No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters - POOF!

Arty here today hosting day two of No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters. 
This week, I had Mama clean out our treat cabinet and get all the treats we either can't eat or we aren't fond of and put them in our "Bring to the Shelter" box. 

I also sent Daddy out to clean out the garage and he found three crates we don't use anymore to donate! Go Daddy!

It's amazing how much we have around the house that we may not use, but some puppy might be able to use! Toys and puzzles we don't play with anymore, even gently used collars, leashes and harnesses.

Rosy grew out of some of her collars and harnesses.
Don't tell her I said so tho, just look what happen to Jakey when he said something...

Glad my Artysaurus costume can come off....

Thanks for joining us today for Day Two of No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters! Remember we will be donating $1 for every blog hop entry(Blog Hop is Open Until Sunday at 11:59pm) and 50 cents for every comment received today, tomorrow and Sunday(thru 11:59pm).

To join the Hop,  publish a Halloween post (between now and Sunday 11:59PM) letting us know how you help your local shelter through the year and join the fun!!


  1. Oh Jakey, I could have warned you not to go there pal. Even I know not to pass judgement on the size of a girl's rear end...
    Toodle pip!

  2. You haven't seen her in a week, Jakey. Her fur grew longer!

  3. OH my dear Rosy, look what you have done now... hope you can reverse that POOF.. I forgot about leashes, we have a few. will gather them for next time

  4. Hari Om
    yikes, Rosy, taking that witch's hat-wearing a little too seriously there gal-dog! I hope you can find a reverso spell!!! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. This is so nice of you all to do. We know the shelters will be so happy. Such cute pictures of all of you. Have a good day.

  6. You all have such big hearts. Lady took some of our unneeded, gently used stuff to a coworker who is a foster corridinator for a group that fosters pets for women fleeing domestic abuse.

  7. Very clever and so generous to find lots of good things for the shelter. When we cleaned out our linen cupboard we carried all the old towels and even pillows to the shelter. They were glad to have them. And I saw recently online that some shelters will welcome old recliners for the dogs to sit in. Good job guys!!!

  8. Such a fun and wonderful post gang, we know the critters will enjoy those treats!

  9. Oh boy, don't mess with that Rosy!! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Happy Halloween everyone! Cute collection of photos!

    Happy weekend!

  11. You guys do such good things for your shelters! I sure hope that somebody can help Jakey get back to Jakey. Arty look so very cute - smoochies from Mabel
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. LOL LOL Rosy looks like you taught Prof. Jakey a very valuable lesson today.
    If you talk about a girl's booty you will go poofy.
    Hugs Aunty Cecilia

  13. Thanks for the reminder about crates - Mom says she is sure there are extras in the storage area of the basement. We will have her check that out.

    Rosy, pay no mind to that brother. Your butt is NOT big, it just has lots of lovely fluffy furs on it:0

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Rosy now that I've thought about Jakey's comment about your beautiful Butt,for a bit....I think maybe we need to plan a trick on Jakey...and that should be not TREATS for 87 minutes
    Aunty Cecilia

  15. "Poof!" That was hilarious. Way to show him Rosy! Abby Lab

  16. Bless you guys for sharing treats with shelters. You have inspired us to do the same! Happy weekend.

  17. Funny storyboard there! POOF, poor Jakey! (Atta girl, Rosy!)

  18. Great idea to have a commenthon ! Nice post !

  19. You look so cute in your Halloween outfits.you look so cut in your Halloween costumes.

  20. Oh gosh we missed this hop my mother is
    losing her marbles. But we want to comment
    and for a good cause. Mommy takes blankets
    that are no longer used at the nursing home
    where she works to our local PAWS Shelter

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie.

  21. Hey Rosy - us Ladiez wuz wunderin'if may-b just sayin'thoze magik werdz in reverse like, Boo Boppity-Bippity. May-b that wood werk? We duzn't haf any of that x-tra stuff an'whatever treatz one of us don't eat then the other duz. We do go thru our toyz butt we duzn't haf that many really an'since Miss Maizie moved in, none of'em r what u mite say "gently uzed". Butt we try to git mom to do sumthin'around Christmas. We love your costumez - so furry much cute. Oh Rosy, there iz no way your butt cood git bigger in a week like Jakey sed it did.
    LADY Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  22. OMD, the NERVES of Jakey!!! I am glads you showed him who is TOP WITCH in your house gurl!!! The Black Lab on the corner tells me I gots a fat arse every times I walk by too....I tells him where he can stick his milkbone, and fling some slobbers at him! Anyhu, I thinks that is pawsome all you guys do for the puppers at the shelters! Ma does that too, she is gonna tells you all abouts it tomorrows!
    Ruby ♥

  23. Oh Rosy what did you do to Jakey? That was rude of him to say such things about your butt.

  24. OMD, Jakey, Rosy is still a pup and is SUPPOSED to be getting bigger!! How dare you be so mean to her.


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