Flittering Around on Nature Friday

Thank you for buzzing by to visit us for Nature Friday today! Speaking of buzzing, while visiting Humboldt Botanical Gardens the other week, I met some fun fluttery  friends!
 This little guy(or girl) was very patient while Mama took pictures of him!
 He was a great model too and looked right at the camera !!
Wellll, he hung around until he heard his friends talking about some delicious nectar across the garden.
After my new hummingbird friend flew off, I looked down and saw another fluttery friend!

Mama says it is a Buckeye Moth...

 He definitely looks like he has eyes on his wings, doesn't he??

 But the best thing was, he is all decked out for Autumn in his orange, black and brown!!
Ummm...Mama...these are NOT real  flowers! My final guest would be very disappointed to hear that...
 We saw this cute little honey bee on the cute little heart blooms of an Irish Strawberry Tree...
 Doesn't he have beautiful markings??
We always enjoy seeing bees out and about doing their jobs!

Make sure to take time to smell the flowers this weekend...even if they are fake flowers BL!!
Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.


  1. oooh we kove the hummingbird... and you still have bees? ours are in their behives now and they probably sleep till next spring... that's no bad idea this year ...

  2. Hi Rosy, Gail and I just loved meeting your fluttery friends and want to congratulate you mama on today's especially wonderful photos.
    Toodle pip!

  3. We love the birdie and the butterflies and the bees but you are the cutest, Rosy!

  4. Hari OM
    This is an excellent post making the most of what autumn can through up as a late surprise; no such offerings over my way, so am dipping into photos held over from summer to get me through the next few NFs!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. After our snow, there are definitely no flowers left around here, so we will just sniff the snow if you don't mind. Love that rug you are sitting on, and you look very cute!

  6. Wow those fake flowers look real! Your mom has certainly found a whole lot of wonderful nature pictures bees and butterflies and Rosie Girls. At Buckeye is gorgeous

  7. we wonder if your moth friend's Mom made her wear her autumn clothes. Did you know that the reason they have fake eyes on their wings is so that flying predators attack their wings and not their heads? It's true! We don't like bees, but we sure do like their poop, er, honey! XOX Lucy and Xena

  8. What great shots of the hummingbird, butterfly and bee you took today. There aren't any more flowers to smell around here as our perennial garden has all been cut down for the season. We wish our growing season lasted as long as yours does.

  9. Dearest Niece Rosy I am always in awe of your Mama's photography BUT today the little Jeweled hummingbird photos have me nearly speechless Bravo well done and BTW you look adorable
    Hugs Aunty HiC

  10. Such wonderful photos and you're as cute as can bee sweet Rosy!

  11. We enjoyed meeting your new friends!

  12. gorgeous pictures and gorgeous super model and story teller

  13. That was a lot of flittering. Mom did a great job capturing all of the flittering too. I'm sure you were the supervisor. Sure you were.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. My best to your siblings and your wonderful mom. ♥

  14. Boy Rosy, you sure have some 'furbulous' nature around your backyard. Kudos on the hummingbird capture-those little guys never stay still for me!

  15. What a backyard you have, such a lovely photos

  16. That hummer did a great job of posing for Mama. And we love that buckeye moth - he looks like he is staring right at us. An Irish Strawberry Tree - Mom says she needs to find out more about that - very interesting.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. Those fluttery guests are all very cute, but you're definitely the cutest bug in the garden!


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