A Happy Little Farm on Travel Tuesday

Happy Tongue Out Travel Tuesday! Today, I am going to show you the rest of my horse encounter, along with showing you around Lin's Mini Acres Farm, formerly known as Pleasant Journey Alpacas.

When we arrived at the farm, it was pretty stormy. After a couple of hours though, it stopped raining and we were able to get out and look around!

You could see the beginning of the Rocky Mountains from the farm. Look at all the snow still on the mountain peaks!

Here is a picture of the barn, that's CeCe parked right next to it so she could have some electricity(and we could have lights and heat). 

Once the sun came out, Mama and Daddy took a tour of the farm!
(it was pretty muddy, so we stayed in CeCe)
Mama wants to say this is a Shetland sheep but isn't sure. It was smaller than most sheep and has cute little 
tiny ears. It had just had its furs cut the week before.

This is a Miniature Zeb, this little cow is about as tall as a Great Dane, and as friendly as a Golden Retriever! His significant other, a female, was about the same size but much more reserved!

You want to see the animal Sunny and I liked the most???

It's a KITTY!!! This pretty girl kept hanging around CeCe and greeting Mama and Daddy. She might have been the friendliest barn kitty the pawrents have seen in awhile, but we made sure to bark at her LOUD so she didn't try to stowaway on CeCe!

Before we go any further, here is a video Mama made with ALL the pictures, and video. You'll see my horse encounter highlighted towards the end. 

You can also watch it HERE on YouTube

Now, here was Mama's favorite animal....The Alpaca
She says she would love to have one for her very own. 

HA! We let her know we would bark at it ALL.THE.TIME if she tried to bring one home. BOL!

We're going wordless for these....cause Mama took a million pictures of them 

See what I mean, so many Alpacas....so little time!
We hope you liked seeing the farm as much as we enjoyed visiting. We would definitely visit another alpaca farm and would love to go back and see Lin's kitty again!

We are joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the 
Happy Tuesday Blog Hop this week!


  1. Hari OM
    Awwww I love ALL these critters and am a little bit jelly green that you got to go stay with them! Thanks for the photos. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. ooh that are super new friends you met. the mama always wanted an alpaca or a llama, she said it can spit at people... now she has the neilson who can do that too ;O)

  3. Yet another place I would love to visit and staying overnight would be even better. My first ever seeing alpacas without their furs. Looks like they were all jus sheared. their faces are so cute and amazing. I might have taken 2 zillion photos. the video is great and Rosy you were brave to get close to those huge horses. I would love to pet the sheep and goats, in fact everything you showed us including the two guard dogs in CeCe...

  4. What fun and the alpacas are so cute and they have the longest necks!

  5. The alpacas are cute. We see them at the ranch where we pick up our raw food. They hang out at the fence and are super friendly. Watch out for that cat. Kitties are deceptive and then before you know it, they are in your house and take over everything.

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY word Nieces Rosy and Sunny what an amazing destination in CeCe. Alpacas are so amazing and their eyes OMDs you can almost see into their souls.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the video and of course the kitty. Mama wants an alpaca...I can see why they are beautiful but I bet they would stir up trouble in CeCe.
    Hugs Aunty C

  7. There were so many cute animals at that farm, but you two girls were the cutest! Rosy, you were so brave getting that close to those horses.

  8. Oh how fun. I would have loved to have tagged along on this adventure. You all do such fun things.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  9. Charlee: "That sure is a lot of alpacas and other animals! It's a good thing there's a cat there to make sure everything keeps running smoothly!"
    Lulu: "Because that's what you cats do here, is it?"
    Chaplin: "Yep."
    Lulu: "Funny I've never noticed this."
    Charlee: "We are just THAT GOOD at our job."

  10. Oh ~ thanks for the fun at the Alpaca farm ~ great photos ~ especially of the sweet doggies ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor

  11. Wow! We loved seeing all those farm animals! The llamas had such funny faces! It's great that you pups were able to visit the farm.

  12. We love the alpacas. They look like funny-looking poodles, BOL!

  13. WOW sweet Rosy, you sure got to see so many pretty and fun critters!

  14. I bet that wuz a fun place to visit!


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