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Weird Weather
by Rosy
 If you don't like the weather they say,
just blink your eyes and it will change.
How true this is, and I should know,
I blinked my eyes and POOF, no more snow!
 Not only did the snow go away,
It seems that Spring has come to play.
The days warmer, about 60 degrees
and gone is the snow that was up to my knees!

Mama is confused as what to wear,
When she looks in her closet we hear her swear.
"What will it be today, short sleeves or a sweater?"
We tell her to blame the weird, weird weather!!

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  1. Gail and I love your poem and are delighted to report that Spring came to play in Aberdeen yesterday too, at least for a day!

  2. oooh is that true? can we change it that way? we will try that,...

  3. Hari Om
    I wish... first day in The Grey and I'm tucked up in the duvet to combat a sudden plummet to snow! ❄️ Sigh... hugs and wags YAM-aunty cxx

  4. Your poem couldn't be any more true, Rosy. Love your purple sunglasses!

  5. The weather not only weird it is lousy in our opinion. We are back to mud here. You look adorable in your fancy sunglasses. Our Mom can't figure out what to wear either. It is a mess.

  6. today we are happy with our weather, yesterday and day before yesterday and today are perfect in every way. cool nights and hot days and so much sunshine it hurts the eyes. we sat outside in it yesterday not once but twice. Beau loves it too and has had a lot of fun rolling about in the warmed dirt and mulched leaves and bringing them in the house to give mama something to do.

  7. You are so cute in those tropical sun glasses, Rosey. We're on a rollercoaster ride with our weather too.

  8. Java Bean: "Ayyy, the weather here has been crazy! I like playing in the water from the hose, but when it's a giant hose aimed at the entire state it gets to be a bit much!"

  9. BOL BOL Rosy I think I heard Mama ask that question about the same time I did.
    Frost in the am I have to rug up to go out, then before I get back home I'm toasty.
    Hugs to you 3 ladies and your Prince of a Dad!!
    Aunty C

  10. It's been that way here too sweet Rosy, warm, cold, warm, cold!

  11. Rosy - this time of year we can have rain, snow, sunk, cold and hot all on the same day. It is excciting.

  12. OMC those sunnies are fabulous Rosy :) We are in da same boat down here in sunny FL which is cloudy a lot here lately and cold/hot/cold/hot... Mama has some said HBO words about it too ;)



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