Roadside Rocks and Fun Facts

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Happy Nature Friday!! 
Today, we have a few roadside New Mexico rock formations to show you. We collected these from the many, many, MANY pictures Mama took during travel season.

We don't know a whole lot about these formations specifically, sooooooo we have decided to give you a  fun New Mexico fact after each picture.

Ready? Let's go!
Santa Fe, the New Mexico state capitol, sits at an elevation of over 7000 feet above sea level. That means it looks down on Denver, the mile high city. Our house in Rio Rancho sits at 5262 feet above sea level. That's a bunch higher than when we lived in California when we were at sea level. Needless to say, it took all of us a little while to get used to living almost a mile higher than we used to.

Something we aren't all that proud of, but need to mention, is that the Atomic Age started in New Mexico on the Alamagordo Bombing Site with the Trinity Test.
We are looking forward to learning more about the cool, non war places in Alamagordo like White Sands Park when we visit there next March.

Many believe that New Mexico is all desert and cacti. Believe it or not, New Mexico has over 16 million acres of forestland.  We can attest to that because we visited lots of it during our 2023 CeCe Travels this year.

New Mexico sure is full of fun facts!

The second deepest limestone cave in the US is in New Mexico. The Lechuguilla Cave, a part of Carlsbad Caverns is over 1600ft deep and 149 miles long!

New Mexico helped educate the world about fire prevention with the introduction of Smokey the Bear!

A bunch of New Mexico's landscape was formed by volcanic activity. The state has gone through over 700 eruptions in the past 5 million years.

Wowsers, New Mexico is a pretty cool place to live. Beautiful rocks,  Smokey the Bear and lots of forests...who could ask for more!

Do you have a fun fact from your corner of Blogville? 
Let us know in the comments!

We hope you all get to see some fun nature this weekend!

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  1. Great to look at and some very interesting facts. I remember Smokey the Bear but didn't know he was from that far south, and now that you mention volcanism I can see where a lot of those rock formations started their existence (before wind and rain and stuff did their bit in the art process).

  2. wow that is interesting...and we are so suprised that mother nature can create so much beautiful things... we are quasi a-ston-ished

  3. Hari Om
    That's super impressive stuff! You are wonderfurs tour guides 🤗 hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Very impressive facts and the rock formations are totally awesome!

  5. We loved the photos and learning the fun facts (and even the not so fun ones) about New Mexico.
    What can we tell you about Aberdeen? It is home to the 5th oldest university in the English speaking world (founded 1495). It is the only city in the UK built of granite, and Marischal college, in the city centre, is the world's second biggest granite building. Aberdeen is also often listed as the coldest city in the UK...
    It was certainly frosty today on my early morning walk. Brrrrr.

  6. Yay! It looks like we can comment once again. Good job to your mom. Our Mom has been through NM, but it was a long time ago and she saw all kinds of different landscape. As your parents noticed, our neck of the woods has water everywhere. We have more boats for our population than any other state. Happy Friday!

  7. Hi Rosy. I could just sit and look at those rocks and wonder what is hiding under and around them for days and days. (or until supper time). Running through Chattanooga Tennessee is the Trail of Tears, which is the path the Cherokee Nation was forced to walk to be relocated. That's our history fact for today, and one none of us are proud of. XOX Xena

  8. Dearest nieces OMDs...............Aunty had no idea New Mexico has over 16 million acres of forestland. I absolutely love red rocks in your corner of the world. I bet Nobby and Gail are gonna love all the 'rock' facts. Thank Mama for all the excellent photos

    Oh and I must mention how very much I love your adorable wardrobe and hair accessories.
    Hugs Aunty C

  9. I like your bows... and lovely photos as usual Mom
    LeeAnna and Milo

  10. Lulu: "Wow, 1600 feet deep and 149 miles long??? That cave is almost as big as some of the holes Bean and I have dug in the yard!"
    Java Bean: "You sure have a lot of trees there. I wonder how long it would take me to pee on all of them ..."

  11. all the views you showed us today are AMAZING and AWESOME! wow would I love to see them. I did not know any of these things until today. had no idea NM can lookd down on Denver! that was a shock... right now i can't think of anything about Florida that might be interesting and i know a lot, it just isn't coming to the top of my 8 ball brain... we have gators in every pond, river and canal and swamps everywhere. we have preserves and parks all over the state and beaches by themile

  12. We sure learned lots about your corner of our world and you two look so cute!

  13. You have so much beauty in your neck of the woods girls and of course you two are beauties too!

  14. I am fascinated with the landscape in then southwest.

  15. Oh I loved New Mexico ~ so glad you did too ~ gorgeous photos ~ and sweet photos of you fur babies ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. We loved learning about New Mexico. Lady admits to not knowing much. Did you know Ottawa was not supposed to be the capital of Canada? It was going to be Kingston, but then it was decided that was too close to the US boarder, so the rough town of Ottawa became the capital. Lee and Phod who love to learn

  17. OMD! We love this post and thank you for fun fact. We've never been to New Mexico and know almost nothing (sorry!!) except the fact Santa Fe was chosen as the best place to visit by travel magazine. Hope to visit one day. Paws crossed. Juno and mom


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