Thankful for Memories

 We are so very thankful for all the memories we made during our Rocky Mountain Adventure. Mama is still going through and organizing all the pictures, but here is a preview of what's to come!

Daddy did a most pawsome job driving CeCe and JeeJee, the Diva Jeep, through the ups and downs and twisty turny mountain roads! 

We spent some time wildlife viewing

...saw pretty flowers...

Took in some GORGEOUS views.

Had lots of relaxing family snuggle time.

The pawrents got to enjoy hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

We went on lots of family adventures

We saw the first signs of Autumn...

Best of all, we got to  see Daddy 

We are so very thankful for all the 
different memories we made. 

Over the next few weeks, as Mama gets the pictures ready, we'll have more than a few posts sharing our adventures!

Thank you Brian for hosting the
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. Hari Om
    All these photos are gawjuss and I can see how much you were enjoying yourselves. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. you saw so much beautiful things... your memory card is sure full to the brim with all the good moments... and you can watch this photos again and again if the cold dark times move in...

  3. That looks like the pawfect holiday. And best of all, we love it that you saw Daddy all day every day for nine days!
    Gail visited the Rocky Mountain National Park with her parents in the summer of 1989. SO beautiful. She treasures a photo of her mother gamely trudging through a remnant patch of snow in unsuitable shoes!

  4. Absolutely beautiful shots and I love your autumn bandanas!

  5. So happy you all had a fun vacation and everything went well. You two look very happy.

  6. What a fun adventure you all went on. We can't wait to learn more about where you went.

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMN(iece)s 9 days of Dad 24/7...ummmmm I'm sure he enjoyed seeing his 3 beautiful girls 24/7 for 9 days too. I've been on those twisty Rocky Mountains roads. I wasn't driving so I say Dad needs lots of awards for driving his precious cargo of 3 ladies and CeCe and JeeJee
    Hugs Aunty C

  8. You girls were sure having a big old time and it looks gorgeous there! We love your happy smiles. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Going away with your pawrents is the best thing ever. We can't wait until we get to go again in December!


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