Cacti on Friday

Howdy effuryone! Welcome to Nature Friday, where we can meet some new friends and share a picture or two of what nature looks like all around Blogville. 

This week, we are headed back to the ABQ Botanic Gardens, this time to take a look at some blooming cacti.

The cactus atrium is bright, cheery and warm in the morning sun. This has been helping the plants grow...even when it's chilly outside 

Here is a Golden Barrel Cactus.
Check out the interesting "blooms". 
Isn't it cool how they bloom in a pinwheel type shape?!

The Christmas Cactus isfull of pretty pink blooms.

Who knew there were so many pretty flowers on such prickly plants, pretty cool don't you think??

This is called a bristle brush cactus.

I sure do like all their bright pink blooms with the yellow centers!

Last, but not least, this sedum plant has tons of tiny, lacy white flowers!

We hope you enjoyed this week's look at some of the cacti that are blooming at the ABQ Botanical Garden.
What kind of nature are you all seeing in your part of Blogville??

Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.


  1. Hari OM
    I have always like cacti and these are fangtastik! Sorry I don't have a share today for the hop... it's taking longer than I thought to get back into van life rhythm! Hopefully next week though... hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. they are magic plants.. how can suich a prickly guy get such wonderful flowers? a wonder... we love them...

  3. Cacti have the prettiest flowers and they are truly the most interesting plants!

  4. Cacti can be pretty and out in nature in the desert they are huge and amazing. Just remember that creatures should stay clear as their pricklers are quite painful. Mom fell onto one once in AZ years ago and it was not good, LOL! Happy Friday!

  5. Great cactus report. Cactus invented 'neon' long before hoomans worked out how to make those colours.

  6. Niece each and every cacti is gorgeous the barrel is a new one to me....
    BUT OMDs....look at you with your adorable green bow and bandanna
    Just adorable
    Hugs Aunty C

  7. Those are all such pretty flowers on those cacti. Thanks for taking us along to the ABQ Botanical Garden.

  8. They are all really pretty and so are you sweet Sunny!

  9. Java Bean: "Ayyy, our Dada loves cactus. Sometimes I think he would rip out all the regular plants and put in cactus if Mama would let him. And if, you know, Lulu and I didn't run around like lunatics out there. Running around like lunatics and cactus don't mix!"

  10. We LOVE blooming cacti! Just saw a chola tree cactus that was blooming and it was fabulous! Happy weekend enjoying some beautiful weather.

  11. Thank you for sharing! I miss seeing cactus like that.

  12. Hi Sunny. Hey, stay away from those cactus. They'll lure you in, then they'll stick you and if you eat the Christmas Cactus you probably won't see the next Christmas! Just stay back and bark at them. XOXOX Chia


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