No Tricks, Just Treats on Flower Friday!

Hi Everypawdy and welcome to Flower Friday AND the first day of No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters!!   Today I asked Mama to show you this cool flower looking thing we saw while we were driving through Texas on our way back to California...

This is Cotton!!

It starts in these cool pods called Cotton Bolls...

....and then blooms into this cool soft white stuff!!

Then these big machines pick the cotton and guess what???
They turn it into blankets, sheets, clothes and all kinds of different things!

Most of the old sheets an blankets we are packing up for our trip to the shelter this year have cotton in them!

That's right Rosy...we don't have as many old blankets this Halloween because Mama made a trip to the shelter before we moved to our new house...But we do have a few old blankies!

That's ok Arty, I asked Mama to look on our local shelter's website to see if they have a "Wishlist". A bunch of shelters will have a list of things they need, some even have Amazon wish lists to make it easy peasy to donate!

Thanks for joining us today for Day One of No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters! Remember we will be donating $1 for every blog hop entry(Blog Hop is Open Until Sunday) and 50 cents for every comment received today, tomorrow and Sunday!

To Hop Aboard, link up your Flower Friday Post and/or publish a post letting us know how you help your local shelter through the year!!
Easy Peasy!!


  1. cotton is a super beautiful plant and eggs-tremely decorative... the mama would love to have some plants in our garden...

  2. Hari Om
    What a beautifurs thing is cotton on a plant!!! I love this annual fundraiser you have organised and here's wishing for lots of green papers! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We have seen the popped cotton before but never the tight bolls. That is so cool!

  4. Dearest LLB buds and buddettes thank you for hosting this wonderful event
    again this year. Don't you just love that soft fluffy cotton comes from such an unusual looking plant. Hugs and lots of Aunty kisses Cecilia

  5. I saw cotton fields while driving through southern Georgia. You got great close-ups. Hope you raise lots of $ to help the shelter pets.

  6. You all look very spooky in your Halloween gear! We usually bring food to the shelter now and then during the year.

  7. here is my fifty cents worth for today, we are ready to join the blog hop with a post tomorrow that involves blankies. I LOVE the cotton photos and have never seen the bolls before. ask your mama to email me what program she did the cotton photos in to make them beveled and beautiful...

  8. This is such a great thing you are doing for your local shelter. You all look so cute in your Halloween gear.

  9. Thank you for having a comment-a-thon... here is my comment -- LOL
    so far this year I haven't had any towels or sheets to give away but
    I do normally give to the shelter or my vet. (The shelter is not very close to me)
    this year I did help the shelter by adopting a cat :-)
    all my cats have been shelter cats. I appreciate your blog it is lots of fun!

  10. We love your photos today sweet Rosy!

  11. Momma laughed at the cotton pictures and says her fingers hurt looking at them. She says it's not just machines who pick cotton -- after they've been through, the farmer's family and stuff will go through and hand-pick what's left. She used to do that when she was a pup. How funny!

    We posted our Flower Friday, and we'll have a No Tricks post up on Sunday!

  12. Gosh that is a super interesting post. Living in Scotland, I have never seen a cotton plant. And Rosy, I must way, your look great in your purple Halloween outfits.
    Toodle pip!

  13. Such pretty cotton!! Mama loves driving through GA and seeing all the cotton fields cause it looks like snow when they are all in full bloom.

    We like to donate blankey's too. Mama needs to go through our closets along wif buying them at Wally World so we can drop off a bunch soon. And Amazon wish lists are da bestest aren't they!!!

    Matt & Matilda

  14. Oh man! Your 3 are cuter than Reese's candy! (That's saying a LOT, hee-hee!) Happy Howl-a-ween!!!

  15. You guys look so cute --- I mean SCARY --- in your Halloween outfits!!!

  16. It’s a wonderful thing you do. Cotton is amazing. ��

  17. Love this post and am happy to make a comment for the 50 cent donation to the shelter. I don't have a fur-baby any more or I would enter the blog hop. I am over from Sandra at Four Paws etc. Great blog!

  18. How neat to see a plant that can turn into blankets and such!
    We love participating in this blog hop - we will have a post tomorrow!
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. Hi, Nice to meet you. I am a Cali Pug, btw.
    I just took a bunch of food (things Molly or Sunshine didn't like a lot OR that made me BELCH too much) and old towels to our local shelter. At the beginning of summer I took a BUNCH of toys that were gently used and cleaned. I believe in giving back to the community. And after all, Molly was adopted from the shelter and she is a great addition to our family.
    Love Noodles

  20. We love what you do here for all those less fortunate furries. Mom has gathered some blankets too and she has a good pile of treats that she is going to bring to one of our local shelters next week. We will get our post up over the weekend.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  21. Happy Flower Friday!! Great seeing how the cotton starts out as and what it looks like after it blooms. You are all doing such wonderful things for your local shelter. Plus you are all ready for Halloween. Love the photo of all three of you together. Thanks for the share. Have a fabulous weekend.
    World of Animals

  22. You guys are so generous to help your local shelter on an ongoing basis. We imagine they appreciate it.

    Lovely flowers in your garden.

  23. I have never seen cotton growing before. That is SO cool!!!! And your Halloween drive to help shelters is too. I've decided to donate a couple of quilts that I bought for our pups but they don't seem to like them. I'm also going to check to see if they have an Amazon wish list. Thanks all of you!!! BTW, we have no more flowers... so we can't participate :(

  24. We ❤️ How you help the less fortunate dogs and cats every year,

  25. You are so sweet and generous. And you have the nicest blanket and the best flowers

  26. That's pretty cool to see how cotton grows!

    We need to do a clean out of blankets again too. I already have a pile of dog/cat beds ready to go to the shelter, and need to go through toys as well.

    Great hop, gang!!

    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  27. Always wanted to collect some of those pods to make a door wreath but alas they weren't in bloom when I was last in Texas. Very cool!

  28. Hi! We read about you on the OP Pack's blog, and came right over to leave a comment. What you are doing is just great!

    Woofs, Purrs, and Neighs,
    The Poupouette Gang


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