A Blogville Haunted Halloween

 Gooood Eeeeevvvveeeennning!
Welcome to our Haunted House. Where I, Rosy the Vampire, will tell you all about the skeery things that go on here during the scariest night of the year!

Aaaaaahhhhh...Our victims guests are starting to arrive!
Gather close everyone and stay together...you surely don't want to get lost!

Aunty Cecilia is here with Angel Madi to cast a spell on 
help welcome all our guests...

 Arty and Mabel are under my spell and are here to make sure you have a spooky good time and don't wander off on your own...We wouldn't want you getting eaten lost!

There be a story of a couple scurges of the sea that crashed just off the coast of this house on Halloween night. It is said they roam the dining room on the anniversary of their demise looking for their lost rum ..... 

I'd stay away from their rum if I were you, it is said if you do, they be sending the very patrons responsible for their shipwreck to your house to a DIY project(rumor is it be their very own PAWRENTS)!!

Quickly...let's move on!
I must warn you...my bestest Vampire friend is also on the loose tonight...wait...Hold on to your necks everyone...

Uh Oh....ummm, let's keep moving....

Awww...look at these two beauties! It was rumored two sisters got lost in the house one night...never to be seen again UNTIL...some brave visitors had their brains removed one dark and stormy night! But these two are too cute to be....wait, don't turn off the lights...


 Whew...that was a close one! Do we have everyone??
Does any pawdy see Bertie and Matilda??
 OH NO! Matilda and Bertie ended up on the other side of the house....Wait a minute, looks like Bertie may have an idea on how to make sure the house, and its ghosts, don't 
hurt anyone from Blogville!!!

Go Bertie!! Count on his scientific mind to figure out how to best deal with these ghosties!

YAY!!!  YAM-Aunty  cleansed the house of all the ghosts, ghouls and vampires. 
Now we can all relax until next Halloween!!!

.....or can we???

We here at LLB are wishing everypawdy a  safe Halloween free from all ghosts and goblins!!


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  1. what a super scary fantabulous story!!! we specially loved the part of da lost sisters... think tunight we will sleep with da lights on ;O))) Happy Howloween!!!

  2. OMD, that was awesome and a wee bit scary too. Happy Halloween!

  3. Roast, Arty and Jakey and assistant!
    Surely you heard me squealing/screaming w delight/fear at this wild and wonderfully scary post WHAT FUN,
    Hugs Aunty Cecilia

  4. Hari OM
    Golly but that was truly skeersome, there were some tricky little tackers who didn't want to budge. I cannot guarantee they won't break out again next year... but for now, we are in the light again! Thank you Arty et all for giving us another great Blogville event!!! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. That's quite the creepy post. Nice and scary work.

  6. This is one spooky cool post gang! Happy Halloween from all of us!

  7. OH MY WORD! or did they????? he he he. love love love your story and all the sweeties that are there, or WERE there... spooky gone wild!!!!

  8. Great story, you guys did an awesome job!

  9. OMD, how skeery! I'm so glad I was with Bertie. He knew exactly what to do!

  10. Our hearts were pounding reading that scary story. We're glad Bertie called the right person to send those spooks on their way.

  11. Annie's hiding under Mom's table. I, Katy however loved the story.

  12. What a wonderfully scary time that was!!

    Abby Lab

  13. You have the best Howloween get-togethers! Hope yours is safe and 'yappy.' 👻

  14. Oh gosh what a scary experience, but thank goodness we have YAM-Aunty and everything worked out in the end.
    Great post Rosy!
    And Happy Halloween to all our lovely Blogville friends.
    Toodle pip!

  15. Mom Kim here-
    Well it took longer than I had hoped but FINALLY got our blog post linked up - I know my Ladiez aren't too happy about how late it is - oh well. I love what you did with their picture - burst out laughing when I saw it. You did a great job with your blog post.

  16. Wow, those are some scary pictures but so much fun to see. Looks like you are having one great Halloween. Hope you get lots of treats and no tricks.

  17. That was a very skeery haunted house, but we all felt very secure with Aunty Cecilia and Angel Madie there with the LLB Gang to keep us all safe. Thanks for letting us participate.

    Happy Howl-o-ween!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Dat were pawretty scary!!! We hope ya'll has da bestest Halloween wif lots of treats and no tricks :)

    Matt & Matilda

  19. We are sorry we missed joining you for this spooktacular fun. Lady is working on being a better blogger. Happy haunting!

  20. This was the most super blog hop ever, BVF (Best Vampire Friend) Rosy. Then YAM-Aunty had to go and spoil things...or did she? Vampire Xena
    This was a scary Haunted House, and I totally lost control of my little sister! Lucy

    Happy Howloween!!

  21. Happy Halloween guys, and we loved your epically scary tale!

    Wishing mew a spooktacular evening!

    The B Team xox

  22. I sure am glad that you were right by my side Arty, I was shivering with fright. What a great haunted house
    your little pumpkin roll

  23. That is the best Halloween story ever! I am sorry that we missed out on the fun. We are going to trick Mom for that!

  24. OMD, that was the bestest story evers!!!! Thanks for makin' Ma smiles! You guys are the spookiest! BOL!!!
    Happy Howloweenie guys!
    Ruby ♥

  25. That was a very scary haunted house!

    (Thanks for including me. We've been very busy this Halloween with Dad and his knee replacement surgery.)

    Chester and the staff at The Daily Bone

  26. That was so cute....we mean, scary!! :)


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