Nature Friday - Eclipse Camping

Welcome to another Nature Friday! 
As you might remember, last weekend we took CeCe out for the final trip of our camping season. We drove about 2 1/2 hours north of Albuquerque to Bloomfield, New Mexico to watch the Solar Eclipse.

We had blue skies and beautiful temperatures for camping!

The trees were full of colors too. 
From this deep orange-y red...

...to some vibrant yellows.

Autumn was definitely in full swing!

Let's not forget the real reason we were here though, the 2023 Annular Eclipse! An annular solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and sun, but the moon is too far away to cover the sun completely giving a "ring of fire" effect. We were lucky, and were located in one of the prime spots for viewing the event.

We couldn't be outside for the eclipse, mostly because Sunny likes to bark loud at strangers Mama was afraid we would hurt our eyes.

 Mama did point out the weird crescent shadows the eclipse produced through the trees.

Not sure what Mama was trying to do here....but she said there was a big solar telescope someone brought, and she tried to take a picture through the lens. We'll be nice and call this her "Eclipse Art"

Luckily she also had her eclipse glasses and phone. She snapped this picture to show us what the ring of fire really looked like. 
Pretty cool, right?

After the eclipse, the pawrents took a ride to see some ruins. We're not sure why they would want to see something that was ruined, but Mama promises to fill us in on exactly what it was soon.

We ended the day with a nice campfire!

We really enjoyed our time in Bloomfield, NM. The weather was pawesome, the eclipse was interesting and there is no time like family time, right?

Let us know what kind of nature you've been seeing in your corner of Blogville!

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  1. Hari OM
    OMD I am so jelly green right now... what an excitement for you all. I love mama's "art shot" and the live shot is fangtabyoulush!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Fabulous autumn colours there Rosie and treasure that experience of the eclipse - it doesn't happen often in a lifetime.

  3. What a fabulous camping weekend. A fine end to a wonderful season of travelling in CeCe. Such pretty autumn colours and your Mama did a fabulous job photographing the 'ring of fire'. We look forward to reading about the ruins some time.

  4. wow you saw this nature event!!! so great that you have a photo... and this trees... mother nature is an artist... even better than bob ross

  5. What a post full of beauties! Love that gorgeous blue sky and the autumn colors and the eclipse are and the actual eclipse!

  6. It looks like a fabulous weather day, and such pretty leaves. Mom isn't into the eclipse stuff much, but it is a good thing since it was cloudy here and she was busy doing nose work with Bailie and never even thought about it. You look adorable with your visor and bandana.

  7. the place you are parked is gorgeous, and i can't decide which eclispe photo i like best, bob chooses the real, i lean toward the artsy one through the telescope. excellent shots, both of them.

  8. Dear Nieces and Staff
    OMDS Aunty is 87 kinds of Happy your Mama shared these photos with us. I am in total AWE
    I have never seen a solar eclipse. WOW
    Many hugs and thank yous
    Your aunty c

  9. Everything sure looks pretty and it looks like a fun time. It's very cool that y'all were in eclipse territory!

  10. You two sure look cute. Thanks for sharing the eclipse with us. That sure looked cool.

  11. Lulu: "That's a very cool shot of the eclipse your Mom took! Our Dada completely forgot it was happening until about three hours afterwards when he started seeing the pictures people posted of it ..."

  12. Deer we didn't either Beth.. When we first moved here it was common. We are about a mile from Shelley Nature trail. There are woods behind homes in the area. I hope and pray they live there. To get to Shelley there is a very busy street.

  13. WOW what amazing photos, we saw nothing as it was gloomy and overcast

  14. My Mom didn't have the glasses and only took a p[ic of the crescent shadows-you're are much cooler than hers. What a fun camping trip you guys took. Sometimes I wish my Mom would take me camping and then I realized I prefer her sofa to sleeping on the ground. BOL 🤣

  15. What beautiful colors on those trees!!! That is an awesome shot of the eclipse. All we got here was some darker skies at noon. It sounds like the whole family had a wonderful weekend camping trip.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. I am glad you got to enjoy it. It was a one in a lifetime experience.

  17. Your Mama is a great naturalist, Rosy (I just learned that word and hope I used it right). Our brother Andrew got a picture of it, too, and showed it to us. Isn't it amazing that you could see it there in NM and we could see it here in TN? XOX Xena


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