Happily Ever After on Nature Friday


Today we wanted to share a story Mama told us the other day. She says the story is true, but we did not view any of the characters with our own eyes and cannot confirm or deny the validity of Mama's "fairy tail"

Once upon a time there was a little raccoon who, while on an evening fence walk with its Mama, fell and got his foot stuck in between the slats in the backyard of two cute little Lhasa Apso princesses.

The Mama of the cute Lhasa princesses, while not letting them see the raccoon, freed the cute woodland creature using a shovel to loosen the slat of the fence and release his foot.

Sunny: Rosy, how come we didn't know any of this happened.
Rosy: I still think it's a fairy tail Sunny, but there was that day last week where Mama only let us go outside on leash..but I don't know how we could have missed seeing or smelling the little guy.

After his foot was released, the cute little raccoon went and hid behind 
a hose keeper to escape the sun and maybe to hide from the fierce Lhasa Apso sisters that were rumored to occupy the backyard.

The raccoon hung out behind the hose keeper all afternoon. The Mama of the Lhasa Apso warrior princesses got a little worried that the story was not going to have a happy ending but she left the little raccoon alone hoping he would move along during the evening(raccoons are nocturnal). 

The trail camera was set up to keep an eye on the little raccoon and what happened that night was amazing. 

Just look at this little video and see....

You can also view the movie HERE on our YouTube Channel too!

That's right, Mama raccoon came to retrieve the baby, and we are thankful to say every raccoon lived happily ever after. 

I'm  still am not convinced it's a true story though. Come on Sunny, let's head outside to sniff around that hose keeper!

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  1. Oh that is such a lovely story, and of course it's true. Shame on you, Rosy and Sunny, for being such sceptics.
    Happy Nature Friday!

  2. You guys look so cute with bandanas and caps! Hugs! So glad baby raccoon went back to mama!

  3. Hari Om
    My word that had me holding my breath, wondering if ma racoon would appear..
    Phew... (And of course it's a true story!) Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. I was so afraid the baby had lost his mom. We are so happy that this story turned out well! Bless your mom for helping him out of his fence situation, girls!

  5. Those wild animal moms so often leave their kids if they are in trouble or disappear. How great that the little one made it out of the yard safely and reunited with its family. Sorry you guys didn't even get to give it a little chase.

  6. this video and the story win top Gold Medal for Raccoon Olympics! I laughed and got a little teary eyes when I heard the baby talking to mama, it was calling her. we have heard this chirping sound many times, each time there is a new litter we hear them but have not seen them... bless you for releasing him/her and I am so glad mama came and he/she could walk away... wild clapping for this post. mom was right to keep you on leash and in house, Mama coons do get nasty, we have been there done that

  7. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nieces Rosy and Sunny what a wonderful fairy tale baby raccoon and the two Lhasa Apso warrior princesses. I thank Mama and Daddy for the trail cam...I had no idea Raccons were Scottish...bol bol they have a distinct trill to their voices...I have never ever heard a Raccoon voice. Thank you.
    Mama what a great idea for freeing the wee foot. I too was happy to see the high beams of Mama Raccoon as she welcomed the baby back. I expect she also said 'I hope you learned your lesson about squeezing in tight places.
    Hugs AUnty C

  8. I've come to love raccoons from videos of them wanting to live with people who saved them. Glad your baby reunited with mama, and that you're the kind of human who saved it...
    LeeAnna and Milo

  9. I'm so glad for the happy every after story. Using a shovel to pry the boards apart and get the little guy unstuck was a smart move.

  10. What a wonderful story and I'm glad the Mama came to fetch her baby. Happy sniffing girls!

  11. We've heard of fairy tails like this too. Our Mommy says it's true, though, so it must be true. She never lies to me. XOX Xena

  12. Java Bean: "Ayyy, you can always count on Mama to come to the rescue! Happy ending for the trash pandas!"

  13. Well, Rosy and Sunny, we don't think videos lie. That sure is good evidence of a true story. We are so glad your Mama and the Mama raccoon were able to help the little one

    Woos - Misty and Timber


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