Left Over Flower Nature Friday

Zooooom! This week sure did go by fast, don't you think?? Mama has been busy flitting around. Taking Arty to the doctor in Oregon again, plus, she's making mysterious phone calls about some super secret surprise coming in June...Hmmm, wonder what she's up to?!  

Anyway, I was looking through Mama's camera and it seems she had some leftover pictures from Sequoia Gardens. No time like the present to take a look at them:

Let's start with the flowers Mama has no idea what to call...
Like these pretty hanging lantern-y flowers

...this little purple puffball flower

OH...I know this one Mama....
It's a calla lily! What's that inside, little cherry blossom petals?
Leave it to Mama to get all artistic!!

Now...the rest of the flowers are some of Mama's most favorites, 

Pretty purple ones with white edging...

Yellow and white edges...

White with purple edging...

White with pink edging....

Pink and red.....

...and finishing off with a beautiful pale yellow columbine!!

Miss Kitty and I are hoping you all get to take some time for a nice nature walk this weekend. Our state parks opened up for day use yesterday, so I'm hoping the rain stays away and we can enjoy some sunshine and flowers!

 Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.


  1. oh we hope da surprise will be super duper fabulous!!! and we are glad that the state park is open again and you can discover all the beautiful things there

  2. Oh those columbines are beyond beautiful. Far to lovely to be 'left over'.
    We hope Arty's trip to the doctor went well.

  3. Well, I do have some nature today, although perhaps not to your liking exactly Rosy: Miss Oswin is catching baby birdies!!

  4. Your flowers are just gorgeous, Rosy! The hanging lantery-y one sorta looks like our Chinese Lantern but it's not. It's so pretty and delicate!

  5. The flowers are pretty, but you look adorable! I just love your hair bow!

  6. Hari OM
    OMD, such beauty - and then there were the flowers...&*> hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. i sure am happy you found those pictures in mamas camera. i love the photos and the way mama names her plants is what i like best, purple puffy balls and lanterny flowers.. that is how THEY should name flowers. sensible to me. and you shades are the exact same shade as your tongue

  8. What beautiful flowers you found. We love the calla lily with the cherry blossom petals in it.

  9. You are so pretty in pink. It's your color for sure.

    The flowers are beautiful. I love spring.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. My best to your siblings and your mom. ♥

  10. Dear Niece Rosy I wish I had lovely leftover posies like these. Clapping wildly you Momma is one terrific phototaker
    Hugs and Happy Memorial Weekend
    Aunty HiC

  11. Beautiful flowers, but not as pretty as you, Rosy. XOX Lucy and Xena

  12. Such beautifil flowers. The calla lily was the feature flower for one of our human sisters wedding. Mom said they were beautiful.

    We can't wait to learn more about the surprise - but we think we can guess, and if we are right, we will be very happy but jealous.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  13. Those are such beautiful flowers sweet Rosy!

  14. Very pretty but we are intrigued about what is coming in June.

  15. Hooray for the park reopening! We like columbines too and have a few growing on the north side of the yard. No flowers yet, though.

  16. Those leftovers are so lovely. June . . . It is going to be a fun month for you.


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