Happy Travel Tuesday - Raton Pass, NM


On our way to the Rocky Mountains(and on the way back) we stayed overnight in a cute little RV Park in Raton Pass, NM. 
(I might have told Sunny she was going to have take a bath with the bears while we were here teeheehee)

At almost 8,000ft above sea level, Raton Pass is located near the border of New Mexico and Colorado. Because of the elevation, the highway over the mountain pass can be unpredictable during the Winter and Spring because of snow and wind storms. Although Daddy says it is a little scary to drive, we were lucky and didn't run into any winds or bad weather.

As seems to be a theme on our holidays, the Raton Pass RV Park is located near an historic railway line. The railroad was built back in 1878, they built a tunnel through the mountain pass in 1879. In 1908, a second tunnel was built and, believe it or not, still serves Amtrak train customers today!

We had beautiful weather during our stays.
During our first stay the temperatures were in the 90sF(30sC).
On our way home, they were in the 60s(15-25C). 

We were lucky and arrived in the mid afternoon both days, plenty of time for long walkies with Daddy!

We had to do our big walkies during the day though, because at this RV park there was a  TON of wildlife!! 

Not just on the bath house walls either!
Well, that's what Mama said anyway, we would have loved to see a bear! We bet we could have barked it away!

We did hear a rattlesnake during one of our hikes but Mama turned us around on the trail before we could see it.
(Between us, Daddy said it was probably a cicada bug, but Mama wasn't taking any chances. Silly Mama!)

Luckily, we saw no bears or cougars except on the bathhouse walls BOL. Seriously though, the buildings were covered with these fun paintings which gave the pawrents a giggle. I(Rosy) may or may not have barked at them through the RV window.

Join us next week when I(Rosy) take you on a tour of Grand Lake, Colorado, the Gateway to the Rocky Mountains!

Don't worry Sunny, you don't really have to bathe with the bears BOL!

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  1. Hari Om
    OOOHHHHH true western country with (potential) bears and snakes... you were on a proper adventure!!! That park up sure looked fun. You are a tease on your sisfur, though, Rosy! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I can't decide which makes me the happiest about this post, the pictures of the two of you on the stumps and those precious faces or the mural on the wall, I am leaning towards that old west building. I want to live in a house like that... so glad you saw only paitings of wildlife, and I would have turned around also.

  3. Not sure we’d want to stay anywhere that had an “active bear alert!”

  4. I agree 100% with Mama...her instincts are always best to follow. Once with Marlu was about 6 I had to go out of town over for work. When I got home Bryan told me they were discussing something and out of the blue Marlu commented, "Well Daddy we need to ask Mommy, she is the boss". What gorgeous scenery and the skies WOW. Bears near would have kept me pretty darn close to CeCe.
    Hugs Aunty C

  5. What a fun place to park your RV for a night. We bet you would have scared any bears away from your trailer.

  6. What a beautiful area. We are so pleased you made it safely over the mountain pass before any bad weather arrived. But Rosy, it was a teeny bit mean of you to tease poor Sunny about sharing a bath with the bears!

  7. Java Bean: "Active bear alert? No food outside unattended? ¡No hay problema! We will just eat it all up pronto."

  8. Rosy and Sunny please tell da mama and da daddy
    Bryan is enjoying your post. He asked me (which I sure Ed knows) if Ed knows about the restored Santa Fe 2926?
    Hugs HiC typist for Bryan

  9. What a fun adventure. Moms are more careful than dads and that's just the way it is. I always enjoy your adventures. Thank you peeps for taking us along.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your wonderful peeps. ♥

  10. Thank goodness you didn't see any bears or rattlesnakes! Love the fun wall paintings!

  11. WOW, you girls sure get to see such amazing and beautiful places! I'm glad there wasn't a bear encounter though, really glad!

  12. We love all the bears on the walls. Mom won't go walking anywhere there might be rattlers. She is terrified of snakes, especially rattlers. That place sure is cute.

  13. Rattlers or cicadas, not much difference! OK, maybe a little difference....

  14. That was a good one you pulled on Sunny, BOL! Oh, and listening to your Mama about those rattlers is a good thing. Our Mom is in charge of all snakes on our property. XOX Xena


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