Happy to See the Places I've Gone

 We're celebrating Day 2 of my birthday week looking back over all the places I've gone in the past almost 5 years! 
I don't mind traveling. I was never as comfy as Angel Arty was in the car but, once I'm settled in, I usually fall asleep and wake up when we get to where we're going. I chalk that up to going on my first road trip at only 3 months old when Mama and Daddy drove me home from Utah!
 Mama and I made a road trip when I was about 8 months old to Kansas City, Missouri to attend BlogPaws 2018! What a fun time we had meeting new friends and learning lots. We are sad that our first conference was also the last BlogPaws conference.

 Later the same year, Mama and I made a road trip to Texas! We followed Route 66 and stayed in fun hotels. Daddy joined us for the drive home and we stopped to see the aliens in Roswell, New Mexico! Who would have guessed, only a few years later, we would live only 3 hours away from those aliens!
Then we started RVing, and things got really fun!! 
Being the Happiest Camper,  I was lucky enough to visit Bryce Canyon twice, took a few trips down to Carmel and Monterey Bay...and explore from the mountains of Northern California to the Joshua Tree desert of Southern California!
Mama made a short-ish video of my travels through the years.
You can also watch it HERE on YouTube
I am such a lucky dog and I can't wait to see the places I go and the adventures I have in the next 5 years!!

We are joining Sandee at  Comedy Plus for the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop this week!


  1. oh what wonderful places you saw with your own eyes... that is so so so amazing!!!

  2. Rosy you are so lucky, having such a large and beautiful country to explore. I have only just started to learn about what fun it is to travel. Here's hoping both you and I, on our separate sides of the Pond, have many more wonderful trips ahead of us.

  3. Hari Om
    FangtabUlush, Rosy!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Niece Rosy your paws are made for traveling. How lucky you are to have met so many people and friends. Canine Cruise CeCe
    I love it
    Aunty Cecilia

  5. You sure are a well-travelled pup, Rosy. We love following you on your adventures and can't wait to see where you go next.

  6. You have sure had some SuperFun adventures, Rosy, and I'm sure you'll have many, many more!

  7. I love your pink bow in that last photo! We often think about BlogPaws in KC and meeting you and your mom. It was so much fun! Mom attended four conferences, starting in 2013, the first without a dog (Emma was pissed about that I've heard). We all miss it so much. It was so awesome to hang out with other bloggers, meet and work with brands. What a shame it is no more! Whatever it has now become just isn't anything like it was and doesn't really interest us. Travel on!

  8. You're so beautiful, Rosy. Your peeps treat you and your siblings like royalty and I like that.

    I always enjoy going on adventures with you.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  9. What a seasoned traveler you are, sweet Rosy! Can't wait to see your next roadtrip adventure.

  10. Hi Rosy. I was 3 months old too when I got adopted! We're like twinsies! XOX Xena
    Hi there birthday girl. You've had great adventures and they are only the beginning! We remember all these places you showed us and told us about here, especially the aliens! Keep having a great birthday week! XOX Lucy and Riley


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