Colorful Nature Friday

Hi everypawdy! Rosy here with a serene and colorful Nature Friday!  This week, we have a few pictures of the sunset walkie I took while on my recent Texas Roadtrip!

This sunset is also from Williams, AZ where my Route 66 walkie told you about earlier this week!
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Mama and I enjoyed all the different colors nature painted...

Look at all the pinks and purples....

The oranges....and the yellows...

Mother Nature always puts on the best light shows, don't you think??

What beautiful things are you seeing in nature this week?

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walkie! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


  1. Lovely sunsets Rosy. Nature indeed puts on a good light show.

  2. nature can create the bestest sunsets... not even bob ross can do it the same way ;O)

  3. Hari Om
    Aren't clouds the best things for showing off sky colours??!!! Fabulous array you gave us today Rosy. hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Very cool looking skies, but the dark one was kind of scary for me. Thanks for hosting the hop and changing it to a better fit for winter.

  5. So bootiful. We love nature! And love you tooooo

  6. Rosy that sky was putting a quite a show for you. OMDs I just love it and I love that you and mom saw such pretty things on your road trip
    Hugs Aunty Cecilia

  7. Wow, God was sure painting pretty clouds!

  8. You and Mama got to see some gorgeous sunsets for sure!!! We like the pinks the best, but that yellow one was so cool.

    After our snow melted, we are seeing muddy leaves that didn't get raked up before the two snowfalls:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. WOW! So much beauty!!!
    It's pretty boring around here, now that the snow is gone. The leaves are fun to chase, but aren't colorful any more.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Sorry we've been missing - it's hard work, helping Mom in her Studio!!!

  10. Lovely, lovely! The sky definitely looks painted. I love that photo of you under the pretty sky Rosy

  11. Wow such beautiful sunsets Rosy! Mom took some sunset pictures last week, we must put them on Nature Friday next week!
    Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    Hazel is doing better today!!

  12. Those skies are beautiful. Texas has some stunning sunsets.

  13. Thank you, Rosy! That was a glorious sunset. I'm so glad that your mom and you got to see it together, and then you shared it with us!

  14. Gurl, you are just the cutest puppers evers! (that comes from Ma, and I thinks I'm a bit jeally....)
    Butts, WOWSA! those are some pawsome sunsets! The colors are amazin'!
    Nature sure does know how to put on a show!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Thanks for sharing such beautiful sunset pictures Rosy.

  16. Rosy, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your walkie with such a colorful sunset. There are so many gorgeous colors in the sky when the sun is setting. Have a great rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  17. Yes, what pretty skies!

    We are seeing a lot of white stuff this week!

    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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