only one with a birthday this month.
 Make sure to stop by to wish the other July Blogville babies Happy Birthday!

 July 9th - Percy - Jan's Funny Farm
July 20th - Rosy - LLB in Our Backyard
July 19th - Reilly - The Cowspotdogs
July 27th - Misty -  The Chronicles of Woos

We were so sad to hear Merci went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, we have renamed July 22nd Remember Merci Day! 
Stop by Jan's Funny Farm  and send virtual hugs to Jan and the rest of the Funny Farmers.

 I better get busy planning what kind of birthday cake I want!


  1. Happy Birthday to all of the July furkids! I bet you are going to have a fabulous cake for your first birthday, Rosy!

  2. I must say red, white and blue is your perfect color to show off your cuteness and beauty... love that first shot. Happy 19 days until your birthday... can't believe you are a year old, no wonder you have grown so much

  3. We will help you pick out that cake! WE sure were sad to hear about dear Merci.

  4. Dearest niece Rosy SassyPants...you must be mistaken there is NO way you can almost be 1 year young. Where has the time gone? One thing for sure with each passing day you have become cuter than the day before. What a purrsonality you ave developed. Angel Dory is surely smiling down with approval at how you have slipped into control of the boyz!!
    Hugs Aunty Madi

  5. You are so cute all dressed up in red, white and blue. We bet you will be planning a big party for your 1st birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Month, Rosy!!! Misty has started her countdown from today until her 2nd birthday!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I know we haven't responded to your birthday blogs before but Foley's birthday is July 3.

  8. OMC, a year old already?! That doesn't seem possible.


  9. Wow...hard to believe you're going to be one already! Time sure does fly. Can't wait to see the fun adventures you'll no doubt have on your special day.


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