Happy Halloween! Day 2 - No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters

Happy Halloween and welcome to another day of
 No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters!! Today, while we show you our Halloween costumes,  we want to to share ten easy ways you can help your local shelter or rescue organization.

1. Host a fundraiser on social media.
Having a birthday or other special event? Did you know you can host a fundraiser to raise money for your favorite shelter or rescue?
Click HERE to see more info on Facebook Fundraising!

2. DIY Crafts for Shelters
Do you love to craft? There are so many different crafts you can choose. From Catnip Pillows to Snuffle Mats 
We found a few good suggestions over at the Animal Humane Society's page too. Click HERE to go on over and check out the cool craft items you can make! 

3. Name your favorite shelter as a designee on your 
Amazon Smile Account
You can read all about Amazon Smile 

4. Buy One, Give One
The next time you are buying pet food, cat litter, toys or treats, make sure to pick one up for your local rescue or shelter. Have a designated bin in your vehicle and when the bin is full, drop it off.
Easy Peasy! 

5. Volunteer to Transport Animals
Do you have a vehicle and a little extra time to spare? You can volunteer to help transport foster pets to and from the vet, or even help transport animals from a shelter or rescue organization to a foster family. Mama enjoyed doing this when we lived in Texas, she got to meet lots of new friends and help dogs in need. Check with your local shelter or rescue for more information on how to help!

6. Donate Gently Used Household Items
We showed you how to do this yesterday. Old towels, sheets, blankets are always needed at shelters and rescues.  You can use a box or bin to fill with toys or treats your pet isn't fond of along with linens you may not use. When it's full, drop it off!

7. Share Shelter Pets and Events on Social Media
Do you follow your local shelter on social media? Make sure to share shelter pets that may be up for adoption and don't forget to share posts about shelter events too!


8. Purchase something from your Shelter or Rescue's Wish List
Most Shelters or rescues publish a "Wish List" on their webpage.
Click HERE to see Legacy Boxer Rescue's Wish List

9. Sponsor a Shelter Pet
Some shelters give you the opportunity to sponsor a shelter pet, paying for the food, spay/neuter and sometimes even the adoption fee for the animal! Visit your local shelters web page to find out how you can sponsor your own shelter animal!

10. Last, but definitely not least, show your appreciation
Shelter employees and volunteers work hard, for little or no pay. The next time you visit your local shelter make sure you say thank you and let a shelter or rescue employee/volunteer know how much they are valued. Bake and take holiday or "just because"
cookies(or other treats) to your shelter to let the employees you appreciate all they do for animals in need!

Tell us in the comments how you help shelters and we'll have Mama put together a list  to share!!

We want to thank each and every one of you who stopped by and left a comment or joined our No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters! We will be back next week on Thankful Thursday to announce the final tally! 

We want to give a very special thank you to Brian's HomeMarg's Animals and Legacy Boxer Rescue(and their representative Matilda) for agreeing let us talk about them this year.  We hope you'll all try to stop by each of their web pages and let them know how much we appreciate what they do.

 Publish a Halloween post letting us know some way you plan to/or have helped a shelter or pet in need, and link up to the hop. We will be donating $1 per hop entry AND 50 cents  for each comment we receive on the 30th and 31st (Make sure to join the hop with a post each day)! Money raised this year will be split between Legacy Boxer Rescue, Marg's Animals and to our local Cat Rescue, HART(Humboldt Area Rescue Team) in Brian's name.


  1. we will put some papers in da box at the vet, to help those who have not enough money for health care for their pets. And we are all neddles and pins while waiting till da nelly is back. Happy Halloween to youuuuu

  2. Meow-Bark-Woof-Howl-Happy-Fun-Boo-O-Ween Time!

    [sad that mr.linky wouldn't let us leave our post link for today since we were already there from yesterday ... boo, hoo ... anywayz ... so we don't get to count$ again for fundrai$ing ...$igh!)

    Great event pups! Good Job! Lots of treat$ in order for all of you!

  3. Our Amazon Smile account has been giving to Rescue for quite awhile now and we donate $$ now and again all year long.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Purrs and hugs to you for helping animals in need.
    Not exactly IT savvy, our human tried several times to link-up and finally succeeded!

  5. Hari OM
    Oh my darlings you know I LOVE your annual Halloween post and drive for shelter awareness. From my end, we have no animal shelter nearby, however our local vet does what she can to help rehome any animals that have been surrendered for any reason. She gets support for this through a local charity... Mostly I donate to animal charities that are mostly national - but there is this one local one called Daisy's Den; they run a little thrift shop and use all the profits to help out local dogs whose owners are in strife or have had to let them go for some reason. The funds are channeled to the vet.
    I love that shop and visit it regularly. There is always something to buy and I know my pennies are going to a great local cause! What is more, I have been known to 'recycle' stuff there, so someone else can find something useful to buy &*>
    Well done you guys. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. My mom sponsors the sick and disabled at Tabby's Place and she gathers up toys, buys foods and takes them to the shelter here in town, and has almost completed the paperwork to become a volunteer there.

  7. I have done about half of these, thanks for other suggestions... you all look AWESOME in your Halloween cosutmes. Big says don't eat candy... BOL, not that any of you have a weight problem.

  8. Happy Howloween to you all! I hope your shelter series is a huge success!

  9. What a lovely post with tons of links to those that help. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  10. OH my word you 3 have me cackling with delight and glee. Love the costumes!!
    I donated 3 mini quilted throws to Project Linus: blankies for children
    Hugs HiC

  11. We love love love your Howloween generosity! Today I had Momma order a few things from LBR's Amazon wishlist (https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2KE73NYLBHCC7/ref=cm_gf_ss_wl) to ship some toys and puppy pads and collars straight to LBR. Did you know we have a litter of puppies due any day now??

  12. You're all so darling in your costumes, too cute today! You are all Superheroes for this commentathon and fundraiser - thank you for all you do!

  13. Happy Halloween LLB Gang! You all look great in your costumes. Those are all great ideas of how to help out your local shelter.

    P.S. Our mom can't take her eyes off the new crochet afghan you are using. Did your mom make it?

    1. She did! She calls it her "Shark Week Blanket" she made it when she was in Texas over the summer(mostly while watching Shark Week) BOL!

  14. Happy Howloween gang! Love your costumes. I support Corgi Aid on my Amazon smile account. I have a pile of clean sheets and blankets to donate (and cookies).

  15. We were just drooling over how cute your Halloween costumes are, squeee! This is really a wonderful initiative for pets in need. We have 8 rescue kitties, and now one feral we feed. We're also building a little house for him for the winter to keep him safe.

    Our last adopted tuxedo named Sly Pie was also a homeless cat who survived one of the coldest winters in Montreal but he's put that life past him, now that he's safe with us.

    We also support a TNR rescue group called TUFCAT at a South African university who has successfully been caring for their campus cats for the past 22 years. TNR works!
    I wish you lots of success with this wonderful campaign!
    Thank you for these tips. The Amazon Smile is a good option. Happy Halloween!

  16. That is a terrific list gang and we do just about all of those. Shelter critters appreciate every little thing that comes their way, believe me, I know first paw. Thanks for the wonderful event.

  17. Awesome! Great suggestions and adorable photos. Be well!

  18. Happy Howl-o-ween! We do most of those things. We've already hosted 2 fundraisers for our TNR for my Gotcha Day even though we were gotten from another shelter. It's time for us to put together another package for the TNR. Many humans don't realize they need cleaning products and towels in addition to food and litter so we provide those too.

  19. Happy Halloween guys. You costumes are awesome, as are your ideas to help shelters.

  20. Thank you for all the love you put out in the world to the needy animals. Xox Lucy and Xena

  21. So many ways to help. When we have a clean out--sheets, towels, dog toys, we always make a trip to the shelter. (Once we were in the car when SHE was bringing stuff in, and the man thought SHE was dropping us off. Imagine!!)

  22. Love all your costumes! Happy Halloween!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  23. We're sharing boxes of treats for fur-babies waiting for their furever homes. Pawsome job on the costumes!

  24. This is a great post!

    One of our fave ways to help animal charities is by sharing their posts via social media.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  25. Hey gang, you don't need to count this comment, just wanted to say thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  26. Wonderful ideas. Thank you for all you do. Happy Halloween!

  27. I am the ghost boo-ster! Happy Halloween! We help shelters because my Lee is a transport person. When shelter animals need moved because of crowding Lee does the driving sometimes. Usually we drive south through Kentucky to Tennessee. You have great costumes.

  28. These are all terrific ideas. You do so much for shelters. You are the best.

  29. Wonderful costumes and wonderful ideas!! Our amazon account helps the Greater Boise area Pug Rescue!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  30. While my family has always volunteered by cleaning cages and feeding animals, we also need volunteers who just come to pet and play with the animals, keep them well socialized. It's a fun job, and someone had to do it, why not you!

  31. Happy Howl-o-ween! These are all such great ideas to help a shelter. We need to find a shelter here that we want to work with and support. My Halloween post is just funny so I can't link but hope your commentathon is a huge success!

  32. I'm guessing you're going to let the linky close and then do a tally? I'll match your donation, but I need to know exactly where to send the money. I have Margs paypal, but not sure about the other two.


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