Thankful for Spring Rain

We are still getting used to the lack of rainy days compared to when we lived on the northern coast of California where it rains a LOT! Here, in New Mexico High Desert, we get a few winter bouts of rain or snow. Then for a couple of months around this time of year, we get "monsoon season". This is when we get afternoon rain or storms a few days a week. Then, after the rain, the sun comes back out!
Now, during rainy season,Mama and I love to go outside, sit on the porch and watch the storms. This is one of the few things Rosy is a bit scared of, but I enjoy.  I also don't mind walking in the rain. Mama doesn't mind either, as long as there is no thunder or lightning
Mama made a video of a storm that came through the other day...
You can also watch it HERE, on our YouTube Channel

Whoah....that thunder was a little close!! 
We sure are thankful for our occasional Spring rains!

Thank you Angel Brian for hosting the
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. We enjoyed your relaxing and beautiful video but not the thunder part, Sunny.

  2. We got tons of rain here while we were gone. Our mom does not like rain at all unless she is sleeping and some of us are scared of storms, so we really don't like those. Good to know some of our friends enjoy it. Mom says a quite rain is good for sleeping.

  3. Hari Om
    That was beautifurs! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. That sure is a great porch to watch the rain go by. You can stay nice and dry but still enjoy being out in the rain. You are so pretty with that ribbon in your hair, Sunny.

  5. Niece Sunny I agree with you and Mama. I enjoy watching a good rain storm WITHOUT audio. Very refreshing. We have a level 1 alert for a tstorm with audio today.
    Hugs Aunty C

  6. Any time you need more rain, head our way. We have had a very wet and stormy Spring. More severe stuff coming in over night. When Mom was a little girl, she loved to sit outside on her screened porch and read a good book during a summer storm. But with the big booms and close lightning she prefers to be inside now:). Jus like us.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  7. Hey Sunny, you're real brave in storms, just like me! Good girl, te,he. XOXOX Chia

  8. What a great thunder storm you guys had! Rain in the high mountain deserts is rare but boy is it something else when it does come. And everything gets soooo green afterwards.

  9. Where is your rainbrella, Sunny? Mine Mommy says she always loves the smell of the earth just after a spring/summer rain ...


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