Crazy Weather - Nature Friday

Happy Nature Friday Effurybody!! 
 I don't know about you all, but our weather has been crazy lately. Last Monday and Tuesday were a great example!

First, we had a little earthquake! Don't worry, we slept through the whole thing and all it did was rattle the dishes a little. Boy did it make Mama jump! 

Anyways, after the earthquake, it started to icysnowsleet! Not only did it do all of that together(which rarely happens on the Northern California Coast), the SUN WAS OUT when it started! Can you see the blue sky in the picture above. 
Totally crazy, right???

Mama made a short movie showing you what I think of the silly icysnowsleet!
You can also watch it HERE on YouTube

I really  hoped we would get lots of snow like my furiend Madison gets in Minnisota. I would love to do snow zoomies in our backyard! Unfortunately, all we got was slushy stuff on the deck....but it tasted pretty good!

It did keep us inside the rest of the day though,  WITHOUT our extended walk time! Mama said something about not having traction-y shoes to walk in the ice because, you know, we aren't suppose to get ice here on the coast of California!
So Piggy and I snuggled the rest of the day...

 Then, on Tuesday we woke up to a Frosty wonderland!! There was frost on all our backyard redwoods and our grass!!

 There was also ice on our deck. Mama came out with her camera, but after she slippy slided, she headed indoors and I explored the winter wonderland a bit before breakfast!

The crazy weather warmed up to a toasty 50 degrees by lunchtime and we got to go for our walk on schedule!

Has the weather been this crazy where you live???

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


  1. Hari OM
    it is totally mad; we have jumped from near spring-like weather to full frost and snow... and this morning as I type this to you, Storm Erik is raging and lashing the wet stuff at the Hutch's windows. Sigh... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  3. It are cray cray here - it wuz 81 and sunny on Monday. Right now it "feels like" it are 16.

  4. We have had snow and ice, which has now melted and we have wind and rain. Not so unusual for Aberdeen in fact.
    Glad you got to go out for a walk in the end. That's very important!

  5. We've had most unusual weather this season too. You and piggy look so cute spending the day in bed, Rosy!

  6. BOL niece Rosy. I laughed at the video you were wisely walking the perimeter to stay out of the icesleetsnow. YIKES earthquake?!
    Mother Nature has teased us all week with highs in the 70s and it was 80 yesterday
    Old Man Winter is stalking us though 48 for a high tomorrow.
    Hugs your Aunty HiC

  7. We had some thunder snow two days ago, but we are enjoying lots of snow and cold, just as it should be. You must admit the frost on things is very pretty, but you do need the proper shoes and clothes if you are a human.

  8. Frosty and shaky is strange indeed, but the snoozy look pretty good sweet Rosy!

  9. we have had crazy weather for the past 2 years and this year even crazier, we went through the hottest temps on record for 8 months last year and our winter has been non existent, with maybe 5 days of cool temps. no snow or ice, but look out for hurricanes. I am glad she stayed inside, we don't need any fall downs by humans or canines.... glad it warmed up for your walk. good news here is we only missed one day of walking since Big came to live with us due to rain

  10. Crazy like you wouldn't believe, Rosy! I think your ice storm moved east because we woke up to frozen fog and then the snow fell. And fell. About 6 inches worth of falling and now it's been bitter cold. I think we'll be back in the 40's now for a few days. Whew. Stay safe, dry and warm.

  11. Wow, and we thought our weather was crazy - you might have us beat! :) Ours is like a roller coaster here. Today it's raining, which started out as ice, so we're stuck indoors too. What is up with Mother Nature?
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Yes indeed! Our weather has been beyond psychotic! Wild winds blowing right now! Anything not tied down is flying around.

  13. I'm still waiting for some ice or snow or SOMETHING. I've never seen it ever in my life, and I'm starting to think my furiends are all making it up to tease me!

  14. Actually, after a summer of crazy heat, we have cooled down a bit and even get in extra walks!

    Had to giggle at the stay close to the house strategy.

  15. The weather has been super crazy around here too. We had a couple of days this past week where the temp was over 50 degrees and even reached 60 one day! That sure isn't normal for us this time of year and comes right after our deep freeze last week. We're glad you finally got out for your walk.

  16. The weather here has been wildly insane. One night this week we had freezing rain, sleet, thunder, snow, and then more freezing rain and sneet (snowsleet). Now it is white out there, but very slippery. Mom would have been lost this week without her Yak-Trax. They work very well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. Oh my gosh yes!. When mom & I left class Monday night it was barely spitting some rain/snow and she saw lightning!!. Before we got home it was snowing sideways and mom could hardly see and had to drive real slow. It started again Wednesday morning and did not stop until Thursday and this morning it was only 3 degrees!!! Hurry spring!

  18. That sure is crazy, Rosy! You were smart to want to stay inside and to take your mama in with you. That is very odd for Northern California. I hope that you weren't trying to keep any outdoor plants alive over the winter.

    I think that you'll have to go visit Madison to do snow zoomies!

    It hasn't been crazy here - just normal. It was -12°F the other morning. Brrrr!

  19. Thursday was 80 and we woke up to 30 today. You are as cute as me, all curled up with your pink pig. Oh, and mommy said someone posted an ad in your comment section. Xox x

  20. Sorry we were a day late linking up, Daddy threw our schedule completely off by coming home early yesterday. Yes our weather has been crazy it was in the high 70s Thursday and Mom enjoyed being outside. Now it's freezing again.

  21. Your nature sure kept you on your toes this week.

  22. Gurl, that is NUTS! We didn't gets anything that weird here, butts we gots snow up in the hills! Ma said we shouldn't go drive up and play in it, cause we don't have snow tires or anythings, and with her luck, she would gets in an accident ☺. So we just have the rain...for now. There is some whispers of snow Sunday...paws crossed!
    Ruby ♥

  23. We had rain and wind, but no ice or snow or sleet. I hope you didn't slide around too much!

    Mara from NL

  24. Crazy here too. Just as we became hopeful for an early spring, Old Man Winter dumped 16" of snow between last week and this week. We're not trust him again when the temps get warm. Stay dry and warm.

  25. Charlee: "Boy howdy has it been crazy! It has been raining all month!"
    Chaplin: "It's a good thing we have our cat trees to keep us up above flood level!"


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